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More Crossbows!




Because a unit of 30 crossbowmen just isn`t enough I painted another 30 directly after the first ones. Seems I got some resilience for repetitive work :)
This standardbearer isn`t as fancy as the other one. Time was running short before my first tournament. But I managed to photgraph some steps of the painting process and build a little gif from it. I hope you folks like it.


I just like painting those guys. The blue/yellow colors make me happy :D


Here is the gif:

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4 hours ago, martinwolf said:

Your whole army looks sooo cool. How long does it take you to paint 30 of those? Excluding the banner.

I don`t know for sure. but I guess it took me around 3 weeks to paint 30 of them. I made 60 at once and for some my girlfriend made the basing. So it is difficult to say :)

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Hello, just dipping my toe back into WH after many many years away. Brought myself a pack of handgunners and have been very inspired by your colour scheme. Love the vibrancy!! Is there any chance you'd share your 'recipe' for the blues and yellows. I'm hoping with advanced age and patience I'll end up with something better than my 13yr old self was ever capable of!! Thanks 

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