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About this blog

Blog dedicated to my AoS 3.0 Blades of Khorne Mounted Army. Will include 12 Skullcrushers, 10 fleshhounds, 10 Chaos Knights.

Some elements are from previous WHFB forces, and will be undergoing re-basing and painting.

Entries in this blog

Chaos Knights rebasing

Getting started on the Knights, real life stuff has put a hold on em but getting them along. Ive taken some shots of the basing steps. I much prefer proper large Bottle cork opposed to the flaky sheet cork often seen in dollar stores. The bases are designed around the specific horse they work with, numbered on the bottoms.   I use carpenters glue with a long needle tube tip to get it under and around skulls and rocks. After extracting from the sandbox and shaking,


CrimsonKing in Chaos Knights

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