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  1. I have it what would you like to know?
  2. AoS Wish For 2018

    The only good Aelf is a dead Aelf, only fing better is a dying Aelf who tells you where to find iz mates. Trouble is I can’t find a dying Aelf or his mates. I’d like a three way (ooer missus) narrative campaign series, Aelves vs Destruction vs Death (chaos and Stormcast can have non speaking roles)
  3. Best units in destruction

    I like Brutes
  4. GH2017 - Bonesplitterz Discussion

    75mm by 42mm oval.
  5. Universal Painting and Modelling Efficiency Guide

    Something I’ve found very useful is to drybrush before I start to layer on larger areas in a model. I basecoat then shade as normal then dry brush with the same colour as the first layer then layer over the top it, it helps me pick out where the layer should go and get a smoother finish.
  6. Will Destruction fit in the new narrative?

    I strongly suspect Moonclan will be getting a Battletome release before GHB18, it might even be all Grots or possibly Geenskinz in general it’s the only reason they didn’t get anything in GHB17 I can think of. BCR, Bonesplitterz and FEC showed that new Narrative can be independent of new miniatures and still be very effective. With the Realmgate Wars being primarily Order vs Chaos I’m unsurprised it been all about them. I remains hopeful for a more Death and Destruction focused story soon.
  7. I enjoyed the book it was a nice start point for the setting. It was by no means the whole story just an initial snap shot of the opening moves of the Realmgate Wars. I rather liked the human survivors’ perspective a desperate and bleak existence, very very dark and clearly set a very different tone to WFB.
  8. 'Competitive' Ironjawz

    If you’re going to use Brutes in bigger units it does. They’ve got big bases and tend to get in each other’s way so the 2” reach lets you attack through the Brutes infront. Brute Choppas on 5 strong units and Gore Hackas on 10+ sized units @Malakree that is an excellent post.
  9. Should I play Ironjawz if I already play Khorne?

    I have a Bloodbound Army and an Ironjawz one. They are both combat orientated but play very differently. The Ironjawz are an elite force which although tough is suspectable to Mortal wounds and battle shock. The Bloodbound are much more numerous and while individually weaker they tend not to care about Mortal wounds or Battleshock. I’d also say the Bloodbound work much more on synergies while the Ironjawz are more direct but less forgiving of mistakes. The lower model count of Ironjawz also means you can go to town on the hobby side and the models are great, which is also the case with Bloodbound but you’ve just got it paint so many of them, defo more fun than Bloodletters.
  10. Will Destruction fit in the new narrative?

    🤗 I do like the idea of an Elemental faction however. They’ve kind of touched on it with the BCR yethees and I felt it worked really well.
  11. Neither is a problem, this could possibly be the most first world of first world problems. I guess New GW is doing rather well if this is considered a problem.
  12. Will Destruction fit in the new narrative?

    I don’t care how savage the Aelves are they can f**k off
  13. How do I paint non-greenskinned Orruks?

    Non green Orruks what sort of crazy talk is this????? 😉 Have a google for LoTR painting guides they certainly did some back then for nongreen Orcs, I recall them doing all sorts of skin colours.
  14. Black Library / Lore

    Go for it, usually most come looking for answers and if people don’t want to know and read it for themselves that’s can choose not to read the thread, as long and you mention the name of the book in the thread title
  15. Does your army/general have a back story?

    I’d love to but the Saga of Olrog Iron ead, Gamma Leviathan and Prophet of the Waaagh is about ten sides of A4 long at this point (and is going to get longer very soon) so won’t fit into the thread. Suffice to say he is the most Brutal and most Cunning Warboss to smash his way across the Realms. For more details check out the Rise of Empires: Realm Hoppers thread in the Narrative section and the Rise of Empires Blog.