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Forum Posts vs Blog Posts



"People comment more if a painting and modelling project is put in the Forum section than the Blog Section"


it seems like having a forum post for tracking your painting and modelling is better than having a Blog in the blog section. Just scanning down the page there are a lot more comments on Posts. 

Forum/Blog users don't seem to comment much on the blog section. You get quite a few likes or reactions, but very little critique or feedback from what I've experienced. 

My answer to my own question would be that if you are working on a project don't put it in the blog section, put it here. Use the Blogs more like a diary to track your own projects,  but don't expect as much interaction. 

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I actually started one of my projects as a Thread, and made a Blog with the same name later. The mainpoint was, that I wanted a place to show miniatures, some stories I wrote and perhaps some games I made (even I don't play much because I don't have a group). I simply had the feeling that "Painting and Modeling" wasn't the right place for all of that.

I actually like the blog function, because it's easier to follow because if you know who made the blog you can open it by looking in his profile , while you need the search function to find a Thread

And each Entry is seperate so it's possible to comment on an entry that was posted months ago. Try this on a Thread that has new entries already.

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