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  1. I've been out of the hobby for a while (time flies), but Warcry is pulling me back in and now my FLGS will be running a month-long Warcry event throughout March. The event demands a static list which I need to decide upon beforehand, but I was thinking that whichever way things go I'd try to report some of it here. Everybody seems to agree that mortals just aren't suited for the game. They're apparently performing poorly and are finishing last in most events I'm reading about (Real shame, I own 25 blightkings I'd love to put on the table), so anyway I was planning to bring a daemons list for the tournament. So far I'm thinking a 980 / 1000 list consisting of: - 1x Plagueridden - 5x Plaguebearers - 3x Nurglings - 1x Beast of Nurgle I'd love to hear about any tips, tricks, or experience any of you might have with warcry in general, and how you think one might make the most out of a Nurgle daemons list! Also adding a pic of the boys I'm bringing. I figure a Nurgle-themed thread might have some painting tips I could benefit from too, as I feel some of my models are coming up a bit bland.
  2. Yes, you can! - You just need to grab any artefacts or traits that Tamurkhan's requires you to use.
  3. Putting your list into the Warscroll Builder, it should be 2680 points. 2640 if you clump together a few more Plaguebearers into a second unit of 30.
  4. Sure - 3 drones + 3 nurglings would put you at exactly 2000, if you cut the poxbringer and the harbinger. Maybe leave the nurglings out in favor of +2 command points? You can get pretty far with just the basic command abilities, like re-rolling charges or ignoring battleshock. For your artefacts I'd check out The Witherstave + The Endless Gift, since you get a second one from the battalion
  5. That looks great, except for the Harbinger - what's he doing in a list with no other mortals? And you probably won't need that Poxbringer either, with that many GUO's casting and activating locuses. Drop those two, and add 20 plaguebearers so you get 2 packs of 30?
  6. Not a Skyre player myself, but I often play against a certain someone running Skyre, and he uses lots and lots... And lots, of Giant Rats. Now in 2.0 he even finds it more cost-efficient to summon them in. Suddenly he can place 35~ rats on the table instead of the usual 20.
  7. It was actually the Plague Squall plus the Rampant Disease stage of corruption that killed it off - Another reason why I like to have one caster firing plague squall while another cycles the wheel. Might be a better idea to bring a Balewind Vortex instead though, as others have pointed out earlier in this thread.
  8. This is why I made sure to add my comment at the end there; There's lots of ways to have fun with AoS, aside from just the competitive aspect!
  9. I'm convinced that you could still have chosen 1 or 2 units, even if your opponent didn't have 3 close together after you successfully rolled for D3. I'm sorry to say but it sounds like your opponent cheated you.
  10. I hear you buddy. Allegiance: Chaos has always been the competitive choice for Nurgle players anyway. Either with plaguetouched lists, or Plaguebearers + Stormfiends + Warplightning cannons + heroes My personal opinion? Maybe being competitive isn't the most important part of the hobby.
  11. I'll just be completely honest and say that in my experience, people just agree to ignore most rules before battles. The "simple" rule sheets went from 4 pages to 16 pages. Nobody wants to get into that. I usually do most of my gaming at my local GW shop, and even for the PAID tournaments there, people are opting out of these new rules. Not even the black/blueshirts want to use them. It just hurts the pace of the game.
  12. I think you're underestimating how quickly the tide turns, and how little it takes sometimes. Last tournament I played, I came up against a Deathrattle list. Lots of skeletons and grave guards, plus a couple of heroes. This was a 1000 point game. At 1000 points, there's only so much you can bring. I was using one of my usual blightking-heavy lists, very killy and very resilient, but still not killy enough to fight an army that can return that many units/models, that frequently, and not resilient enough to outlast such a list either. For the first three battle-rounds, it felt compeltely hopeless. Anything I killed simply resurrected, while he was slowly grinding me down. A single plague squall cast changed that. Took out his necromancer, and just like that his entire army crumbled the following combat phase. At 1k points, I had no other means of reaching him. My kings could not get through his skeletons, my heroes could not reach his. I had no flyers, and shooting was not an option. That spell won me the tournament!
  13. Technically the minimum cost of The Blessed Sons is 1360 points, which helps put into perspective how its perks are justified.
  14. That about sums it up! - I like to think of it as a free mystic shield for my entire army that I don't need to roll for and which the enemy can't unbind Still, 100 points for an extra artefact and extra command point is a steal.
  15. For 200 points, I like what he does. He's a flyer so I can have him by-pass enemy chaff. He's a wizard, so he can capture and hold the new matched play objectives. Being a wizard, he can also throw any endless spells I bring, and usually from a great position given how fast he moves. He can unbind! He brings a special ability that costs no command points and doesn't require a spell-cast, which lets you re-roll saves of 1 on a target unit (I use this only on him, since I already play The Blessed Sons for the rest of the army) He's decently killy in melee, and is an excellent monster hunter with re-rolls to hit them. He's a mortal, and nurgle-marked, thus he's affected by things like the Harbinger's Morbid Vigour 5++ save and other nurgle-synergies (like healing from BK's). He's easy to place where I want him or need him to be. Objectives, a specific terrain feature, someplace where he can generate more contagion points, or most often; Where I want the effect of whichever artefact of power he's holding (usually The Carrion Dirge for -2 bravery on all surrounding enemies). And finally, once in a blue moon his spell rolls for 10+ mortal wounds and your opponent goes completely pale-faced If I wanted something similar to him, I'd be looking at a Lord of Afflictions instead, though that would be 220 points (+20), he'd not be able to cast any endless spells I bring, or unbind enemy spells. He'd lose the ability to hold certain objectives. He'd be 8 wounds instead of 12, 8 move instead of 12... It seems a sorry trade unless I were to build pusgoyle/drone list. And I'll admit, I think he looks cool! I just finished painting mine this morning, here he is!
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