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Not Enjoying a Model - what to do?




I bought a bunch of Tzeentch models from a friend of mine a few months ago, and three of the models were Exalted Flamers. I have sprayed and undercoated the thereof them about nine times so far, and I have not been able to find a scheme or style that I like. The models have a lot of flat detail that doesn't wash well and is tricky to dry brush too. I tried fades from bottom to top of similar colours, colours that contrast, and different tones of the same colour. None of these particularly inspired me, or if they did I found it hard to get a good highlight or shade onto the model. In the end I went with a contrast from a light brown to yellow. I then used purple as the contrast colour for the flames - no particularly inspiring, but it works well. I did the flames all with washes and then quickly highlighted the tops with a white. 

I really wanted the model finished and in the end I just called it done as I didn't want to continue working on a model I wasn't enjoying. It will look fine in my Tzeentch force, but I really didn't enjoy the sculpt or the painting experience. The pale yellow highlights were easy to bring back using the Lamentors yellow glaze, which I really like for working on yellow. Because I didn't enjoy the model I didn't spend much time picking out details like teeth and more on the flames. I'm not sure spending time on the flames would really make much difference, and I think it would be annoying to try and layer them up. 

I wonder if I had put the model together there might have been a way to keep the flames separate which may have allowed me to do a better job. This may have made the painting experience better too. 

I think the two spare flamers may find their way onto ebay in the near future! 


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I have the same feeling when painting certain models or picking out certain details on some models (such as small bits of white cloth). I usually go cold on painting those bits until I absolutely have to and its a shame because trying new things and painting models we don't find amazing, helps us grow as painters I find. But my painting sucks compared to this anyways xD

Thank you for posting this! Im glad its not just me having hobby wobbles!

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I think the flamer looks pretty awesome!  When I painted mine I kept the arms with flames loose which helped a ton with reaching all the little flame spots and highlights. If you decide to tackle the others anyway I'd recommend carefully cutting the glued arms loose. One fairly easy way to help create the illusion of texture on the flamer is to add some stippling with a very pale yellow/white on the most smooth bits. I didn't do it with my exalted flamer but liberally applied stippling to my normal ones.




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I suffer this as well, generally with models that are very samey all over (my worst experience were Ard Boyz...). I ended up shelving them and working on some models that inspired me back to a suitable level to start the grind again. Rinse and Repeat. Easiest way to get through regiments of stuff. Most fun unit to paint were the Forsaken. So much character and variety.

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I can sympathise. I find that the quality of my paint jobs depend on how much I'm enjoying the figure sculpt. The number of figures that have some really detailed bits and then a very plan, basic bit where I got bored... 

I'm loving your scheme though, I may have to steal that when I go back to Tzeentch ;)


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