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  1. I really like how the phoenix came out - its got a great monochromatic feel with the gold feeling even richer in comparison while still matching the coldness of the base and phoenix. Great stuff.
  2. The Darkwood Court

    A wild (ha!) update appears! Flemigmma - Thanks man, hope you like the update below. So last night, I should have been either: a) writing the next fluff piece, b) doing some actual writing work, c) assembling tree-revenants or c) painting some dryads. What I categorically should not have been doing is poking the Man-Stag parts and working on him. No sir. Again, very rough early mock-up - the staff, armour, loincloth and tail all need work and the neck needs the most work of all, including a glorious mane, but yeah. It's going to work. And at least I'm no longer distracted by Primaris Marines. Just thoughts of how to turn an Yncarne into the King-in-Horns... Knave
  3. The Darkwood Court

    Afternoon folks, and thanks for your comments and interest so far, really helps keep me motivated and feeling part of the community. Atreides - Thanks very much man, glad to hear the story is as enjoyable as the minis themselves. Nutty - Creepy is what I aim for In hobby progress news, the first 5 dryads are fully painted - only took about 3 hours or so start to finish, including the obligatory "Oh god what have I done these look terrible" pre-wash and glaze phase. I'll sort pics once the rest are done and a bit more fluff has been dropped. I also took a swing at my second Branchwych, which is turning out to be interesting. Now, as I've mentioned before, I'm not a fan of the regular Wych model, I think she looks way too similar to a dryad which is the point of the Branchwraith in my eyes. Confirmation of this is in the fact that my SC box Branchwraith is currently doing a sterling job as the champion for my dryads and is not looking out of place at all. For me, based on the background and the Battalion arrangements (Wraith in the Forest Folk dryad battalion, Wych in the Household revenant battalion), the Branchwych should resemble a tree-revenant more than a dryad. I also think the Sylvaneth list is lacking in "lesser" hero options a bit, but that's neither really here nor there (as much as I think a Kurnoth type character would be a nice addition combat-wise, without having to rely on a Spirit of Durthu for that). What I wanted for the Court was effectively a male Branchwych, a hero Tree-rev effectively that story-wise would be the opposing viewpoint to the more sinister and manipulative Mother Aldwynter - all of this is to come in more detail in the background later. I initially thought of just pimping out a basic Tree-rev a bit, which would have been fine, but why just stop at fine? Enter the Ogroid Thaumuturge, one of the best models I think GW has done in a long time, and those wonderful swirling runes which so readily evoked a Celtic feel, matching well the Sylvaneth I saw in my head. Of course, the first and major issue was finding a suitable head to use that matched in scale but also matched the feel of the Court overall. I was stumped for a while and then started thinking outside the box - why did it need to be a humanoid head? Why, as the incarnation of the spirit of the winter forest, as the Reeve or Herald of the Court, as an essentially mythical and fae creature, why couldn't he have an entirely different head? A stag head maybe? More importantly, would a stag head work on the Ogroid's hench shoulders and neck? Turns out yes, yes it would. At least according to this very very early tacked-together mock-up. There's still a lot more work to do: greenstuffing in the neck and ruff of hair around it, replacing the head of the staff, replacing the armour with something more Sylvaneth, adding more horns and antlers, a new tail... But I'm already super excited. The Man-stag lives. That's all for now - work to be done, dryads to be painted, fluff to be written. The lure of Inq28 and others to be avoided, for now at least. And a decision to be made about the Yncarne vs the Nightbringer for my King-in-Horns.... Cheers all! Knave
  4. The Darkwood Court

    Hello out there.... So in between getting very distracted by thoughts of Inq28 and Necromunda and Blood Bowl, as well as a slight urge to paint at least one Primaris Astartes, I got my dryads undercoated the other day and spent a few hours over the weekend working on the scheme tester. And here she is: Now, I haven't painted in over 18 months, so I'm pretty happy with the end result. Its got a lovely loose Blanchitsu feel, a bleak and washed out scheme with a dead and spectral look. So pretty much exactly what I wanted. And it was quick to do as well, this tester took about an hour and a half start to finish. Already started rolling on with the rest of the unit. Also ordered a chunk of bits for use on my Ogroid/branchwych/were-stag conversion - they should be here soon. Once the dryads are done though I need to crack on with some Tree Revs and Mother Aldwynter herself. Would love to hear your thoughts on the scheme and things so far chaps. Cheers, Knave
  5. I really like how the Phoenix Guard look with that cooler and paler colour scheme, really breathes new life into them. Looking forward to seeing the first Phoenix as well.
  6. The Darkwood Court

    "The Known Realms have seen and forgotten more heroes, legends, myths and near-gods than we will ever know. The question you should ask is whether these overlooked and lost once-gods have forgotten us..." Follies; Everard Hemp of Hammerhal. "...I have seen her there, in the dead forests, plucking lost souls from the mists and snows, binding them and keeping them. She is the mother, the shepherd and keeper, the voice at the crossroads. Weaver, spinner and cutter all..." Excerpt from personal diaries of Yuri Ilyich Ifemovich, late of Hammerhal. ~ Armin shivered in the biting cold and tried not to stare at the shadows between the skeletal dead trees that surrounded him. He refused to acknowledge the rounded shape that could have been a human skull that grinned at him from the bole of one blackened tree. Behind him, he could hear the duardin Gurni grumbling through his tangled beard at their employer. If the cold bothered the stocky ranger, he gave no sign, the duardin’s meaty arms bared to the chill air as he unwrapped his rifle from its waxed leathers It was deathly quiet, eerily still in the drifting mists and flurries of snow. A dead and empty forest, lacking in any of the riches that the man who had brought them here had promised. The priest, or mage or whatever he was, shook with excitement rather than cold, his fur-trimmed robes fluttering around him like a crows wings as he flitted from dead tree to dead tree, muttering to himself in some incomprehensible tongue. Thin and greying with age, he stank of the sweat and magery that had brought them through the walls of the Known Realms into this bleak borderland. Armin kicked miserably at the drifts of snow, recoiling as his probing boot unearthed long bones wrapped in twisting dead roots. Except, no, the bones weren’t wrapped in the roots…. No, they were part of them, growing into and out of the twisted and gnarled root tendrils. He started to curse and the words died in his throat as he realised he couldn’t hear Gurni’s bass grumble. He turned in time to see the duardin, limp and doll-like, being dragged into the thickening trees and the darkness between them by things. Things that moved in jerking stop-start motions, things raised into the shape of man but nightmarishly stretched and sharp in silhouette. They moved with the creak and splinter of dead wood. Of breaking bone. The maybe-priest was raving now, thin arms spread wide in acclaim or welcome as he dropped to his knees in the snow. Armin fumbled with the sword hanging from his hip, fear slowing his limbs. The skeletal treekin flickered and jerked closer, reaching out for him with thorned branches and limbs that became talons and jagged spikes, a thin keening rising from them as curling spirals and pits where eyes should be glowed with a pale blue fire. As the keening treekin closed in around him and Armin began to feel their sharp talons tearing at him, he glimpsed a hunched figure limping towards the kneeling priest, and as his own screams were choked off in his throat, the priest’s ravings grew clearer. "Yes, yes! No queen but you! My life for yours! My life for yours! All-hag! My life for yours!" The last thing Armin sees before the darkness and the dead trees take him and his eyes are plucked from his skull is the kiss of the hunched old woman stripping the flesh from her priest’s head in waves of pale blue flame. ~ "A king has his subjects and these are they, the lost and the dead and the stolen along the way." "Ragged they are and broken they may be, bound to these husks in service to thee." "My puppets, your subjects. Our children." ~ "All the low creatures of the forests are hers; her eye sees all and she is ever on the wind." ~
  7. Children of the Grave

    That's a hell of an impressive start to an army, 60 skellies is a big task to take on but you are pulling it off nicely. Really like the finish you're getting and the little extra details from the Skulls kit make a huge difference. Looking forward to seeing more.
  8. Elfhead getting things painted

    I've been a big fan of your Cult Of Slaanesh project so its great to see more stuff from you, and that Death Guard to Blight Lord conversion is lovely. But your elves.... man your elves are just beautiful.
  9. The Darkwood Court

    Hello again AthlorianStoners - Awesome, thanks for the support Just a really quick update today - had a little play around last night after finishing off the bases with a second coat of Suitland Mud, and further to my belief that the Branchwych makes a better dryad than she does anything else, I had a little tweak of her and ended up with this: Much better champion for the dryad unit and she's now become one of my favourite models so far. That's it for now, I'm off to find a cheap Ogroid Thaumuturge and to order a load of bits. And get some undercoat. Sigh. Cheers, Knave
  10. The Darkwood Court

    Afternoon everyone. I'm taking refuge from the vicissitudes of life and the frustrations of banks by posting here. It's my happy place. Melcavuk - Thanks buddy, happy to hear your interest is piqued. I've had a look at your death-themed Sylvaneth, they're looking pretty sweet and you've taken things in a very different direction to myself. Looking forward to seeing more of yours as well. Thundercake - Ha thanks man, I'm no draftsman by any means but I can manage a decent scrappy sketch every now and then. Hopefully the models themselves will match up. So, progress over the weekend was made. Admittedly I dodged a bullet first with the Daughters Of Khaine release news - the Druchii are my first Warhammer Love and I was all set to be magpied away by a shiny new Aelf release. Luckily the Daughters are the one aspect of the Druchii I've not really got much of an interest in, and the models, while nice, don't do a huge amount for me at the moment. Also, call me pernickety, but I don't remember Morathi being all about the Khainite side of life, in fat I remember her being vehemently opposed to it and having constant "Who's hotter" competitions with Hellebron. Be interesting to see if that's addressed at all. But anyway, back to the Darkwood Court. I've cracked on with the first couple of units from the list, namely the Dryads and the first Branchwych. Now, I'm somewhat torn on the Dryads - some times I really like them, other times I don't. I think if I had more than 10 to do, I'd be finding something else to use. But as it stands, I haven't got bored enough of them yet to want to replace them, and I think my planned almost monochromatic scheme should work nicely on them. Here's how things stand after some late night basing: The ace thing about only using 10 of the 16 Dryads in the SC box is that you get plenty of spare bits to spruce up bases. I've roughly coated the bases with Stirland Mud texture paint as well, not worrying too much about tidiness or coverage as it will in turn mostly be covered with snow effect. But they're looking decent, along with two spell/objective markers and Mother Aldwynter herself who I'm rather pleased with as looking very much like an old crone and not like an old necromancer guy anymore. Picking up some undercoat this week and will get cracking on the painting side soon. I also started on another character, based on the lovely Wulfrik model. Here he is in a very WIP state, only tacked together to check positioning: The hammer is a placeholder and will be swapped out for a sword, and the head might get changed for one with more hair, but I'm pretty happy with how he is looking so far. Lot of trimming, filing and greenstuff work to be done of course, but he's getting there. I've also been considering what to do for my second Branchwych - I'm not actually a fan of the regular model as it looks far too much like a Dryad to me, and I wanted a male Branchwych to lead my Tree-Revs. My initial thought was to just convert one out of the regular Tree-rev champion but I'm now leaning towards something a bit more impressive and tweaking the lovely Ogroid Thaumurturge into a stag-headed huge Celtic style forest champion. Which, when I say it like that, sounds pretty boss. ****** it, hobby brain. More to come soon folks, hope you like what you see. Knave
  11. The Darkwood Court

    I know what you're thinking - "So what exactly is this all going to be about then?" At least, I hope its that and not just "oh, another boring story-project. Meh." Be gentle with me folks. In all seriousness, I am working on an actual army. I've kinda done a 180 on Age Of Sigmar over the last few years - when it came out I didn't buy into the look or feel of it at all. The Stormcast looked like swords-n-sorcery Astartes, the background and personalities of the Old World that I loved and had grown up with were all gone, and the new game seemed to be all about fielding the biggest monsters with little thought towards the theme or feel of an army. But. But. Over the last couple of years, the expansion of the ranges and the background have shown me a different point of view. It's a new setting, not an update, a new setting with a lot of loving nods to the old game. There's actually a hell of a lot more room and freedom to create our own stories and pocket-realms and so forth, and its constantly evolving. That's pretty damn cool. And GW are going great guns on the models themselves. Ok, so the Sigmarines and Khorne stuff leaves me cold (with the exception of the Vanguard Palladors because hello beautiful) but the Orruks are good, the Fyreslayers decent and the Sylvaneth ****** lovely. Even the Kharadon Overloads look pretty boss and I never thought I'd say that about dwarves. So I'm taking the plunge. And by plunge, I mean I spent an obscene amount on this little lot to get the hobby-ball rolling: Paints and tools yes, but also importantly - Sylvaneth. Yes, despite what the opener above might have suggested, I am doing a Sylvaneth force. Albeit with a twist. Now, I haven't played anything for a while, so I'm not fussed about the gaming side (although one of my Hobby Resolutions for this year is to play some AOS and Blood Bowl) but I love the Sylvaneth models and aesthetic. With the exception of the Dryads and the Branchwych model, I think every model is great. Course, I'm not going to end up using half of them but hey ho. I have got a plan of what I'm going to do in total and it is about 2000pts in Matched Play terms, but with a firm emphasis on story over game-winning potential. First up, I've got 10 Dryads, a Treelord, 5 Tree-Revs and 2 converted Branchwyches to get on with, which should keep me going for a month or two at least. Story and theme-wise, I don't want to give away too much yet, but the general idea of the project is based around a dying exiled Sylvaneth Grove stuck in the borderlands between the Realms of Life and Death. Cold, wintery, and snowbound dead forests populated with ghosts, forgotten spirits and old witches, with a deep hit of Russian and Slavic folklore. Basically, its the nightmare wood you were told never to go into as a child. Anyway, that's probably enough blather from me. I'll leave you with a few character sketches I'd knocked up while planning and a promise that once I finish the bases on the Dryads and the first Branchwych, I'll get some pics up. So probably over the weekend. Also, if you are on the Instagram, please come and say hello - knave_of_scribes is me and there's some early pics of stuff for the Darkwood Court up already. Comments and anything else you guys want to say are always gratefully received. Cheers all, Knave
  12. Greetings from the Grey Marches

    Hello Grand Alliance - I've finally decided to step out from the shadows where I've been watching for a while (which sounds way too creepy) and actually get involved in some hobby sharing goodness. I've been GW-ing for about 20 odd years now, though with a long break recently for various reasons. I've kept track of things over the last few years though and decided to jump on the "new year, new hobby" bandwagon and get some actual hobby done. I've got plans to do some AoS first and I've heard good things about the community here so thought I'd drink the Kool-aid as it were. My hobby inspirations and tastes tend to run to the likes of PDH, Migsula, Jackdaw, Apologist, Thistle and their ilk, which is possibly a little different for the whole AoS aesthetic, but I'm excited to see if I can make it work. AoS as a setting and model range has grown on me loads and I'm looking forward to carving out my own little realm in it. I'm also in the process of working out how to set up a blog for hobby and some of my other writing bits, short stories etc. Anyway, enough rambling - I've already popped an opener to my project, The Darkwood Court, in the modelling section. You might be able to tell that there will be a big narrative part to the project. Hope that's alright. Thanks for letting me in
  13. The Darkwood Court

    "People forget. That’s what they do. It’s easier to forget, to ignore things, to pretend that we were never scared in the first place. But in forgetting, we let those things slip back in, unnoticed and unheeded. And the important point is this - just because we forgot about them doesn’t mean that they forgot about us..." Follies; Everard Hemp of Hammerhal. "...the Goddess took her eye, long ago, and so much of her leaked out of that hole that she is almost faded out of the worlds now and has to live beyond the thrice-nine lands in the kingdom of the Grey Marches. She’s a poor thing now, a shadow of what she used to be. No more the Three-in-one, now the hag alone." Stories of the Realms; traditional. Her missing eye ached, but then it had ached for years untold now and it especially ached when the cold drew in. And here in the thrice-ten kingdom, it was always bleakest midwinter. She had lost so much through that missing eye, that hole in herself, when the Everqueen had plucked it from her and cast it away. The pain and the sense of diminishing, of lessening, had become commonplace. Still, she had survived. That was what she did, survive. Hoarding scraps of power, scraps of herself, watching the Realms move on from the depths of the forest and the snows with her one remaining eye. Watching. Surviving. Waiting. She turned the skull over and over in her wizened ancient hands, long fingers moving like spiders over and into it, exploring every crevice and aspect of the gleaming bone. She muttered under her breath as she inspected the skull, nonsense words and rhymes flowing into hexes and prophecy and back again. The winds whispered around her and her head tilted, grey hair spilling as she seemed to listen. Nodded as if hearing something to her satisfaction. She raised the skull to her face, cradling it as she would a lover, brought it closer. A grey and withered tongue crept like a worm from behind teeth the colour of old iron and gently, obscenely, began to probe an eye socket. Her tongue drew back behind those ragged iron teeth and her sole eye narrowed as she contemplated what she had tasted in the skull’s death. She crooned into the empty gaze of her skull, singing under her breath as she reached up with long arms and hung the polished globe of bone from her crooked staff. Smiling to herself, still singing in a ragged low voice, Mother Aldwynter shuffled off into the snowbound and skeletal black trees around her. Above her, swinging from her crooked staff, the skull began to whisper its secrets. "Gorgo, Mormon, moon of a thousand forms..."