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  1. Hi fellow Bonesplitterz. I'm looking for some help. I live on the East Coast of the USA and I am looking for a single Boarboy. It can only be the boar too! Painted or unpainted doesnt matter. Does anyone have one they are willing to ship/sell? I can Paypal or Venmo. PM if you are willing to help a fellow Big Boss out!
  2. If you buff 30 arrowboys with +1 to hit and the Boarmage spell, they do roughly 10 wounds to an Ethereal Mawkrusha. That's if you can get all 30 in range without being charged by it or something else. I really do think Mawkrushas are going to be tough to deal with, unless Drakfoot's ability negates the Amulet's ability, but it doesn't.
  3. I feel like Mawcrushas/IJ's are going to be everywhere at my local club. Anyone have any good pure Bonesplitterz tips/tricks/ideas on how to deal with them? I like BigStabbas but with Ethereal Amulet and the extra wounds they gain the Mawcrushas can be tough to crack.
  4. Stealing a lot of ideas from others but here is my 2k Rogue Idol list. I'm not sure if it needs the Big Stabbas. It might be better to trade them in for a Warchanter and a unit of Ardboys or Wardokk (warchanter on Idol is really good). That being said Big Stabbas are really good and are a decent way of dealing with Mawcrushas and other monsters. The strengths of the list is that it can still alpha really hard but it also has board control with the 60 boys. Boarboys don't necessarily need buffs and they can be solid flankers. A little light on heros, i'd like 2 Wardokks, but you have to cut points somewhere. Wurrgog Prophet (160) Maniak Weirdnob (120) Savage Big Boss (100) Wardokk (80) 30 x Savage Orruk Arrowboys (360) 30 x Savage Orruks (Stikkas) (300) 10 x Savage Boarboy Maniaks (280) 4 x Savage Big Stabbas (200) BEHEMOTHS Rogue Idol (400) 2,000 points - 206 wounds
  5. Anyone have an idea how long it will be until the FAQ is dropped?
  6. I think 10xBoarboy Maniaks are going to be a blast to play with. Imagine playing a scenario that has a lot of objectives and your opponent has to spread their forces to cover them. With only one spell your 10x Boarboys Maniaks are moving 24 inches and then on the charge each model is putting out 7 attacks at 3's and 3's. They will clear almost any light infantry unit in the game.
  7. Anyone thought about going Allegiance Bonesplitterz but with some IJ allies? The updated Gor-Gruntas seem like a solid, self-sufficient unit. Anything else stand out to you all?
  8. Anyone come up with any good Gordakk Bigg Waaagh lists that use Bonesplitterz? You can get +2 to cast from the Big Waggh abilities and take a Boar-Mage from BS with a re-rollable spell for the d3 mortals and fight last in combat. Could be a good way to combat some Slaneesh/activation wars.
  9. Airbrush + contrast + inks and you can paint these boys up pretty quickly
  10. Thanks for the advice. I'll probably start with some spears! This army seems perfect for my airbrush. Can't wait to get started.
  11. I know the book isn't actually out yet but as someone interested in starting an Orruk army, mostly Bonesplitterz, do you have any suggestion where to start? Do you think most Orruk armies will still use Arrowboys?
  12. Some newbie Skaven questions, sorry if they have been previously asked but this thread is almost at 100 pages -Can the Warpseer cast any of the Spell Lore spells? If not, how do people use his double casting? -Is it possible to field a competitive army with both Stormfiends and Plague Monks? -What heros/combos are the best for buffing Plague Monks? -Is there a generally accepted best build for 6 Stormfiends?
  13. Interesting list. I wouldn't think using 2 Treelords would be very good. It's 400 points and it basically could be another Durthu. In games in which your Durthu or Allarielle get killed do you feel like you have enough punch? I love going for more stomps but the Treelords aren't going to do much killing.
  14. As all things, it depends on your list. The MSU type of lists start at 80 points. You need cogs. MSU allows you to "deepstrike" into smaller areas and find the charges you need. IMO most Nighhaunt lists benefit a lot from Cogs. Often times people are only judging it based on how many big charges you get off but with Cogs, and the Underworld, you force your opponent into deploying a certain way and protecting their units. This in itself, the threat of the pop up and charge, is a huge bonus. Plus when having a reliable caster in Reik for when you really need Cogs makes it a little better as well.
  15. That's cool. I'm sure when it works it is powerful but it is still a little unreliable and restrictive for my taste. It has a limited cast range, wholly within 8 inches effect and it will relies on dice roll (albeit a 2+). I will probably stick to casting cogs the turn I plan on making big charges or an alpha. You can cast it anywhere and it will get the job done.
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