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More Skullcrushers in progress.




So bailed on my old timeframe. (will return to the chaos knights along with final basing here) I havent had much time in the last week or so and wanted to get back in with some building. Love this set and really fun to start a fresh kit this time.
Ive swapped an arm on previous model so he has a lower height profile for storage, hence the arm-off. Middle is also horn-blower, the horn is simply hanging from the side. Right most model will be banner and trying to get it mounted on his back. I want the models to look more combat-ready rather then 2/3 guys being preoccupied juggling horns and banners.

I should have used greenstuff so the mounting isn't perfect at the moment, as I've instead used cement-softened plastic as a putty but it refuses to set properly. The actual banner has a magnetic mounting and the white plate will be glued on as pictured.

Ive got my storage sorted via base magnets and specially sourced black tins. From here I will be able to store my 2000 army, some optional units like khorgoraths and a chariot all nice and cozy:

Empty bases are for the remaining 3 Skullcrushers to make up 12. Then my BT can disassemble axe, wings and base to fit in his own small box. If i could build/transport my Hellcannon thats 3k points actually.

Also got a discounted NOS aspiring Deathbringer I thought I'd build up for fun. skipped these types when AoS launched but gotta admit he has a really slick style to him.


just a few more skulls... asp champ has 16, nice number there. I will perform the same on the last five chaos knights before sanding them all together.



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I like how these are  turning out, great to see more of what you post here.

Yeah the posing with building a lot of the fantasy khorne juggernauts and the chaos knights especially are fairly flexed out like they are hyped about this new weight lift exercise Skarrbrand mentioned in a feverous rant. 

I like the placement of your scenic stuff, improves the gaps between the cork decently. If you happen to use any texture pastes I recommend trying them out too; as a blending texture instead as normally used. Fun experiment if you use it without precision.

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Thanks for posting! That middle paragraph is a doozy but yea these are some beefy dudes!

I think from an old world perspective I always envisioned the martial warrior side to Khorne, really exemplified in this art:

Skullcrushers, as the new thing around the time of that art are the closest to it. The bloodwarriors and other AOS were going a little too chunky? Cartoony? Though I do like Bloodbound more than at launch, its a different feel.

Maybe mounted SC were supposed to feel regal and knightly or just better fit in a Chaos warrior army style at the time.

Anyways had a go at another back-banner think I like better for next quick update. maybe in a few hours when glue is stable.

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Voila! Another example of magnetized back banner (using same base skullcrusher) Ill just need to make an additional magnet backbrace for another hands-free banner.


Also a handy tip for builders who wish to compartmentalize models for painting, storage etc. Is just making your own segments! Skullcrusher seats are integrated directly into the riders abdomen and mount body, so keeping the two separate for painting is a pain. Here I've pre-drilled a pin-hole, then sliced apart to make a removable seat that doesn't move around (and totally doesn't resemble anything shady...)

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