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    Classy job! I Have this sitting around unpainted for warcry, Nice inspiration!
  2. Likely Eldar Avatar (spikes and the blood from his bloody pauldron are spot on) Something about the metal work seems like Necromunda, but tribal.... Ratskins I'd say
  3. Thanks for the replies! Made the thread when I rejoined forums at start of 3.0. These forums seem focused on single strat threads so been active there. Also blogging my army build. Only done some singleplayer tests, though the consensus in strat thread agrees on skullcrushers, so satisfied moving forward with this 'dream project' of massed cavalry. Ill try out the knights next time I do tests and honestly didn't look too hard at DP. I am intrigued by their half-move ability, has some utility where my crusher charges are important, definitely my second choice for monster now.
  4. I'm still stuck at home with a 3 year old. though double vaxxed now but just painting and armchair general for the last year. Did the super-nerdy thing of setting up a battle for myself vs. myself to properly walk through 3.0+Khorne army interactions. Absolutely blown away by the insensate rage mortal wounds but of course not much to drop his wound tracker before combat playing against khorne (myself) If he can be guaranteed to take down 1.5x his points each combat phase that has to be top tier no? Also skullcrushers+lord crusher charge buff+slaughterpriest 'curse' on target pushed out 4-5 charge mortals (with lord), then crushers did 10 wounds and 4 more mortals vs 4+ save unit. But priest getting 9" curse off AND that unit being double-charged is unlikely in real terms. Of course that is like 440 points right there, but happy if my core feels useful. Next time I will try proxying some opponent forces, either Lumineth or Gravelords, to understand if the various scenarios hold weight vs 'better' armies. If I play real games soon will be likely vs. zombie-dragon heavy undead, so good to see beforehand. As Perturbato said; We look cool until we look at other armies. Hence putting in the work to see for myself.
  5. Ouch... I did some digging into another faction that uses prayers, The Magma Dwarves! Same wording in their errata on their new invocation datasheets. In addition, they have an artifact that doubles down on the prayer wording: Emberstone Rune. Change to: ‘Add 1 to chanting rolls for prayers chanted by the bearer that summon an invocation.’
  6. At least you can chant 1 prayer and also summon 1 invocation with one priest in each hero phase. Kinda pushes you to get a Judgement to maximize the use out of your priests. Perhaps when our book is updated there will be some 3.0 specific rules for that (artifact to buff priest prayer ability for example) Tricky thing with unleash hell is the unit shooting doesn't even need to be the unit being attacked, just within 9"... a tricky opponent can run a screen in front of his archers. The screen is charged by Razorgor, but enemy doesn't unleash. Your prized unit charges, THEN he unleashes hell on them anyways. Unless opponent is less organized. I think for 40 more points you can take some Furies. Lose 5+ save, then gain fly + 2" of movement, triple the wounds and attacks, then in combat phase if you want you could just fly off (better is in opponent's combat phase next turn then repeat move and charge on your next turn)
  7. Not following about the 5 wounds for snakes, as my proposed rule limits the upgrade based on the unit's stats. The snake swarm couldn't really have anything of note considering its rather basic profile compared to nearly any basic unit type (perhaps critical of 4 is better then basic model) If a basic troop has even a low value of 6 wounds, and your supermonster has 40 wounds that is only +3 (16,26,36) I understand your hesitancy over long rules set. Just going after what I'd imagine GW would do and therefore what players typically handle. That again is based on units already formatted into AoS, and rules-sets for things like custom chapters,factions in WD; Which is acceptable as a magazine 2 page, 4-6 column spread. Let's say what I have above was worked together with the campaign bonuses you've built; The next question I wasn't sure of is the number of additional rules overall the final unit could have. base warscrolls could already have say, 5 special abilities/wargear, then I've listed possibly 2 more (and yes they might conflict or already exist as a wargear option on the scroll!) but then wondering from your experience with warcry campaigns, how many of your final campaign traits/gear would end up translated into a warscroll? another 5? I agree then a unit would get unwieldy. My problem however is most warbands I play typically include some heavy hitter unit. Dragon ogres in beastmen, vargeists in death, bloodcrushers or Fleshhounds in Khorne daemons etc. Those are the types of units I feel are being let down here, and then can take up a sizable chunk of the warcry rosters points.
  8. Getting started on the Knights, real life stuff has put a hold on em but getting them along. Ive taken some shots of the basing steps. I much prefer proper large Bottle cork opposed to the flaky sheet cork often seen in dollar stores. The bases are designed around the specific horse they work with, numbered on the bottoms. I use carpenters glue with a long needle tube tip to get it under and around skulls and rocks. After extracting from the sandbox and shaking, I use an exacto knife to clean the sand/debris edges. While the glue is still slightly wet it's best to press down the sand edging than to just it flick away. When dry I liberally paint the whole thing including cork and skulls with thinned carpenters glue. They need more work, but might still start basing the other 5 Cursed Lance Knights.
  9. My take is most of it applies, modified by the new core rules page 25 on invocations, and the errata for Blades of Khorne. New points in 2021 General's Handbook. Errata states that Judgements are now Invocations, and gives the three sets totally changed datasheets, including wording for summoning them. Enemy Priests can now attempt to dispel them per core rules. They are still likely to dispel themselves end of each battle round based on BoK book, and often have wording in the Errata warscrolls to dispel after some effect is completed.
  10. Totally agree and plan to run krakadrak and 5-10 knights in all my lists. Agree on unleash hell, that plus 2" reach of javelins (better thrown anyways) possibly makes a 10 model unit worth the large footprint, though could make them too unwieldy to properly disengage for feign ability.
  11. More of a S2D question but I have a khorne calv. list with some knights, and interested in marauder horsemen. Their speed, feign ability and 2"/12" javelins seem like an impressive utility unit. Ive read about lots of movement and hold shenanigans in the wider game (lumineth) and curious if horsemen can punch above their weight, and act as effective screen for knights/skullcrushers, or should get some furies or so.
  12. I like the idea and formatting! I haven't played a warcry campaign before so a bit green at understanding the whole relevance here. I like the idea of the leader setting the squad type as a general idea but needs more refinement for warbands with significant profiles (stat/ weapon wise). If you are going into such detail on campaign bonuses I think it's fair to allow some unit selection breakdown a bit too. For example, skaven with rat ogres or beastmen with minotaurs. An example taken from GW's solution for units like 'untamed beasts' with a rocktusk prowler or spire tyrants with a Bestigor destroyer is: "1 in 9 models must be a rocktusk prowler, add 1 to wounds characteristic" For this custom generator you could include perhaps 1-2 optional model selections to represent those inherent wound/movement/skill differences. Something like: You may select up to two different types of units with models in your warband to generate 1 additional ability each. Only models of this unit type in the warband gain the ability generated. You may select one of the stats on that units Warcry profile from the list below, and compare it to the warcry card for the base model of the warband leader's unit type. The resulting ability then refers to the final Age of Sigmar warscroll. (sounds complicated, just bear with me and simplify if it helps/sounds like a good idea) Wounds. For every 10 additional wounds, improve the final warscroll wounds profile for this unit, written as follows: [Model type]: [Model type] have a wounds characteristic of [improved wounds]. Movement: If a model has double the movement characteristic, add the following: [Model type]: if the unit includes any [model type]s, you can re-roll 1's in charge rolls made for this unit. Damage/Critical Damage: If either damage or Critical damage is greater by 1 or 2: [Model type]: Add [1 or 2] to the Attacks Characteristic of [Model type]'s melee weapons. Fly... Just a thought. As I'm not familiar with exactly how many campaign bonuses the unit could likely gain, unsure how messy it would get. There will always be a tradeoff of complexity versus accurate representation.
  13. I feel that coming into AoS from 40k and I'm in my 30's... one thing is like others have said, memory of old rules that now conflict or some that remain the same can cause some cognitive dissonance. Also rules scattered all around. Traits, mount traits, command abilities, faction and subfactions, warscroll passive abilities... I read people's lists and everyone is nodding OK at their use of even more unheard of terms/abilities... I make game cheat sheets in excel divided by phase, and just list all possible effects at my disposal within each phase, organized by source ('bloodthirster' | passive, all-in 18" | does this effect) Stick to what your army can do, don't worry about looking like an idiot for a few games or tell opponents you are just starting with 3.. I'm sure most people feel like you do, and want some games to practice.
  14. Thanks! Yes its going to have quite the footprint thats for sure! I nearly ran out of skulls so went lighter on the recent ones (juggers, dogs) but 4-5 is probably enough for each, as it takes a long time. A trick you can likely see here is chopping skulls in half at different planes so you get two sunken skulls for one! Helps engrain them into the terrain too
  15. This has been a great resource for understanding the new/old rules, thanks all! Not aware of how many here actually have the painted units you propose with 3.0, but here is me working towards 3.0. Target army is 75% new stuff, but I've got lots to go:
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