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Found 12 results

  1. Bring the menfolk forward, boys too. The Lord Commander requires replacement across his ranks. Lucius dismissed his guard captain in one swift motion, turning towards the clutter of wooden buildings that were arranged along the near bank of the river. The Rumbling Fist had seen heavy action on their current patrol from Tempest Eye, first green skins, then those damned spirits of undeath, and most recently those skulking rats. In the Flamebloom, men had be picked off in ones and twos by poison darts. Now, with the cogfort looming behind him, Lucius was out on the plain, sent to collect conscripts for the gear works and rifle battalions, if any showed an ounce of talent with arms. This guy is complete at least until I get around to painting him. Up next are a unit of 10 heavy infantry. Typically used as a heavy assault force, they serve as Lucius's bodyguard. Lucius will probably end up using a freeguild general warscroll. Below are some WIP pictures of the heavy infantry for the cog-fort. They are waiting on more scion power swords and marauder horsemen shields. You'll see one model has a ironbreaker axe. I was planning on using Ironbreaker axes and shields but they are just too small for these guys, who are supposed to be imposing, hulking enforcers and griselled veterans. Originally I was going to use freeguild great sword weapons and arms with these guys but the poses and ratios were just off enough to make it look crappy trying to use those bits.
  2. Yorn and his men were not used to doing things gently. That's how the old man had ended down on his knees in the mud. These folk were reluctant to serve aboard the Iron Fist. While it offered relative safety, compared to their village, their conscription did not include passage for their families. And with the strongest of them gone, they stood even less of a chance against raiders than before. The old man knew that and had resisted Lucius's guard pulling his son forward. And now here they were. A mob of villagers, who ire was quickly rising, shouting and spitting at Yorn's men. He didn't want it to come to blades. If that happened, the conscripts would be relegated to cog pits, scarcely better than slaver laborers. Suddenly, a handful of rotten vegetables hit on of Yorn's men square in the breastplate. The infantry man dropped the torch he was carrying and drew his sword. Have the first 5 of the heavy infantry mostly done. Still waiting on power swords. I also found out that Marauder Horsemen shields and Ironbreaker shields are the same size in diameter and circumference. Marauder Horsemen shields are a little thicker and I felt that their detail matched these gus better than Ironbreaker shields. Not totally pleased with the stance of these guys, turns out Scion legs and arms are a little static. Looking back, I probably would use Gor arms instead and leave them unarmored, since I have those laying around. Oh well, too late now! The next five will include the banner and musician. The damn champion may look like more of a general than the converted commissar in the last blog post.
  3. Hi All, I want to get started with AoS 2.0 using more or less the old "Empire", so a mixture of Free People, Ironweld Arsenal, Collegiate Arcane and Devoted to Sigmar. I already read through a couple of posts and list suggestions. Before I order the first miniatures and start painting I wanted to check if this list does make sense The idea is to have a core I can build upon. I am especially uncertain with warmachines and wizards. Maybe a different warmachine and instead of the wizard the hurricanum? Happy for every comment and suggestion! Thanks, Stephan
  4. Congratz

    I hate Painting Free Guild

    I have a huge free guild army, unpainted for many reasons 1. I can't decide on a colour scheme, really like Altdorf, Averheim and Talabheim 2. I can't make the models paintjob look nice 3. It takes long time Do you guys have anything there could help?
  5. discoking

    Free People

  6. Johan Mars

    Free Guild Guard with Swords and Shield

    First rebased Free Guild Guard aka Swordsmen. Did some repainting as well to work better together with my Stormcast.
  7. Johan Mars

    Free Guild Demigryph Knights

    Command Group for my unit of six Demigryph Riders, painted in 8th and rebased and repainted some for AoS
  8. So I've finished my Seraphon, I'm about halfway done with my Tomb Kings and giving thoughts to the next potential AoS project. In 40k I play Imperial Guard with tons of infantry so the idea of the army of Regular Joes really appeals to me. With that in mind I have a couple of questions about the Free Guild. First what kind of models should I look at as I'm building up to around 1000pts. My local gaming group is mostly narrative leaning towards competitive (stupid Kurnoth hunters ). Is pure Freeguild alright or should I shop around in Ironweld and Collegiate as well. I would like to keep the focus on infantry so I'd rather not hear 'bring 15 cannons, ally in Stormcast, and min squad the cheapest Free Guild you can'. I also have no idea as to the effectiveness of any given unit (other than Mathhammer) as no one I know plays Free Guild. Secondly just how difficult, or perhaps tedious, is painting Free Guild? I have an IG army with 180+ infantry Guardsmen so I can paint hordes. My concern is that the Free Guild infantry look very frilly and fluffy with lots of little details that stand out poorly if not painted well. Any advice would be welcome as well as links to painting tutorials for Empire dudes. Thanks all! Its time the regular Joes showed all these giant monsters, chaos beasts, and super-humans the strength of humanity (with guns)!
  9. Stevewren

    War Wagon in AoS

    I've painted a war wagon for my Free Guild army so I thought I should make some rules up for it. I didn't want it to be over powered as it is a made up scroll and I based it off the Gorebeast Chariot from the warriors list. I also wanted it to stay true to the old rules so put in each weapon as an individual profile. What do people think? Any changes you'd make, does it seem over powered or under powered? And does anyone else have any home made war scrolls they have made? Here is a picture of the model I've painted. When its rebased I'll add it in to the scroll as I think they look super cool with the pictures. However this is how it looks at the moment (sorry about the square base!)
  10. Johan Mars

    Free Guild Guard with Swords and Shield

    First rebased Free Guild Guard aka Swordsmen. Did some repainting as well to work better together with my Stormcast.
  11. Johan Mars

    Free Guild Demigryph Knights

    Command Group for my unit of six Demigryph Riders, painted in 8th and rebased and repainted some for AoS
  12. bottle

    Freeguild Archers

    My favourite Empire infantry kit. A real joy to model and paint! painted by bottle