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So here in this entry I am going to introduce you to the idea of the campaign. If you know me or my army, you should know that I play exclusively death. I know Skeletons vs Nighthaunts is a bit weird but I have come up with a story (despite appearances).

My heroes are:

Crixius Shadowend, the Necromancer,

Fonasphef The Exalted, the Wight King,

and Vasilisa Rickenbacker, the Vampire Lord (or Lady)

The story is that Nagash has sent them to an out to an outpost in Stygx (my army is from Stygx) where they are being tested to see whether they are worthy to serve at Nagash's side. Nagash will throw them random challenges and see if his heroes survive, and if so, how long for?

I will release content daily (hopefully), but they will always be from rolls of the exploration table, so some days I will give you a summary of them healing and possibly some stats about who they've killed and what their command abilities/traits are.

I will be playing the games on my themed board, (even though it is a bit smaller than the size it recommends to play) which you can see the development of in my other blog here

I have not taken photos because for me it is quite an effort and it will probably double the effort that it takes to make this anyway, but I can add photos if this blog (it does not matter which post) gets 10 likes or any other (nice) reaction, just to let me know that people are enjoying this and they would like the content to be of better quality. If you don't like it, don't feel pressure to like, it as I am not begging for extra likes, just feedback. 

I hope you enjoy, my first proper entry will be tomorrow.

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Looking forward to hearing how this goes.  I have thought about solo Warhammer in the past after seeing a blog on warseer a few years back.  It was rather enjoyable to watch someone’s passion project.  Please use pictures it at all possible.  Use art from google if you don’t have photos you have taken.  I post here on the blogs from time to time just for myself as not many folks in here seem to look at the blogs as much as the rumor or let’s chat threads.  

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Ok. Thanks for the feedback. I am planning on making it seem a bit cooler by using cool fonts for all the battle round and stuff.

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Also I have decided to make this a story and my last blog, when all of my heroes have died I will do a pot which is just all story, the story of the entire campaign. Also I should note that I said everyday, but that doesn't include weekends. Nor does it include bank holidays😕.

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Hey this sounds interesting! Why will this be your last blog? 

Hope you have fun doing this :D (don't worry about holding the deadlines for us haha) 

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Yeah, thanks, I started working on my last one on Friday, and then yesterday all my work got deleted...

Hopefully I can do it for today, if not maybe tomorrow.


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