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  1. Lull in releases for Matched play AoS

    Very slow, but not just for matched play, but for AOS in general.
  2. I agree, but you don't target models (unless your warscroll says you do, etc). The 4 page rules state we target units. But I agree the wording is vague, so I would go with unless the attacker has a warscroll that allows them to target a specific model the protectors ability should cover the unit. (being one of the first AOS warscrolls it should be revised/re-worded) PICKING TARGETS First, you must pick the target units for the attacks. In order to attack an enemy unit, an enemy model from that unit must be in range of the attacking weapon (i.e. within the maximum distance, in inches, of the Range listed for the weapon making the attack), and visible to the attacker (if unsure, stoop down and get a look from behind the attacking model to see if the target is visible).
  3. The attacks target the unit, not the model. It should be if any are covered by the protectors, then all attacks from the attacking unit should suffer
  4. The Rumour Thread

    Also looks like the plume on the top of some of the stormcast helmets! More stormcast!
  5. yes it's a view from the all gates looking at the different gates going to each mortal realm I believe.
  6. I think the first pic is from All-Gates. the rest are great though!
  7. Let's Chat Stormcast Eternals

  8. Scions of the Storm advice

    It's a disappointing ability. It's like GW just hears the ppl complaining about Stormcast and over reacted. I've used it with the hammerstrike before to decent effect
  9. Let's Chat Stormcast Eternals

    It says friendly unit not stormcast
  10. THIS! It's just a game, why must people try to find loopholes?
  11. The Rumour Thread

    Cape for the Stormcast Lord Commander ? We already got their chest plate a while back.
  12. Let's chat : Khorne!

    Great point thanks!
  13. Let's chat : Khorne!

    The 60 points for Khul is not worth the extra pile and attack during hero phase as well as the re-roll failed hit rolls? I was thinking that's like having an artifact on its own. ? Good point I will consider!
  14. Let's chat : Khorne!

    Thanks! My local meta is big stuff (glotkin, dragon ogres, Beast claw, etc). usually I throw Khul at the biggest thing they have, but if that doesn't work I'm usually hosed.
  15. Let's chat : Khorne!

    I've completed my 1K points of Khorne and would like some advice on taking it to 1500 points. I began with the starter set, and would like to continue to use all my models. I have an extra slaughterpriest model as well. I'm not a fan of painting, so lots of little details are annoying Thoughts? Allegiance: Khorne Leaders Khorgos Khul (200) - General Bloodsecrator (120) Bloodstoker (80) Slaughterpriest (100) Units 5 x Blood Warriors (100) -Goreaxe & Gorefist 20 x Bloodreavers (140) -Reaver Blades 2 x Khorgoraths (160) 10 x Chaos Warhounds (80) - Allies Total: 980 /1000 Allies: 80 / 200