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Everything posted by Nixon

  1. Nixon

    Age of Sigmar: Second Edition

    I am very excited about the new rules, everything spoiled so far sounds like an improvement. At first I was hoping that GW would do away with the doubleturn, but now I have realized that it is just me thinking to conservatively.
  2. Nixon

    Sylvaneth 1k and 2k advice

    Hope someone comes along to help you out. I have played a few 1000 point games. It is a struggle to get a good synergi going. Dryads, Treelord and a unit of Kurnoth Hunters is a good start.
  3. Nixon

    Tales of Sigmar - Tale of Gamers - Month 6

    6 months and the army is completed. My initial goals was to paint 1000 points. I ended up doing a little more. Eventually I will add a few more units to bring it to 2000, but for now Im going to take a break. Thanks for cracking the whip.
  4. Nixon

    Tales of Sigmar - Tale of Gamers - Month 6

    Death by birch! Ill see if I can do a full Wargrove shot tomorrow.
  5. Nixon

    Tales of Sigmar - Tale of Gamers - Month 6

    Im almost done. Just need to add some static grass to my Dryads and do an army shot.
  6. Hi Im running a 12 player tournament next weekend and Im looking for some software or an app that can help me keep track of who is playing who. Its a swiss/draw tournament. Can anyone please point me in the right direction. Thanks.
  7. Nixon

    Tournament software

    Thanks everybody. I think i will be using TourneyKeeper the next time. only problem is players will have to register on the web-site.
  8. An opportunity not to be wasted As Esyae walked through the forest her mind started to wander, the memories of the last few battles forming as leaves on her canopy. She would never forget how her people had suffered at the hand of the followers of Nurgle. But there was still hope. Although her Wargrove had suffered more than one defeat in the quest to find Phaendar, they had succeeded. Phaendar was once again amongst his people. The young Ancient had been captured by a human wizard, who had used Phaendars lifeforce to strengthen his own magic. Phaendar had almost been drained, his branches all withered and his limbs nothing but twigs. But Phaendar had still been able to call out to Esaye, she had heard his song. Esaye had gathered a small warband consisting only of a few Dryads and some Tree-Revenants, and together they had searched the plains for the wizard. When they finally arrived at the wizard tower they were ambushed by Free-Guild humans and a Beast from another realm. The Beast, a huge Oruuk of the Ironjaws had decided that the rock between the Sylvanteh and their foe, was the perfect place to sharpen his axe, and he would not be persuaded to leave. Esaye and her warband did the best they could to defeat him, but the Free-Guild humans had some how mistaken the Sylvaneth for Daemons and did all they could to hinder their advance. Esyae had to retreat and leave the Orruk to the humans. The Sylvaneth had waited until nightfall before they returned to the battlefield. There was no sign of the Orruk or the humans apart from the torn limbs and broken weapons of the Free-Guild. The Sylvanth moved on, and reached the wizards tower. It was all crumpled and broken apart. A fell voice hung in the air, and warned them not to come closer. Esaye used all her protective spells and send the Dryads forth, they were hit by a massive shock wave coming from the tower. It was as the tower was alive crackling with un-natural energy, the old stonework was possessed by the spirit of the wizard. Esaye lifted up the Moonstone of hidden ways, she felt its power strengthen her song. The earth itself started to shake and move as branches and roots sprung from it. She felt him, she heard him, his whisper growing into a roar, it was the Warsong of Phaendar. The Moonstone had freed him from his imprisonment under the Wizard's tower, and Esaye watched as roots and branches formed into a mighty Treeman, Phaendar the Ancient of the Silveroak glade was amongst them again. With a bolt of energy from his staff Phaendar hit the tower and banished the wizards evil spirit. The song had grown stronger since that day, and along with the return of Phaendar, the Silveroak Glade had grown in strength and numbers, the Kurnoth Hunters had joined them and the ranks of the Dryads had grown considerably. As Esaye continued to walk through the forest, she noticed that something else had changed, the living forest was slowly returning to Ghyran. The only thing that really troubled her, was the fact that the last time they had encountered the Rotbringers, they had gotten away with some shard from a Dark Crystal. Esaya had a strange feeling that the Crystal could still strengthen the Lord of Decay and help him spread his pestilence. She needed to secure more allies to stop the invaders. And Although the Free-Guild and even the Stormcast had been seen roaming the lands, she knew that Phaendar would never trust them, not after been held captive by a human, he hated humans almost as much as he hated the followers of Chaos. The Silveroak Glade was still gathering its strength and did not yet have the forces to win this war. Esaye had heard wispers of a small group of Fyreslayers entering the realm, they were probably hunting the Orruk that she had earlier encountered? The Fyreslayers were noble warriors, and if they could be persuaded to join the fight, they would make formidable allies. Esaye called out to her Dryads, they would be commanded to seek out and locate the camp of the Fyreslayers, and bring back word of there whereabouts to the Branchwych. This was an opportunity not to be wasted.
  9. Nixon

    Tales of Sigmar - Tale of Gamers - Month 6

    Im close to finishing my last 10 Dryads. I will do a group shoot then as well. Great work @Xerox
  10. Excellent choice @Spiky Norman. Im adding a unit of Kurnoth Hunters to my army.
  11. Nixon

    Tales of Sigmar - Tale of Gamers - Month 6

    My Kurnoths are done as well.
  12. Nixon

    Hidley-Ho Sigmarinos!

    Welcome aboard, you will not regret going down this path.
  13. Nixon

    Tales of Sigmar - Tale of Gamers - Month 6

    Great job man. I like them. I have also finished mine, pictures are incomming. I need to prime my Dryads if it could just stop being cold, dark and wet here in Scandinavia.
  14. @TalesOfSigmar that is an impressive amount of miniatures in such a short time. Well done Sir.
  15. Im really looking forward to hear how it goes. Good luck on the 22.
  16. I will take the Honed Mind. Thank you very much.
  17. Nixon

    Tales of Sigmar - Tale of Gamers - Month 6

    Im still in. I have purchased another unit of Kurnoth Hunters. I can now field a 2000 point army. But I will probably not get it all painted in a month. So if I can finish my Kurnoths with bow and the 10 Dryads from last month, i will be satisfied.
  18. Nixon

    Tales of Sigmar - Tale of Gamers - Month 5

    Yes month six is all about getting the job done. Let's go boys!
  19. Nixon

    Tales of Sigmar - Tale of Gamers - Month 5

    I didn't quite reach my goal this month. Too much eating and drinking I guess. But I did manage to assemble 10 Dryads and assemble and almost paint a unit of Kurnoth Hunters.
  20. Nixon

    Let's Chat Sylvaneth

    I actually thought that artifacts was one of a kind, so no duplicates. Its good to know that Realmroots can be used to disengage from combat without being a retreat.
  21. Nixon

    Happy holidays.

    Merry Christmas to all! Lets make Warhammer great again.
  22. Last Saturday @Spiky Norman and @Nixon decidet to have a game of AOS. After looking at the December battleplan for Realm Hoppers we decided to go back and play 'The Crystal Shatters' since it was better suited for a two player game. Pappa Nurgle had set his eyes (or is that eye?) on the Crystals. The Ancient of the Silveroak Clan on the other hand, was bend on destroying the horde of daemons. The Dryads rushed forth to engage the enemy while the Kurnoth Hunters flanked the pestilent horde. The nimble and heroic Sylvaneth forces quickly surrounded the Great Unclean one, and cut him down with Scythes and Talons. Victory was at hand and the foul daemons was defeated. But the Sylvaneth was unable to stop a few of the less important Plaguebearers to escape with 3 Crystal Shards.
  23. Nixon

    My Rotbringers Horde

    As always amazing work Rasmus! Keep us posted.
  24. Well @Spiky Norman you did get lucky. @Grønlykke @Roar @Nixon against @Spiky Norman Last night the mighty forces of Order joined together to rid the realm of Nurgles infestation. We played the Monolith, 1700 points. Sylvaneth, Free People and Stormcasts against Chaos. Unfortunately we did not succeed in stopping the plague and stop the foul magic of the Monolith of Nurgle. Plague is now spreading throughout the realm and the mighty champions of order are dispersed and fighting among themselves once again. Will they ever be united? Will the powers of Chaos once again take hold? who will save the realm?