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  1. Some newbie Skaven questions, sorry if they have been previously asked but this thread is almost at 100 pages -Can the Warpseer cast any of the Spell Lore spells? If not, how do people use his double casting? -Is it possible to field a competitive army with both Stormfiends and Plague Monks? -What heros/combos are the best for buffing Plague Monks? -Is there a generally accepted best build for 6 Stormfiends?
  2. Interesting list. I wouldn't think using 2 Treelords would be very good. It's 400 points and it basically could be another Durthu. In games in which your Durthu or Allarielle get killed do you feel like you have enough punch? I love going for more stomps but the Treelords aren't going to do much killing.
  3. As all things, it depends on your list. The MSU type of lists start at 80 points. You need cogs. MSU allows you to "deepstrike" into smaller areas and find the charges you need. IMO most Nighhaunt lists benefit a lot from Cogs. Often times people are only judging it based on how many big charges you get off but with Cogs, and the Underworld, you force your opponent into deploying a certain way and protecting their units. This in itself, the threat of the pop up and charge, is a huge bonus. Plus when having a reliable caster in Reik for when you really need Cogs makes it a little better as well.
  4. That's cool. I'm sure when it works it is powerful but it is still a little unreliable and restrictive for my taste. It has a limited cast range, wholly within 8 inches effect and it will relies on dice roll (albeit a 2+). I will probably stick to casting cogs the turn I plan on making big charges or an alpha. You can cast it anywhere and it will get the job done.
  5. Yeah I'm not sure I'd go for the Spiteswarm but all other 3 seem valid. If you can get woods down you can be TP'ing and charging all over the place. Plus 2x Durthu Death squads give you a solid chance of getting your stomp off. Maybe A TLA for a third stomp, woods, and some healing support to keep the Durthu General alive. The -1 to all hits artefact is also awesome.
  6. I feel like there might be some "hidden tech" for non-glade armies in the book. Warsinger seems so powerful in a Double Durthu list. Giving +2 to charge to 2 Durthus or some combination of a Durthu and another unit is so ridiculously good, especially when your Durthu's can go wood-surfing. You could combine this with Cogs too. Does anyone have any tips for how to run a Double Durthu list? There are also some amazing non-glade artefacts as well and I think it could be a viable option.
  7. Yeah I can see that being useful but 30 32mm bases can be unwieldy.
  8. You will need to get a lot out of the Grimghast unit. 30 Grim ghasts have a huge footprint so be aware that they are easily tagged and can be stuck into combats that you don't want to be. I think games where ou are able to move and get teh Grimghasts where they need to be, you will do well.
  9. What do people think about Grave guard compared to Banshess? The new horde discount for Grave Guard seem to make them a solid option. They are slow but they seem like a good option. Do people have any insight? Is there any way for Legion of Grief to increase their roll to wound?
  10. Yeah I think that the BC can also be a decent tarpit and distraction carnifex. Overall it may be like 10-20 points overcosted but it does have great movement. GW is weird with how they point movement. Some units in the game are grossly overcosted or undercosted when you take in their movement, but that being said, the BC seems good enough to fill a certain role in the army. I really think if the Hexwraiths had Reaped Like Corn they would be much more playable. I do think you want the extra CP and artefact in a Nighthaunt army so going MSU Deathriders isnt a terrible idea for MSU lists. Not OP but it gives you fast units on the board turn 1.
  11. Thanks for the insight. I think I will still try the Deathriders battalion. Although Hexwraiths are still overcosted, and for some reason don't have Reaped Like Corn, I think it's a solid battalion. It uses units that don't mind being on the board turn 1 and gets you 2 battleline and an extra artefact. Shroudguard can be super cheap which is nice, but if you go MSU the +5 shrug on the 5 man unit isn't worth much. A BC can fish for 9inch charges and it can put out some hurt in the charge phase. The Hexwraiths really need reroll to hits support to do anything other than their fly over mortals, but they cant hunt down some wizards and weaker units.
  12. Damn I played my last few games very wrong... Unless you go 2 Battalions MSU style is very heavy drops.
  13. So does it still count towards your drops? I guess you are still deploying them, just not on the table. So it most likely follows the normal rules... opps.
  14. I think Battalions are huge for NH. As dmorley noted Command points and NH artefacts are so good for the army. The other big thing is that it allows us to keep lower drops and still run MSU. Take Deathriders as an example. You get 4 units placed down for 1 drop. This then allows you to put 4 in the Underworld. It's really 8 units into 1 drop. That's huge. I also like Deathriders for this because it uses units that want to be on the board turn 1 (i.e Blackcoach and Harrow). Then it lets you protect your Bladegheists/MSU units in the Underworld. I think Hexwraiths are still too expensive but this battalion seems to fit what the MSU army lits are trying to do.
  15. Any ideas on how to cut down or reshape the old woods to mirror what the new ones are like? I'd rather they look a little weird then buy 9 new ones.
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