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The Crossbows

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Oh man this was alotta work. Painting 30 crossbowmen was a mentally demanding task. But I needed them for my first tournament. So there was the motivation you propably know. In the end I had enough time to play around with the standardbearer and could push myself alot further with painting freehands. :D

I`m very proud of the standardbearer. I think this freehand turned out really well
The painting is a copy of the Vasa. A swedish warships witch sank on it`s first journey :)
Here`s the reference https://fineartamerica.com/featured/the-swedish-warship-vasa-ralph-bruce.html

I really like those guys and play them every game. Buffed with Hold the Line! they perform exceptionally well and kill nearly everything.

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On 1/9/2019 at 3:18 PM, Warbossironteef said:

WOWOWOW. Amazing banner my friend. Inspiring work!! 


43 minutes ago, Kramer said:

Brilliant banner

Thanks alot guys. Kind words are always welcome :)

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17 hours ago, Warbossironteef said:

Do you use GW paints for your flesh? If so, just the normal, Bugmans glow, cadian, kislev flesh tri?

I indeed used the GW paint range for those models. For the skin it`s "Ratskin Flesh" as base color, layered with "Flayed One Flesh" and then a wash with "Reikland Fleshshade" on top. Pretty easy to pull of and nothing too complicated :)

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