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  1. If you're on Facebook, join the Melbourne AoS page - there's regular meets organised on there at HoW Ringwood on Saturdays (every second Sat, I think?). I've had a pretty screwy year for trying to get hobby time in, but I'm no longer working in hospitality (so six months after starting this thread, I'll be able to get some actual games in, yey!) so once Christmas is out of the way I'll be looking to get some regular games in at last too
  2. Well, 2016's been a massively disjointed year in terms of hobby time due to work, financial and health reasons, but 2017's looking a lot more positive - my first aim is to get all of my Stormcast fully assembled and painted so that I have a 2000+ point army. I was aiming to have that done by November, but I've been away for three months unable to paint, so that's first on the list. Second on the list is to resist buying more miniatures until I've got what I have painted - I've already got the aforementioned Stormcast, a sizeable Flesh Eater Courts army and a whole bunch of Chaos sitting around waiting to be worked on, so I really need to resist starting any more projects. Scenery doesn't count, mind Third, and the most important one, is to get out and play some regular games. I've finally got my weekends free so regular game time shouldn't be a problem anymore now that I'm not restricted to finding games on a Monday
  3. Not sure if it was on here or another site, but I saw somebody's scratch built realmgates a while back that looked awesome, were more to the kind of scale where you could realistically expect an army to march through rather than a few guys. I do need to make some terrain soon, so if you ever post up what you're working on, I'd be really keen to check it out! As far as GW's stuff, I have a couple of Realmgates waiting for me at the post office, so can't wait to see them in the flesh. All of their terrain pieces seem to be up to top notch quality, so I just hope I can do them justice with the paintbrush! Not really overly fussed about picking up the Chaos Dreadhold as a whole (I play Stormcast and it's super expensive) but I am tempted to grab one or two pieces, just to use as focal scenery pieces.
  4. I'm in Aus and didn't receive my initial copy, still hadn't a few days after it was available in stores so e-mailed customer service and they sent out a replacement copy - I'm in an area where post is slow so told them to hold off a few days extra, but still no sign, so they shipped another out, fantastic customer service, can't complain at all about that. The second copy actually seemed to arrive really quick (like, a day or two later), and was really well packaged in hard cardboard packing to protect the miniature and magazine, so from what you've said, I'd guess they've had issues with the miniature going missing/getting damaged and changed how they've packaged the next batch. Will be interesting to see how the next issue arrives (hopefully on time this time!). As far as the magazine goes, I'm really happy with the content - I don't play 40k, but enioyed flicking through the 40k content as I always have done - a beautiful army is a beautiful army regardless of the system (and I'm now seriously tempted to invest in a Kill Team ). It seems to have more of the White Dwarf feel to it that I remember from back in the early 00's when I was first buying it rather than being an advertising board like the weeklies were. Most of the rules were a bit lost on me as I don't own the games, but I am now a bit tempted to go out and buy some of those games, so job well done on that front! Finally got around to reading the Battle Report today on my break at work too, had been saving it for when I had some time to enjoy it, and loved it; not as detailed as they used to be, but some great cinematic shots and fun to read, along with being easy to follow, which is pretty much all I was hoping for. Still need to read the Tale of 4 Gamers piece properly, that's probably tomorrow's break time reading
  5. Finally made some progress last night - I'm now up to seven Liberators finished, a Liberator Prime almost done and started work on my Lord Relictor. So I've been pretty slack since last posting, but I wrote out my list for November's tournament last night, hoping that knowing exactly what needs to be painted (until I change my mind! ) will spur me on. I'll also need to change the name of the this topic soon, as the Flesh Eater Courts narrative has suckered me into buying up the King Vlag boxset and a bunch more ghouls, whoops! That, along with the copy of Silver Quest on it's way, the Bloodbound half of the starter set and my longing for an Orruk or Fimir army should make for a mixed bag of painting to come - now I just need to stop buying stuff and actually paint it!
  6. Awesome stuff - I'm just getting started on a Lions of Sigmar force myself, really inspiring to see something similar done so well Absolutely love the Chariot conversion, too, really having to restrain myself from hitting up Ebay to buy up the bits to copy it! Definitely got me thinking about some cool conversions I could do in the future, a Lord Celestant on Lion suddenly sounds very tempting!
  7. Awesome, looking forward to seeing this! Just finished Balance of Power, so got Godbeasts to go yet, but good to know it's there waiting Completely individual units that don't fit into any current faction as neutral mercenaries would still be cool, though. Maybe I'll just hit up ebay for some old school Dogs of War
  8. Aye, the Celestant Prime was the first soul plucked to become Stormcast (I think), but wasn't the finished product until Ghal Maraz was found and bestowed onto him by Sigmar, which completed the Reforging process and brought him into play. Lots of rumours of who he was before Reforging, plenty of speculation that it's an old face from the World That Was etc, only time will tell Seems to be more of a super weapon to throw at the enemy when things are getting desperate, rather than a seasoned general, which you'd imagine the Lord Commander eventually being - Vandus is the obvious choice, but that really seems a bit too obvious. Whoever it is, really hope to see the Lord Commander, whether it's Vandus, Grymm, Cryptborn etc as a unique character in game in the future with an awesome model. Not that I need any more excuses to buy shiny Stormcasts Should probably point out that I'm only up to Fury of Gork in the BL novels, so I could be completely and utterly behind with these predictions!
  9. Man, this thought has me longing for a return of Dogs of War/Regiments of Renown. Always wanted those miniatures as a kid, would be awesome to see what GW could do modelling wise these days with truly unique units that don't fit it anywhere else.
  10. Wasn't Warhammer Roleplay where a lot of the Old World depth initially came from, though? Could work both ways. I can't personally see it happening, either, but would love to be proven wrong - roleplaying is one area of gaming I've never delved into, but as generally more of a narrative driven player, would like to at some point, especially if it was AoS or 40k related. Sorely tempted to buy up a copy of Fury of Dracula and Chaos In The Old World now, just to be safe. FFG make fantastic games, so this is a shame in a way, but will be very interesting to see where GW go from here. I've not played an official GW boardgame since HeroQuest many moons ago, so very much looking forward to my Silver Tower box arriving and picking up a copy of Lost Patrol to see what those two are like. If they are going to start producing more bitesize games in house, I'd definitely be more keen to see complete standalone games set in the same universe (like FFG were producing) rather than Gorechosen style repacks of existing miniatures with different ways to play (which, to me, looks a bit too much like the Bar Room Brawl Orc game given away in White Dwarf back in the day - a fun, quick way to use your mini's differently, but not much more).
  11. Confirmed that I was within cutoff, so that's good to know Excellent customer service from GW, they've offered to ship a new one out on Monday if it wasn't here today, which it isn't unfortunatey, but it's more than likely the post office's fault so will hold off a couple of extra days and see what happens
  12. It completely bypassed me too when I first replied; growing up in the UK, I was always at least a short train journey from the nearest city so never needed to be able to drive, so it didn't really occur to me. It's amazing how much you take that for granted. Pretty much any 20 minute journey by car over here will take you 2+ hours by train, though, so it's well worth getting your licence. Or pressurising the AU government to improve their rail lines, but I think I might have a better chance of getting my head round the wife's gearsticks (not a euphemism, I promise ) .
  13. Progress! Three more Liberators are ready to be washed and work's started on the first of two Primes. Amazing what an early finish at work can do, managed to knock off at about 9 and don't start until 4 tomorrow so got a solid three hours of painting in once the wife had gone to bed The only thing stopping me from cracking on until the early hours is the slightly strong Jim Beam's I've been sipping in the meantime. That's also why there's no pictures, I should probably check them over with a sober eye and do any necessary touch ups before photographing I've had a rearrange in my study too, all unpainted plastic is pretty much out of sight now. I've tucked away all the Mantic Undead and Dwarfs I had assembled and unpainted on the bookshelf as I walked in and replaced it with my AoS books and Stormcast boxes (full of unpainted plastic, naturally), along with setting up a glass display case full of my favourite games and the miniatures painted so far at the top. Definitely felt more productive tonight than I ever have, but whether that's down to the early finish, the swish new setup or the Jimmy's, we'll have to see
  14. Scratch the time and tiredness I mentioned earlier; being in Australia, in the outer suburbs of a city, my biggest problem is that I don't drive. That, mixed with only finding out what day I have off (other than a Monday, when everything is shut over here) a day or two before, makes getting out to hobby stores when there'll be something on very difficult. So I never actually meet anyone, which means I only ever game with the missus who isn't all that bothered (although she tries, bless her ), which zaps my motivation big time. If I was gaming more I think I'd definitely be more motivated to paint. Then game. Then paint. And so on ... So it looks like I either need to get the wife more into wargaming so that she doesn't get bored halfway through a game and throw it away (starting to get there on that one, I think ) or start a Monday night gaming club in my garage. Or learn to drive so that I can drive half an hour to the nearest gaming store before work instead of having to deal with a 2 hour trip each way by public transport. Suddenly that gear stick's looking ever more tempting!
  15. Did they say when the cut off was? I subscribed on the 11th August, but nothing yet. Would've thought that would have been in plenty of time, and post around here is notoriously slow so hoping it'll arrive this morning. I have e-mailed customer service to check, but figured I might get a response quicker on here (not a slight on GW's customer service, just that my painting usually gets done around midnight )
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