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  1. As a Seraphon player who is now getting into Stormcast (building Anvils list) I think people should try out some Skinks. They are not battleline anymore but they do all the things you are looking for. 10 bodies, fast, and super high bravery. The biggest thing is if you take multiple units and they get charged, one will die, but then you activate and get to remove an entire unit of combat. I plan on using some in my army. Do people have good reasons for not using them? I plan on bringing a 20 man unit of Sequitors and some skins to be my defense against charges.
  2. Looking at the BOBO 2019 results, a huge AoS Tournament with almost 200 people, is a little depressing. 1 Stormcast in the top 50 finishers (42).
  3. Yeah unfornuately not many things in the game, including our units, can effective kill Hearthguard Bezerkers, unless you can kill their heroes. I think Fyreslayers is going to be an uphill battle. But we do have some faster units and can compete for objectives. You might need to try and plan some double pile ins and things like that to cripple those tanky units, but it won't be easy.
  4. So I literally last week just bought a bunch of stormcast, most of it being 30 Sequitors, 3x Ballista and 6x Vanguard Raptors with Longstrike. Do you think I should be sweating right now because the new GH will bring nerfs/point increase? What is everyone's general feel about it?
  5. Something cool that hasn't yet come up but I can see it working out sometimes is that the MantiLord can pile in 6. So if he is whipped you can charge in pretty reliably then you might be able to, with your pile-in 6, fly over a chaff screen and reach something behind it.
  6. I think a Reapers BT is probably a better target for Sword, especially considering BTs get rerolls of 1 to hit. I like the DBlade on him because it makes him more well rounded and it relies less on getting all the buffs but I'm sure it could work.
  7. The Lord on Manticore has 4 attack profiles, 2 of them are the rider's weapons. That means the Goretide Command Trait give plus +1 damage to two attack profiles. His main weapon lacks any rend, so you give him the Demsional Blade for -3 rend. Then his main weapon is 4 attacks at -3 rend 1d3+1 dmg (you can also swap it to the 6 attacks weapon) and his Lance on the charge is 4 FLAT dmg. He is cheap, fast, a mortal (can be whipped), has 4 attack profiles so +1 attacks and +1 to hit are great value and when compared to a BT his best two weapons never degrade as he takes dmg. He is only usuable in Goretide and with the artefact IMO, so in that way it's restrictive. I have high hopes that if Slaves of Darkness ever gets updated he will be even better (getting rend on his weapons).
  8. Yeah I would like to go to 20 but the MantiLord only works with an artifact and I dont want to run a Rage BT without a + to hit artefact. 4s to hit is too unreliable. The Unfettered Fury is the cheapest way to counter strike first or strike last shenanigans. I dont plan on him being the biggest beat stick in the world, more a utility piece with a 22 inch threat range. Which is why I'd stay at 1950 instead of bringing the Icon so I have more CPs. I'd sell my souls for BWs to get more special weapons. It annoys me so much they wrote the rule that way.
  9. 100% about the BW weapons. Wtf is the 10 man per weapon?? I hate that rule Even per 5 would be a huge improvement and still fair.
  10. Hi All, Do you think the below is a competitive take on Goretide? The extra CP point is great because it can allow you to fly across a whipped unit of BWs and then auto run your BT so that it has a 22 inch threat range. The Lord and Skullreapers follow up and both have the added bonus of being able to be whipped. Bloodthirster of Unfettered Fury (300)- Artefact : Thronebreaker's TorcChaos Lord on Manticore (250) - General - Command Trait : Hew the Foe - Blade & Lance - Artefact : Dimensional Blade Bloodsecrator (140) Slaughterpriest (100) Slaughterpriest (100) Bloodstoker (80) UNITS 15 x Blood Warriors (300) - Goreaxe & Gorefist 10 x Bloodreavers (70) - Meatripper Axes 10 x Bloodreavers (70) - Meatripper Axes 10 x Skullreapers (360) - Goreslick Blades BATTALIONS Gore Pilgrims (140) ENDLESS SPELLS Hexgorger Skulls (40) TOTAL: 1950/2000
  11. Have people found any success with Paladors? The models are some of my favorite. At 200 they arent super killy machines but they seem to do a little bit of everything and could be a good utility piece. I'd imagine just running the shock axes makes the most sense. Anyone have any good tips for how to use them?
  12. Has anyone here tried to combine Longstrikes and Ballistas? I'm new to Stormcast so below is just theory crafting. The battalion gets you an extra CP for double firing and if you positioned well you could use it on either the rerolling hits Ballista or Longstrikes. It also has some screening/movement tricks with the skinks and aetherwings. I had 2 questions maybe experienced SCE players could answer: -How do 5x Seq units perform? They seem efficient because they get 3 special weapons -What 2nd artefact would you take in the below list? Lord-Ordinator (140) Lord-Arcanum (180) 20 x Sequitors (400) 5 x Sequitors (120) 5 x Sequitors (120) 6 x Vanguard-Raptors with Longstrike Crossbows (360) 3 x Castigators (80) 3 x Aetherwings (50) (or 10x Skinks) 10 x Skinks (60) 10 x Skinks (60) Celestar Ballista (100) Celestar Ballista (100) Celestar Ballista (100) BATTALIONSHailstorm Battery (120) 1990
  13. Have people here tried using skinks in their lists? I guess the biggest drawback is more drops, but as a Seraphon player I know how good they are for 60 points. They move so fast and have 10 bravery, it seems like a great fit. Even for 2x10 units it could be worth it. I'd love to hear your opinions on why to take them and why not!
  14. I think all the points on 30 man blob are valid and I'm sure it could work. I don't think the discussion is can it work, the discussion is, can a 20 man blob do what you want and give you more points to put else where in your army? I think in Goretide, that answer is yes for most games. I'd try both!
  15. I feel like 30 man, disregarding the physical size of the unit, is too pricey, 600 points. I think 20 man is probably the max I'd run and IMO is the max number that makes sense. Maybe you could get 600 points of value out of a 30 man unit but a lot games you won't, so I don't like the idea of over-investing . But your mileage my vary!
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