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  1. KnaveOfScribes

    The Darkwood Court

    Afternoon folks, just a very quick update today - the weather recently has been far too hot to do much painting, which sucks. @flamingwalnut - Ha yeah I'm looking forward to doing the twins for the Geminid spell. Should be fun and is another nod to the vein of Slavic folklore running through this project. @Davariel - Well, what's life without a little tease? I'm hoping I can make all the conversions work as well in reality as they do in my head. My main concern at the moment is making the Yncarne look Sylvaneth enough as the King-in-Horns. Have made some progress on Raest though, at least from the point of view of amending something that was bugging me slightly. I was stumped for a while in terms of how to paint the spear blade, as due to the broken lava style sculpt it wouldn't really work in metals or obsidian. Then I realised the problem was the blade itself - as cool as it is (I love how short and fat and heavy it looks), it's far too chaotic for the vision I had of Raest. Mores so considering I had spent so long removing all the other overtly chaotic details from him. Bit of tweaking last night while sorting out a few other weapon swaps on some of the other Crows, and I ended up with this: An altogether more slimmer blade that looks more like a hunting spear than a war-spear, and ties Raest more to the rest of the Crows, especially the Palladors. He should be all done fairly soon, then I can crack on with the rest of the Crows before knuckling down to another 20 Spite Revenants. I have got a plan for some of them though, to break up the painting and visual look of them all and to introduce the Crone-touched to the Revenants... Cheers all.
  2. KnaveOfScribes

    The Darkwood Court

    Evening folks - hope things are ace, and as ever thanks for all you comments. @ObviousPlayer - Ah thanks very much man, great to hear you've enjoyed things that much and I've filled your lunchtimes. Still loads to come to keep you hooked. @flamingwalnut - You are too kind mate, way too kind. I don't write fiction for a living sadly, just random freelance stuff, but writing fiction is the dream. I submitted something to the last BL window, so fingers crossed something happens there. Great to hear you're inspired hobby-wise as well, that's one of the best compliments to hear. I do tend to build narratively, which can be a pain sometimes as you can end up overlooking the basic guys in favour of fun stuff, but yes there is indeed a now-2500pt list I'm working towards as the first chapter-end goal for this project. I'll pop the list below, its nothing special game-wise but will have a few surprises in it. @brettfp - Thanks bud, great to hear you like the background that much. Doing my best to keep the standard of both high. @mrllaine - Crazy how much better the Sacrosanct look isn't it? Well done to GW there. And cheers man, I shall try. So, with a break in the weather comes a chance to do some painting, and Raest has had a little more progress made: Happy with how he's coming along, him and the rest of the Crows should be a really nice visual break from the Court, without standing out too much thanks to their muted armour. And for those interested, here's the target 2500pt list: Sylvaneth Allegiance, Shyish home Realm Mother Aldwynter - Branchwraith; General, Gift of Ghyran, Regrowth, Ranu's Lamentiri Blessed Loclaranam - Branchwych; Regrowth, Oaken Armour King-in-Horns - Drycha Hamadreth; Dwellers Below 10 Tree-Revenants; pipes, banner, scion 10 Spite-Revenants 5 Spite-Revenants 5 Spite-Revenants 5 Spite-Revenants 3 Kurnoth Hunters; Scythes 3 Kurnoth Hunters; Bows (more than likely converted from the Melusai so I can have creepy snake-dryads) 3 Kunoth Hunters; Bows (same as above) The Warmasked - Treelord Raest the Huntsman - Knight-Questor (with a Shyish artefact once the Community guys clarify that for me, probably the Banshee Blade) Eyes of the Nine Crows - 3 Castigators Talons of the Nine Crows - Steelheart's Champions (using the ETB Sequitors) Wings of the Nine Crows - 3 Vanguard Palladors Endless Spell - Geminids of Uhl-Gysh (represented by actual twins...) Mothers Children - 10 Dryads for the Wych's summoning spell. Dreadwood Wargrove Outcast Battalion Free Wyldwood That's about 2500 on the nose, nothing too waac or tourney-winning in there, I'm way more focused on the story. Right, im off for a beer. And maybe to buy a certain non-GW model of my favourite character ever... Knave.
  3. Congrats on the awards man, they are well deserved - that's a beautiful looking army you've made so far. I like the subtlety of the conversion work on the Incantor, works really well to link her to the Temple overall. Your Lotann is great as well - I think a lot of people get distracted by the Ochtar and overlook just how lovely and understated Lotann himself is, but your scheme really draws attention to him against the pale blues and greys. Lovely.
  4. KnaveOfScribes

    The Darkwood Court

    "Hwaet. Can you hear it? Can you feel it in the rushing of your blood, the thumping of your heart?" "Come. Run with us."
  5. KnaveOfScribes

    Life & Death - Sylvaneth in the lands of Nagash

    I'm a big fan of alternate Sylvaneth colour schemes and this one looks ace - also the idea of an isolated grove tainted by death is something close to my own heart. Looking forward to seeing more.
  6. KnaveOfScribes

    The Darkwood Court

    What ho, gentle folk? How fares the day? Not sure why I'm speaking like that, its a bit odd. Anyways, a quick little update today showing what I did over the Soul Wars release weekend. Hint: it wasn't as much as I wanted due to needing to eat. First up though, replies to you fine folk: @Davariel - Thanks man he is a random old collection of parts, its true. Just so pleased he turned out the way he did - there was a point where I was trying to fit the head and was thinking I'd just wasted 20-odd quid. Came through in the end though. And thanks for the kind words about my background - always super happy to hear that people like it. @Boss Salvage - Cheers as well bud. It's gonna be Instagram you saw the Man-Stag on - as much as I'd love to be, I'm not part of the Iron Sleet collective. Drop me a nod on Insta if you're on there, always happy to have hobby chums to follow on there. And yeah, I was really happy with how the white and woad came out. I'll have to get some pics of him with the Revenants to show how they look together. Onto the progress report then. To the eternal gratitude of my wallet, I managed to resist getting too much on the release day - I will grab the Core Book and GHB at some point but as I don't game myself all that often, they're very much a secondary concern at the moment. I also managed to resist the urge to start a new army (the Nighthaunt were very very tempting) as I felt it wouldn't be great to lose focus on the Court while it was only about halfway through. There's also still a big desire to do some Blood Bowl and Inq28 first before a new AoS project anyway. I did treat myself to both the ETB Stormcast kits though with the intent of turning them into Raest's Nine Crows, as explained last time round. First impressions of the new Stormcast are...... yeah I like them. A lot. The Sequitors especially. Its crazy how some robes makes such a difference and turns the rather bland and visually dull Stormcast into something much better. Pimping gold plastic aside, both kits are lovely, packed with detail, easy to build (durr) and remarkably free of mood lines. The upcoming multi-part Sequitors look great too even if for GW nowadays, multi-part is synonymous with limited-pose-options. I think I'd get bored of them pretty quickly as an army project, but as a little skirmish-type thing like the Nine Crows they're a fun break from the Sylvaneth. Here's how the Castigators look after the initial assembly and conversion work: I really like how removing the crests from the helms has given them a slightly more sinister look - I also shaved away the Stormcast sigil on the pauldrons and trimmed down the anvil-charm as well to remove the most obvious Stormcast markings. They need greenstuffing, particularly on the new right arm for the Prime to bulk it out appropriately, and to add tattered furs over some of the robes. The hound was just a random idea that seemed to work - I liked the thought of Mother Aldwynter sending a nightmarish hound to watch over Raest and his Crows. I'll work on the Sequitors over the weekend, turning them into stand-ins for Steelheart and his chums. I also got the cloak done on Raest but I'm now cursing about needing to rebase him onto a 40mm base and wondering where I can grab one easily enough... Once the Crows are done, its back to the trees. I've got some Kurnoth that have been begging to be painted for the last 2 months or so and I should really bite the bullet and get the last 15 Spites and 10 Dryads sorted out. There's a few more ideas for other random things too, including possibly using Lady Olynder for something as that is a stunning model - the current thought is using her to represent another shard of the Baba Yaga, possibly the Mother/Lady this time. Course, then I'd have to do the Maiden too, and then there's the other inhabitants of the Grey Marches to explore like the Jheck and the Sheeda...... Back soon with more. Knave
  7. KnaveOfScribes

    The Darkwood Court ~ Mother Aldwynter

  8. KnaveOfScribes

    The Darkwood Court ~ Ur-Hesht Duardin

  9. KnaveOfScribes

    The Darkwood Court ~ The Warmasked

  10. KnaveOfScribes

    The Darkwood Court ~ Spite-Revenants

  11. KnaveOfScribes

    The Darkwood Court ~ Tree-Revenants

  12. KnaveOfScribes

    The Darkwood Court ~ Tree-Revenants

  13. KnaveOfScribes

    The Darkwood Court ~ Dryads