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  1. i agree about not worrying yet. But their community playtest team seems to be mostly the same year to year. Diversification could be beneficial
  2. I will never use movement trays. I am not a fan of the aesthetics.
  3. loremaster is a great Wizard to take.
  4. Wonder what the price will be. Those vanguard palladors are $60 (American) on their own
  5. Swordmasters went down by 20 points and get a horde bonus. Spireguard stayed the same points but get a bonus at 30 (not sure I could stomach painting 30 of them) I'm surprised the archmage stayed at 120. I think this is because there is only one warscroll for the on foot and on horse archmage. Honestly the on foot archmage should probably be around 100 (same as a loremaster) Shadow Warriors get a size bonus (probably should have gone down to 180 points IMO) Strangely the Guardians of the Dawnspire battalion is not listed, but was given points in the box set. What does that mean? (not that its super powerful) The Drakeseer went down by 40 as well as the Archmage on Dragon Overall happy with the changes for my High Aelf army
  6. I would be shocked if the hammer prosecutors don't drop in points, they are not very good compared to javelins
  7. with the new allies ability the Spire of dawn is a great start. The battalion gives you three battle line units then you can ally in other aelf factions to boost your army
  8. This doesn't impact me but that aid I think fixing "broken" warscrolls are a good thing. The issue stems from how they get update and communicated. I recommend GW set up an online database of warscrolls along with last updated date, etc. Make this accessible via web api rest end points so the community can create apps and notifications when they update. GW can also use this in their app. Then as soon as one is updated (or flagged so the public sees the update) it could be automatically tweeted and is accessible by everyone.
  9. I don't understand what changed ,but I'm not familiar with the overlords
  10. There is a user created battletome for the end times here
  11. Bringing up one of those Liberator units to 10 strong with that extra points would give you a good shieldwall for holding objectives, etc. (especially when buffed by a Lord Castellant
  12. Agreed Javelin's are better. I think the hammers look cooler though.
  13. I love the look of the spireguard (except the horn which I replaced with a less nautical one) but you really need 20 of them I think since then they get the re-roll hit roll of 1 bonus. Personally I think the Glade Guard work better than the spireguard for archers since they get the one time use of -3 rend. You could paint the Glade Guard to look like high elves. I love the swordmasters, with a mystic shield they can dish out damage and last awhile. For my small high elf army I added a dragon/drakeseer, another unit of reavers, and a loremaster. This gets me to about 1500 points which is what we usually play at. The Dragon, High Warden provide a quick punch and can be buffed by the LoreMaster/Archmage/Drakeseer. The Reavers tend to trail behind and focus fire on things attacking one of the two big guys, while the spireguard and swordmasters hold objectives, etc. The narrative I created is that the Collegiate arcane sent out the three wizards to relocate magical artifacts lost in the time of chaos, with their body guards.
  14. I think we will definitely get battalions but I would not expect them to have points
  15. I think Godbeasts have the best battlepans, some of which are linked. Consumed from the GHB is great