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Converted Mangler Squig No.1




Hi Folks,

I've been working on this model for quite some time, possibly a year or so. This is often the case with me in that I am very good at ideas and starting projects/models but struggle with completing them.

I like the idea of the Squig Mangler but felt that it didn't quite look crazy enough. So I started to add fungus brew laced fanatics to the model. The fanatics are in perfect poses to add greater dynamism and movement to the model. As you can see from the picture below these were mostly metal models which increased the models weight considerably. I added an additional seven fanatics and some weapons on ropes and chains for some additional carnage.


Painting this models was a real challenge mainly because all the fanatics were glued into place prior to painting, which is why I procrastinated for so long in painting it. I rarely do 'sub assemblies' because I like to have the models built, it can take years before I paint them, and the glue bond is much stronger without paint on the model.

Firstly like all my Squigs I use an airbrush to add the blue basecoat, this consists of three shades of blue. The whole model is sprayed a mid tone, the a lighter zenith spray then a darker nadir spray giving the model natural highlights and shading. I then base coated and washed all the other elements to the model, this was an enjoyable challenge.


Next I started with highlighting the blue areas and realised that the Squigs have a lot of detail on their skin, a bit like reptilian skin, so these 'scales' were individually shaded and highlighted which took an age. After the blue areas were completed I took a break for a few months and worked on other models.

Finally I tackled the rest of the model and added a blue toadstool to the base. I wanted to give the model a bit more height to make it comparable to the other large monsters being released for other armies. Painting the toadstool blue was a deliberate nod to the origins of the Squigs and keeps the blue theme dominant. Aquarium foliage was added to tone down the blue of the toadstool and continue the jungle these.


I thoroughly enjoyed the challenge of painting this model and am pleased with the final result. Just one more Mangler to paint for my army.

Thanks for reading.

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This is absolutely amazing. I love when a hobbyist truly takes the time to add movement to a model and you have captured the riot that must be happening in this scene. Great nod with the shroom btw!

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Bish, has your army ever been in White Dwarf? It needs to be in my opinion. Every model in it is out of this world and oozing character. Excellent work as always :) 

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