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  1. Tree Revenants

    © Groje

  2. Herdstone

    The trophies get added after each victory, fitting to the opponents color scheme :)

    © Groje

  3. Chaos War Mammoth

    The Howdah was easily done with a lot of tooth picks and some beastmen/slaves to Darkness bits. Really no rocket science
  4. Chaos War Mammoth

    It was this poor, maybe 30 years old Elefant which I found in my mother’s attic 🙈
  5. darkling coven & friends, 1200 points

    Got beaten up badly in the past by executioners. Also love the look of the new black guard models and they cost 20 points less. Take out the Medusae and the second sorceress and you have exactly 1000 points but also plan for a second build which includes executioners instead of the guard and sisters of slaugther instead of witch elves & hag, also 1000 points. Maybe doing a headswap for the executioner heads
  6. Sorceress

    © Groje

  7. Black Guard

    © Groje

  8. Brayherd vs Grand Alliance

    I made similar thoughts, my conclusion was that the brayherd abilities are great when you want to put your focus on the theme and character of the army, I also made my own herdstone and will add trophies of crushed enemies To it The Chaos abilities I would take for a more competitive focus. They give you some nice to-hit bonuses, which you need to get your bestigors, allied Bullgors etc. to hit in a reliable manner. Especially combined with the extra attack from the Batallion As brayherd you won’t play defensively, so the herdstone will not help you in most of the battle rounds as all the goats will try to overwhelm the enemy at his front, flanks and back.
  9. Sorceress on Black Dragon

    Thanks I simply dry brushed them and afterwards darkened down again the edges of the leather with some coats of thinned Agrax Earthshade