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The First Stages




The first year of AoS was pretty slow for me and that was mainly down to not have an army on round bases. Some time was spent playing with the Ogres and Demons I already owned but then I was thinking of repainting the demon army itself and all of a sudden the call of a new army beckoned.

Since the Stormcast were released I was tempted, the models are cool, the premise is cool and then the Dracoth cav came out and I was sold. A starter set was purchased, a mate then got rid of all his stuff so woop I have a few models laying around the place. The next step was a deciding on a colour scheme....


Having a look around the internetz I kept seeing the GW standard colour scheme which is cool but didn't really inspire me. Being a 40/30K lore bunny I turned to the space marine chapter and legion colour schemes and then it hit me -  I love the 30K Thousand sons colour scheme that FW have done for the Horus Heresy...



This also fit with having purchased an airbrush and wanting to get used to using it in the hope that I can speed up aspects of army painting and maybe even getting better. This has lead to....CsFg2UmWYAATxAu.jpg


That's about 4/5ths of the models I own. The process is pretty simple - Vellejo Steel and the 4 coats of Angron Clear Red from Forgeworld - it did take a little time to get used to how light the firt layer of the red had to be and I have certainly started to improve the control of the airbrush. The next step is the 'real painting' and adding in a bit of colour...

CsGICPdWcAAyemk.jpg large.jpg


All these pictures are a bit poor, mainly due to the lighting in my flat -  I hope to purchase a better lighting set up soon. Any way that's as far as I have got at the moment and there is plenty to get on with. I have to start thinking about the bases, I will be using the shattered dominion and am considering a basic grey might work quite well. At some time I need to give them a name as well but the working title will stay as 'The Thousand Sons of Sigmar'.



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I love this colour scheme, it's going to look great on these Stormcasts, are you going to use green as a contrast colour like the traitor marines eyes?

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I'm using black for the cloth - I was thinking green would work for gems etc,.. I did try the green gem paint but I think that's a bit too bright so will probably knock it back to the old school way I paint them.

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