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  1. Covering The Expanding Costs Of TGA

    I’m happy to chip in, patreon or somthing similar would be fine. If voluntary contributions could cover the expenses it would be better in my mind as I’m aware some are less able to pay than others. Hobby related Ad banners might work. I was just thinking of the hilarity of using ad banners for (narrative) propaganda purposes before an event.
  2. Rise of Empires 18: Feedback thread.

    Top event, the Friday night game was great as well. Great job by the NEOs keeping track of the narrative and keeping everyone’s games relevant to those narratives. The event was really well paced with enough time for the games without any unnecessary waiting around between the games. Really epic scenery and the way the tables were laid out captured the nature of the city superbly. The choice of Battleplans was great as well he asymmetrical one’s also felt winnable by either side I’d have liked a bit more of a round up of how the various factions/Allegiances were doing in between games or a potted highlights of some of the games to help give a better view of the wider narrative. Only a minor thing though not a major criticism the event was great without it. Oh and more chips.
  3. Rise of Empires: Border Wars 18 - Story thread.

    It may take a little while but be assured I will be posting my saga of the event
  4. Question about GW's content writing structure

    GW is open about their design process. Jes Goodwin talked through it on Warhammer TV. It runs like this 1. Concept sketches by folks such as Jes and John Blanche 2. Models designed and sculpted 3. Background developed 4. Rules written to fit the models and background. GW games are built around the models the models aren’t built for the rules.
  5. Gotrek in AoS

    The Endtimes weren’t for you they were a nod to those of us who had spent, in my case nigh on 30 years, with the Warhammer World (the whole of it not just the Old World that was just the bit centred on the Empire). It was our chance to say good bye and I enjoyed them. It ain’t coming back WFB wasn’t selling AoS is. Please stop bringing it up. There’s loads of stuff for it on the BL site still knock yourself out. “I never played WFB, but they should bring back the Old World” doesn’t hold much weight and quite frankly seems boardrline trolling. However I would concur that Skavenslayer is the best of the series and quite frankly probably the best WFB novel written. Not that it’s a WFB novel really it’s a WFRP one.
  6. Free Cities Abilities - What's the beef?

    It’s all bit dramatic though. One of the City abilities may have been unfun (though not anymore since the various FAQ) and not that anyone managed to use it to the predicted world shattering effect anyway. It was clearly a case of throwing the baby out with the bath water, especially in the case of the non Order abilities. On the subject of whether or not the abilities are meant for Matched Play, GW said they were. That’s pretty much all that counts. Attempting to dismiss them as, “eeww narrative” is not really cool. TOs should create the events they feel will work best, however community wide bans based on what seems to be hearsay is very strange and in my opinion not a road we should travel. I remember the whole no Forge World rubbish and it made things worse not better
  7. Double Turn Overhaul Suggestion

    “Until your next hero phase” abilities have clearly been word as such to account for the double turn. Maybe the addition of Matched play rules of one affecting how magic works is part of the cause of part of the problem preparing for it. Allowing multi cast of Mystic shield would provide some counter to it for example.
  8. Free Cities Abilities - What's the beef?

    I think the issue power wise was indeed that initially that you could add the City abilities on top of existing allegiance abilities, such as Stormcast and Sylvaneth ones which were already powerful (this also wasn’t idea in a narrative sense either). This has since been faq’d so you can only take them with the Grand Alliance abilities. Which is more satisfactory all round.
  9. Age of Sigmar "2nd edition"

    I agree Fred sounds cool.
  10. Gotrek in AoS

    WFB background is AoS background. Gotrek is definitely returning which is interesting as he wasn’t a POV character but rather viewed through Felix’s eyes. I’m interested in how this is going to be addressed and if it works.
  11. The warscrolls are all on the app so I guess it shouldn’t be too surprising people are looking forward to other stuff from the book more. I hope the results of the poll as it is mirror the rest of the AoS folks the more people who get into the lore means better chat about the narrative.
  12. Square Bases - How outlawed are they?

    It would be interesting to see the community reaction to someone using one of the current top factions on square bases at a tournament given they they are all proper AoS releases with round bases. I think people would be far less reasonable towards a square based Stromcast Army then say a Dispossessed one.
  13. Malign Portents

    With the books getting released this Saturday what do people think will be happening on the 17th
  14. Square Bases - How outlawed are they?

    Twisting counts as movement no reason to do it with rounds but surely the rule that no part of a model should move more than the allowed movement would apply to the base if playing base to base measuring
  15. Square Bases - How outlawed are they?

    This is what’s disappointing about “New” GW they’ve gone soft. In the good ol’ days the Kill teams would have been dispatched long ago and this wouldn’t have even been an issue. (I’d play you bases, no bases, movement trays whatever no worries to me)