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Found 13 results

  1. So here in this entry I am going to introduce you to the idea of the campaign. If you know me or my army, you should know that I play exclusively death. I know Skeletons vs Nighthaunts is a bit weird but I have come up with a story (despite appearances). My heroes are: Crixius Shadowend, the Necromancer, Fonasphef The Exalted, the Wight King, and Vasilisa Rickenbacker, the Vampire Lord (or Lady) The story is that Nagash has sent them to an out to an outpost in Stygx (my army is from Stygx) where they are being tested to see whether they are worthy to serve at Nagash's side. Nagash will throw them random challenges and see if his heroes survive, and if so, how long for? I will release content daily (hopefully), but they will always be from rolls of the exploration table, so some days I will give you a summary of them healing and possibly some stats about who they've killed and what their command abilities/traits are. I will be playing the games on my themed board, (even though it is a bit smaller than the size it recommends to play) which you can see the development of in my other blog here. I have not taken photos because for me it is quite an effort and it will probably double the effort that it takes to make this anyway, but I can add photos if this blog (it does not matter which post) gets 10 likes or any other (nice) reaction, just to let me know that people are enjoying this and they would like the content to be of better quality. If you don't like it, don't feel pressure to like, it as I am not begging for extra likes, just feedback. I hope you enjoy, my first proper entry will be tomorrow.
  2. Hi, Im Kirby. As a kid, i used to play 40K with my older brother. It was a long time ago - 40K 2nd edition, i think. The box with 40 identical gretchin and cardboard cut outs of a dreadnaught. When my brother went to uni, I continued painting some Necron for a while, but eventually stopped for lack of a gaming partner. Anyway, im now considerably older, married and living in Korea. Recently, i discovered a local GW reseller and the memories of my formative years came flooding back. Models are so much cooler, and bigger these days. Im excited to get started with painting and a little narrative solo play (please, dont judge! ;D). Hoping to pull the trigger on a Stormcast Vanguard box set soon. Look forward to hearing how everyone else is playing.
  3. Hi all, Longtime collector, but now new player to the mortal realms. Starting with Stormcast will be trawling the forums for advice/ tactics. Any suggestions on places to start welcome.
  4. Hey all, the name's Seraphina, and I've been a lurker on TGA for about as long as I've been doing AoS. I don't have a particular "army" yet, I've just been building and painting the minis I enjoy for the past few years, but with the Cities of Sigmar battletome being announced, I think I'm slowly gonna get into the game... Current "armies" consist of Stormcast, Tzeentch, Seraphon, StD, Daemons, and Ironjawzl. Planning on starting up a Cities of Sigmar army whenever that drops. Before AoS, I was more of a 40k gal, with about 3000pt Orks and a small collection of CSM back in 7th, but I've since jumped ship, and AoS is my main collection now. As I think is obvious, I'm more of a painter than a player(curse you art background!) but I'm even more so a writer. Seeing as my dream job is writing for Black Library, I think you can see why. I also happen to have an extreme soft spot for everyone's favourite "Non canon" god, Malal. Everything being said, I can't wait to start interacting more with you lovely people, until next time! ~Seraphina of the Seraphim, Herald of Malal
  5. Hi, I am new to this forum and I am creating a Hallowheart army that I am gonna share here!!
  6. Good afternoon, Thought I'd drop a very quick introduction - like many others here I'm returning to Warhammer after an extraordinarily long hiatus. I'm planning to do a Nighthaunt / Death army, just bought the Nighthaunt half of the Soul Wars set, then I'm going to build from there. Looking forward to getting started. Cheers, THM
  7. Hello! I am new to not only this forum, but the entirety of Age of Sigmar aswell. I am a hobbyist from Finland and i have been doing 40k for many years now, but recently i found great inspiration to finally get involved in age of sigmar too! Besides the very early part where i was a foolish imperial, i have been a follower of chaos for the most of my career in warhammer, and so i will stand for chaos in the mortal realms too. I have chosen Khorne as my patron god and i have come to partake in this community to further contribute to it aswell as enlighten me with the wisdom of my peers here in all things AoS.
  8. Hi im sims and i new to AoS (started on this hobby journey late october last year) My favorite army is the blades of khorne with nighthaunts a close second.... hope to hear from you all soon Sims
  9. Hello! I've been hearing a lot about these forums on various podcasts (Heelanhammer, Garagehammer, etc.) so I thought I'd stop by. I live in Chicago, and I'm slowly putting paint to a Slaanesh army I originally started for 40k. I put my Daemonettes and everything together before The End Times, thinking I'd never play Fantasy. Then AoS switched it over to round bases and that was all the excuse I needed to give Sigmar a try! Seems awesome to be a part of a global discussion of Warhammer, so here we go!
  10. Hi everybody! I'm Freddy25, from Italy. I've been lurking for long, but now it was the right time to officially join this community I know the world of Warhammer from long ago, but despite it I haven't had the possibility to play it (or AoS, of course) as much as I wanted... ... maybe in the future I'll have more time than before to spend kicking some Chaos b... playing with my beloved Seraphon! Maybe this new AoSkirmish will help me enjoying more our fantastic hobby, too! See you soon, guys!
  11. Hey y'all! Short introduction here (yes, wall of text incoming. That's how I roll) I am Aginor from Germany, and I am building AoS models and playing with them since October 2016. As a former D&D (the glorious 3.5 edition) game master I am no stranger to dice, but for the most time of my life (33 years in case you want to know) I steered clear of miniatures. That's mostly because I have always sucked at painting and those miniatures were too expensive and looked bad. Also I was kinda put off by the fact that you apparently needed LOTS of them and the rules were not beginner friendly. Now I can afford the models, they look much nicer, and those new rules seem to be pretty straightforward. Some strange stuff (like shooting into melee and flying creatures that can be hit by guys with swords?) but hey, better than too complex. From what I heard the old rules for flying had more pages than all the rules combined in AoS. So I'll live with that. A good friend of mine convinced me to start AoS with him, and despite my bad painting skills and mild dislike of the Warhammer lore (seriously, no offense intended but a LOT of that lore sounds really cheesy, like a Manowar music video in written form. I get used to it slowly) I am having fun building, painting my army and playing against him. I picked an army that looked like it - had lots of models that looked rather easy to paint (not like the Stormcast. Holy cow! I think I couldn't paint those!) - had many different models (not like some armies that only leave the player three units to choose from. I wanted to play Wood Elves (or Aelves, whatever) and what? Only like, four kinds of units? Am I missing something? - provided Melee, ranged, and magic units (WTF some armies like Ironjawz don't have archers or something like that at all? No ranged attacks?) - looked nice without looking too... Manowar-esque or "grimdark", or like humans. I hate human miniatures. To me they look creepy and they would look even creepier if was me who painted them. ...and last but not least: Had FRICKIN' DINOSAURS!!! so yeah, I picked Seraphon. Got the Starterbox and built it. Meanwhile I have some more. Y'all might laugh at me for that, but I have some collecting OCD and so I am buying at least one unit of every available one. I got two of those starter boxes because I wanted both of those awesome looking dinosaurs. My Warhammer stuff so far: - 24 Warriors - 15 Knights - Scar Veteran on Cold one (actually kitbashed from one of the Knights) - Troglodon - Oldblood on foot - Oldblood on Carnosaur - Skink Chief (kitbashed from several kits, originally it was a Troglodon rider) - 48 Skinks (because I wanted 30+) Still painting half of those - Slann (not assembled or painted yet - Skink Priest - Skink Starpriest - Astrolith Bearer - Razordon - Salamander - 3 Kroxigor - Skink handlers - Bastiladon - 3 Terradon Riders - Balewind Vortex. Looks really cool. - 3 Spirit Hosts because I want to build arcane ruins and it seems I'll need those then. - Battletome Seraphon - GHB Yeah, I know, that's a pretty mixed army that will probably not get me anywhere tactics-wise, but I like it so far. I think I will play Skinks in the future, I kinda like those guys. ...and yes, I am aware of the irony that I said "too expensive" and then proceeded to buy models, paint, tools, magnets, and other stuff for hundreds of bucks. Meh, could be worse, I am having fun after all. So what am I doing here? Well, I have rules questions. LOTS of questions because neither the (bad) german translations or the English original texts on the Warscrolls and in the basic rules always make sense to me. I hope some of you have the patience to answer those and maybe also help me improve my painting skills and give me some hints on tactics. I might also ask about some things in the lore. But probably not because I still kiiiinda dislike most stuff I read and substitute it with my own lore, roughly based on the old world and some stuff from the new AoS lore. Oh, and I'd like to know: If I have several rules questions, should I create several threads or should I create one big one? I've seen forums with preferences for one or the other. So that's it for now. See you on the forums! Aginor
  12. Hi all, My name is Chris and I have just pulled together my first army, having painted GW models for about 10/12years. I did start playing a bit of 8th ed just before The End Times started. But to be honest I struggled to get my friends interested. Finally I managed to wrangle one friend in, but the combination of the complex rules and huge buy in put him off. After we had spent £50 each he gave up and really we got nowhere. Then AoS dropped… And because I loved the models, but thought the 8th ed. rules were a bit much, this seemed like the answer for me. Another friend agreed to come and do a few test games and absolutely loved it. We were effectively playing with some pulled together Death and Orruk units that I had stored away. Ended up being about 800 matched play, although we were just playing with what ‘felt right’. Anyway playing about 6 games since we started (finding the time is hard) I have now pulled together a Vanguard 1000 point list Destruction list. Not all painted (getting there, everything is primed at maybe one or two colours on, how taboo is that?) but ready to start getting into the hobby properly. I have just bought my friend one of the new easy paint boxes – Three Blood Warriors. So I think he will be expanding that army soon too. I’ve been told my list is a bit shoddy but to be honest I’ll just be glad to get to my local store and play. I’ll worry about winning later lol : Megaboss 140 , Weridnob 120 , Grot Boss on Spider 100 , Moonclan Shaman 60 , Savage Orruks 100 , Savage Orruks 100 , Brutes 180 , Gore Gruntas 180. So that's me, looking forward to becoming part of the tga community.
  13. You've found your entry in the Mortal Realms podcast! Listen to it here in the forums or find it at mortalrealms.podbean.com, iTunes, RSS, and your favorite podcast app. You can Watch us at YouTube.com/c/MortalRealms Each episode we take a trip through a Realmgate and land in one of the 9 realms (8 mortal, 1 chaos) to bring you stories, battle plans and hobby from that realm. We have been following the journey through the novels in sequence so even if you are just getting into Age of Sigmar you can start with our first episodes and get up to speed in no time. In the Community Phase we highlight news and events that are significant to the AoS community. In the Story Phase we delve into the stories, characters, creatures and environments of the 9 Realms. In the Hero Phase we turn our attention to forging new players who want to get started in the Age of Sigmar. In the Hobby Phase we stoke the flame of creativity for hobbyists and find shortcuts and easy entry points for new gamers. In the Campaign Phase we explore how the plastic hits the table. Rules, scenarios. new tactics and narrative campaigns. Hosts from across the realms: Eric (@StoneMonkGamer) Davy (@Red_Zeke) Aaron (@ABohler) Paul (@PJSchard) Mal - Episodes 001-005 Episode Guide: Episode 001: Age of Sigmar Introduction - Community Phase Episode 002: Starter Box Review Episode 003: War Storm (part 1) - Story Phase - Aqshy, Hammers of Sigmar, Khorne Episode 004: War Storm (part 2) - Story Phase - Ghyran, Hallowed Knights, Nurgle Episode 005: Ghal Maraz - Story Phase - Chamon, Celestial Vindicators, Tzeentch Episode 006: Prisoner of the Black Sun, Sands of Blood, Lords of Helstone, Bridge of Seven Sorrows - Story Phase - Shyish, Hallowed Knights, Khorne, Undead Episode 007: Battletome: Everchosen - Story Phase - All-Gates, Archaon Episode 008: Wardens of the Everqueen - Story Phase - Ghyran, Hallowed Knights, Nurgle Episode 009: Warbeast - Story Phase - Ghur, Celestial Vindicators, Knights Excelsior, Free People, Skaven, Nurgle Episode 010: Godbeast - Story Phase - Aqshy, Ghyran, Ghur, Chamon Episode 011: 1 Year Review - Community Phase Episode 012: Holy Havoc 2016 - Campaign Phase Episode 013: All-Gates - Story Phase - Realmgate Wars Finale Episode 014: City of Secrets - Story Phase - Ghur, Adventuring Party; Witch Hunter, Free People, Stormcast, Acolytes of Tzeentch Episode 015: Coalescence Global Narrative Event - Campaign Phase Episode 016: Plague Garden - Story Phase - Realm of Nurgle, Hallowed Knights Episode 017: Renown & Ruin - Campaign Phase - Homebrew Skirmish Campaign Episode 018: Spear of Shadows - Story Phase - Ghur, Adventuring Party; Ironweld, Free People, Devoted, Fyreslayer, Vampire, Overlords, Khorne, Tzeentch, Skaven, Spiderfang Grots Episode 019: Warhammer Heroes - Community Phase Episode 020: Hammerhal - Story Phas - Ghyran, Hallowed Knights, Adventuring Party. Minisode 001: Waaaghpaca 2016 - Event Coverage - Campaign Phase Minisode 002: Season of War - GW Global Campaign - Campaign Phase Minisode 003: Kidshammer w/ Stephen Duall - Hero Phase
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