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The Ambermage

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Right after the artillery I went with a single character and some tiny conversions. Basically just putting two dogs on a larger base to accompany this beauty. :)


The female mage is Autumn Bronzeleaf from Reaper Miniatures. The doggies are from some companion pack. Also from Reaper Miniatures. For me this model had a lot of first timers to offer. First female character, First non GW and first metal miniature.

I like how she looks now. The eyes could have had more contrast and the cloak looks more dirty than properly shaded. This could have been better. Maybe next time :)

Amber is a specialisation for the Battlemage. The Ambermage has a spell granting +1 to wound for a single melee unit. So you need a marker showing that a unit is affected by this spell. I don`t really like those markers made from cardboard or plastic. So i made my own one. This little fella shows everyone that you should`t mess with the boys nearby :)

Here`s the final picture of them:

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18 hours ago, Gwill_of_the_Woods said:

Where is the fox model from?

It`s also from Reaper Miniatures. Familiar Pack V (REA02848)
I really like those packs. Lots of fun animals to play around with. Used to use the racoon from the same pack as a marker for battleshock immunity and still use the tortoise for mystic shield. :)

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