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Intro, and First 6 Skullcrushers+characters




Hi there. Let me start by saying I've always been a fan of Khorne, way back to WHFB 5 when I first got into fantasy.

I also have an extensive 40k collection, mostly Khornate Chaos CSM, Daemons etc.


Figured AoS will be easier to get into post COVID compared to 40K 9th, and already a huge fan of Warcry. I had some skullcrushers waiting around for this eventuality, and got some more for the project. Here is some of the skullcrusher progress, starting with some second-hand recently purchased and a few stragglers I've had as 40K/WHFB leaders, which needed rebasing :


Skullcrushers 1.JPG

Skullcrushers 2.JPG

Skullcrushers 3.JPG

characters 1.JPG

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