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  1. Sorceress

    © Groje

  2. Skywarden

    © Groje

  3. Sayl the Faithless and Nightmaw

    Thanks a lot the base is simply painted with steel legion drab
  4. Bloodstoker

    Allied Bloodstoker which should fit visually into my slaves to Darkness army

    © Groje

  5. Gorebeast Chariots

    © Groje

  6. Bloodreavers

    © Groje

  7. Shadespire Warband

    Based on Amy Snuggs painting tutorial from her Facebook page

    © Groje

  8. Chaos Knights

    © Groje

  9. Gargant

    © Groje

  10. 1000 Points of Warherd

    Played mostly against other combat armies. It requires thoughtful play but then they really hack the enemies into small pieces will struggle for sure against shooting armies, due to the low saves
  11. Swifthawk Agents -Post GH2017

    Just want to share the feedback regarding the battalion, most likely it gets discontinued (as already feared)