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The Gunmaster



I bought this one in our small local store. I literally bought every human mini in this store. :D
So this gunmaster was one of my more early Miniatures. But I managed to paint this guy in the course of one weekend. Had the idea for the basing at work and was immediatly hyped. Started building/painting right after coming home.

It`s the first mini I started to put much effort into the head.

I really like the thought of him, sitting for a while behind this pile of rocks. Checking wind conditions and such. Just wating for his target to appear and make this important single shoot. It`s a pity that my dice hate me and i never had this shoot in a game. ;) I think he turned out quit nice. Unfortunatly their is a GW base chart now and he should be on a 1" round :(

Making a gif from the process was even an idea from work. I like making gifs. Have made some for other non hobby stuff too. I hope you folks like it too ;)


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On 12/7/2018 at 11:26 PM, The Golem said:

Nicely done! And I love the animated gif. ;)


7 hours ago, Seraphage said:

Lovely miniature, great gif ! Good job !

Thanks guys. Really appreciate it.

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