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Freeguild Guards



My second unit to paint were the 20 guards with sword and shield i had already assembled. On the 12th of march they looked like this:


Obviously i removed the shields before painting. Subassembly is a thing now. ;)
Ten days later i had 20 of them nearly finished:


For this 10 man units with champion, muscian and standardbearer i went with red clothbands. The other 10 got kinda purple ones. 

It took a my a while to bolster the ranks of each of the 2 units to 20 men. But here they are.

The 5th...

...and the third swords of the Nordheim army.

I really like how they turned out and  at the moment they are the back of my army being present in every game.  You can see the development in painting in this units. I often came back to these and added more detail. Someday i will redo these banners with something real fancy :)

Here is one special dude of the 5th swords which i like the most:

These 40 men are the only guards for now. And they have seen many battles. I hope i can add a lot of them soon. A block of 40 halberdiers sounds pretty promising :)

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