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  1. Gargant

    © Groje

  2. 1000 Points of Warherd

    Played mostly against other combat armies. It requires thoughtful play but then they really hack the enemies into small pieces will struggle for sure against shooting armies, due to the low saves
  3. Swifthawk Agents -Post GH2017

    Just want to share the feedback regarding the battalion, most likely it gets discontinued (as already feared)
  4. 1000 Points of Warherd

    120 points of Ungor allies included as beef shield ^^

    © Groje

  5. failed retreat

    Yes you can run while retreating, it is explicitly stated in FAQ 1.2 for the rules, page 3:
  6. I also got two boxes and build them with one Cygor and one Ghorgon. 2 Ghorgons might be more effective but having 2 different monsters looks much cooler. Beside the Doombull I added 2 units of Ungors, so I can block the enemy with that beef shields played 4 games so far with that list and it works quite well, all opponents were combat armies. They ran into the Ungors and the Bullgors could strike most times first into the enemy hart hitters. Afterwards they also die quickly, the big monsters are much more survivable. Great fun army, will make a family picture next week. I am just afraid that any shooting army will kill them before most of the cows will hit their lines
  7. Ungors

    © Groje

  8. Doombull

    Same size but slimmer arms and legs
  9. Doombull

    Many thanks there are still some Ungor calves to come, wanted to build up a 1k herd, which works quite nicely thanks to GHB2017
  10. Doombull

    © Groje

  11. Doombull

    © Groje

  12. Cygor

    © Groje

  13. Ghorgon

    Thanks a lot used some Doombull Brown mixed with a lot of Agrax on a white base coat for the base tone and then 2-3 layers of Agrax for the details, with some highlights of Chadian or kislev Flesh in between for highlights Looking forward to your cygor, mine will show up on Monday
  14. Ghorgon

    © Groje

  15. Bullgors

    © Groje