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  1. Oh true! I must have missed that battalion requires 2 units of Skullreapers. All right, if I just drop 2 units of 10 blood warriors to 5 then I'll able to add another unit of Skullreapers and the battalion require is solved, 1940/2000p.
  2. Hello I'm going to the Sweden's biggest tournament and I've thought about taking the big battalion Goretid with Slaughterborn and Gore Pilgrims so that it's nice to move D6 in hero phases, especially for Bloodsectror before using Portal of Skulls. Fun is that Mighty Lord of Khorne can pile in 8" and attack in hero phase, when he's in combat phase he will usually be safe by Doppelganger Cloak (I don't know if he will be alived during the magic and shooting phase..), and possible for Slaughterborn units to charge and attack in hero phase with a single attack of their weapons. However I'm mo
  3. Version 1.0.0


    Armélistor på Age of Signhammer II 2018 okt 27
  4. My experience is that Gorefists are often prefered than Paired Axes where they still suck at 4+ to wound, it just makes a little different but if you build min 10 up to 30 warriors then I would take Paired Axes where it will be more offensive. Gorefists are better if you go small units like 5-10 men and hoping that they stay in cover so that Gorefists will be more useful, maybe if you go priest with +1 to save too.. Meatripper Axes are better but it still depends on which unit you are facing against and what your list looks. If you go against Nighthaunts or ID, Reaver Blades win Go
  5. I read it and I would say yes. Each time he is slain, then choose an enemy model that is within 2" of the slain model. It means still if I had only a Wrahthmonger and he has been killed by a monster, it will works with Bloodfury and after that, the Wrathmonger model is removed
  6. Thank you! I was unsure when it says "a" as sometimes it means "any" rather than "one" or some like that. But all right, thanks!
  7. By my way I got a question about Wrathmongers Bloodfury, say if 10 Ironguts have killed 5 Wrathmongers in that combat phase, is there possible that 5 Ironguts fight themselves or only 1 Irongut? Want to make sure if I've understood right before I'll play with them in the tournament soon! Fredrik
  8. @Killax Thank you for reply! I needed an inspiration and now you got me to use Wrathmongers! However I've never played with them so sometimes I cannot understand English very well.. so Crimson Haze means that it buffs all foes, so say if Skullreapers stay near to Wrathmonger, Skullreapers will gain 1 extra attack with their weapons? And Bloodfury.. if a model of Wrathmongers is slain, then I can choose an enemy model within 2" to attack only its unit or itself? Possible like Stonehorn punches himself? ?
  9. Hello! My first time to post in Khorne's group, I was an Ogor-player (as you maybe can see my profile picture ?) I've played some tournaments as Khorne and I like its gamestyle a lot and it has become funnier in AoS 2 when summoning has updated! Anyways I've played lastest tournament in Umeå (north of Sweden) where 40 players are playing there, two days for 5 matches and I went with Red Headsmen and Gore Pilgrims. I won 3 matches in a row against BoC, Tzeentch and Death but next day I lost 2 games against Death and Seraphon . Red Headsmen I honestly think it works amazing, very strateg
  10. I have same my question. Skullgrinder's ability says "Altar of Skulls: If a HERO or MONSTER is slain by the Skullgrinder's Brazen Anvil, the Skullgrinder and all MORTAL KHORNE units within 8" are blood-blessed for the rest of the battle. Red Headsmen's ability says "Ritual Slaughter: Red Headsmen always count as being within range of their Skullgrinder's Altar of Skulls ability. In additional, if the Skullgrinder slays a worthy foe (see above), the range of his Altar of Skull ability is doubled. What I interpret is that Skullgrinder has to slay a hero or monster to active Altar of Sk
  11. I'll do too! Ogors, Ironguts and Leadbelchers back to 40mm thanks!
  12. It also costs to paint with texture and so on and it costs time 12 Ogors are not like useful anymore as before, when a model isn't within 1" loses 3 attacks and damage 2, 40mm was hard and now 50mm is harder.. which is a big minus. What I get and what my summary says about Gutbusters in 2018: Ogors have been nerfed and Ironguts are now better when range 2" has become more useful.
  13. Finally! Fungoid Cave-Shaman will work to be allied with BCR! https://whc-cdn.games-workshop.com/wp-content/uploads/2018/05/age_of_sigmar_malign_portents_errata_en.pdf
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