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The Freeguild General

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This one was bought with the first bunch of minis at the end of february. I started him not much after but at the end it took about one month to finish him. This was the first mini I painted in steps with other stuff in between.


In the end I`m happy how he turned out. I think he`s a worthy geneal to make the free guilds to Hold the line! ;)

But i have to admit that the model itself is not the most beautiful for me. There are more human models which will suit better as a general. Here are 2 WIPs which i will use as proxy for the general.

One is the Ludwig of Schwarzhelm model which is far more detailed and has more life in it:

And the other one is a Valten on horseback. The base will be too large for matched play. But damn, he just needs these two wolfs :D20181208_112548.jpg.3429239a2725f6354fff8135abc2edf4.jpg

Somebody of you folks knows the warscroll of the freeguild general? Do you think it`slegal to have sword, shield and the banner? Or does the banner rule out other weaponry?

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