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  1. Another poor showing for Destruction

    Pure Bonesplitterz armies tend to use their own Allegiance abilities have only been effected by points/unit size changes. Stonehorns are still good (not as good granted) they just need to be used in a bit of a different way.
  2. Smashing and Bashing

    You get to do it before the opponent attacks with a unit. Normal in my turn I attack with a unit then my opponent attacks with a unit. Smashing and bashing (if it works) allows me to attack with two units and then my opponent gets to attack with a unit.
  3. Smashing and Bashing

    It happens in either combat phase and means you can attack with two (or more if you play it really well) units in a row. It's a pretty advantageous if it comes off.
  4. I'm a little bit of both sides, if you paint your Stormcast as Hammers of Sigmar then I'd expect you to be playing them as such however it you'd done them as a custom Stormhost you'd created I'd wouldn't be surprised if you used any of the special Stormhost rules. In fact I'd say that may in fact encourage creativity as it makes a home brew Stormhost more versatile in term of rules choice.
  5. Season of war: Firestorm

    We've not seen the full rules yet, as far as I'm aware. So I'm going to be holding off on any judgement on where and when the rules should be utilised. I am looking forward to the release though of course I do like to play a mixed Orruk force so I would be.
  6. Another poor showing for Destruction

    Looks like they don't need no compendium north of the boarder and other than Destruction really interesting mix of factions looks like the entrants wouldn't have got bored having to play the same stuff twice. It could be just a case of people wanting to dust off their FEC/Seraphon after them not getting much use last year. Could be sample size, for example there wasn't any Slyvaneth at all. I think Beastclaw Allegiance are more of a goer now because of the Allies system allowing you to plug the lack of bodies problem. I wish you well have you posted the your list somewhere or are you playing it close to your chest?
  7. Scratch Built Idol

    The Doomdiver tossing claw WIP and attached to the main model
  8. Season of war: Firestorm

    The gerneral feeling from what we were told in the lead up to the release of GHB2017 was that a number of factions would didn't get Allegiance abilities were going to get full Battletomes later in the year.
  9. Season of war: Firestorm

    I can understand that, but I don't think them being left out is a harbinger of them being removed. I hope we'll be seeing more of them fairly soon there appearances I have seen in the novels have been brief but interesting.
  10. Season of war: Firestorm

    We have had Beastclaw Raiders so I think they'll be safe for now (maybe forever BCR do seem popular)
  11. Season of war: Firestorm

    Man that's a shame. Great models though.
  12. Fyreslayers in Destruction?

    Didn't Gotrek become Grimnir? It's been a while since I read Slayer. Allthe non Chaos God allied in the Age of Legends didn't they ?
  13. I'm going all in on OT, God Beasts, All Points, Fury of Gork, Call of Archaon, City of Secrets and all the Battletomes they really put the AoS factions into the setting(probably Spear of Shadows but I've only just started it)
  14. Fyreslayers in Destruction?

    I think they should have been outside the Allegiance systems as the first of a mercenary faction. I think they took payment from Chaos in one of the stories so there's a bit of precedent Maybe Lawful Neutral than anything else? Edit: the mere suggestion of Stunties in Destruction has made me feel physically sick. Shame on you for mentioning it. 🤢
  15. Let's chat : Khorne!

    Blood for the blood god!