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Converted Squig Gobba



With this model I wanted to make it as different from the original Forgeworld model as possible. So it seemed obvious to have its mouth filled with squigs at the point just before spitting. Looking at the original model it is based on a frog or toad with a lot of loose skin around its throat, which when full would be greatly expanded. So I set about converting the model buy chopping away the mouth and resculpting the lower half of the face.

I am happy with how the squig turned out and thought that it still needed some converting so I cut the grot off the top and added him to a flying squig, something that I had wanted to built for a long time after seeing Ricky Fischer's conversion years ago.

Sculpting the throat asing lots of  balls of green stuff to ensure an even sculpt.image.jpeg

Comparison with the original model. Squig faces yet to be sculpted.


The finished model with a crew of four which were included on the scenic base as the crew and squig are counted as one model. This was great as it facillitated the narative.

Squigs sculpted to look as if they are trying to escape from the squigs maw. I used green stuff to make press moulds from the squigs' faces supplied with the model, these were then cast in green stuff and blended into the Squig Gobba's throat.




Thanks for looking.

comments and feedback always appreciated.

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Wow man, inspiring.  I love the vision you had and then your ability to make it happen.  The squigs in the pouch of the mouth pushing through, unreal.  Floating the sighter up on another flying squig, too cool.

Trying to think of more compliments....

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Wonderfully creative, it just oozes charm. :)

Not that it's the most impressive part of the model by any means, but where do you get all your jungle-y foliage? I've been on the lookout for something like that for a while now to finish off my Tyranids with...

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Thank you all the positive comments and encouragement. This model turned out better than I had imagined. I started this over a year ago, was unhappy with how it looked and put it away. I revisited the model recently and started over, sometimes its best to just walk away and come back fresh.

@Tommy the jungle foliage comes from aquirium and pet shops. Sometimes cheap homestores have bits in now and then, I keep my eyes peeled for bargins and variety. Good luck.

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I am absolutely inspired by this squig. Question: what wings did you use on the flier? I may consider doing some fliers myself. I probably would scratch build a giant squig as I can't currently afford forgeworld prices.

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