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About this blog

Blog dedicated to my AoS 3.0 Blades of Khorne Mounted Army. Will include 12 Skullcrushers, 10 fleshhounds, 10 Chaos Knights.

Some elements are from previous WHFB forces, and will be undergoing re-basing and painting.

Entries in this blog

More Skullcrushers in progress.

So bailed on my old timeframe. (will return to the chaos knights along with final basing here) I havent had much time in the last week or so and wanted to get back in with some building. Love this set and really fun to start a fresh kit this time. Ive swapped an arm on previous model so he has a lower height profile for storage, hence the arm-off. Middle is also horn-blower, the horn is simply hanging from the side. Right most model will be banner and trying to get it mounted on his back. I w


CrimsonKing in Khorne

Chaos Knights rebasing

Getting started on the Knights, real life stuff has put a hold on em but getting them along. Ive taken some shots of the basing steps. I much prefer proper large Bottle cork opposed to the flaky sheet cork often seen in dollar stores. The bases are designed around the specific horse they work with, numbered on the bottoms.   I use carpenters glue with a long needle tube tip to get it under and around skulls and rocks. After extracting from the sandbox and shaking,

Doggies and hangers-on

Stage 2 of the project is completing the fleshhounds (old conversions and new set), Kharnak, and basing my Insensate Rage Thirster's base. Here is the progress shots of the soon to be decently completed doggos: In case I bother to run a slaughterpriest (likely) or a Bloodsecrator (unlikely) had these for a good while: In the back (Thirster) ive been finalizing his base along with the dogs: My planning for the project is in stages: Stage 1 : 6 skullcrushers

Intro, and First 6 Skullcrushers+characters

Hi there. Let me start by saying I've always been a fan of Khorne, way back to WHFB 5 when I first got into fantasy. I also have an extensive 40k collection, mostly Khornate Chaos CSM, Daemons etc.   Figured AoS will be easier to get into post COVID compared to 40K 9th, and already a huge fan of Warcry. I had some skullcrushers waiting around for this eventuality, and got some more for the project. Here is some of the skullcrusher progress, starting with some second-hand recently
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