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  1. Just sent the funds for me and Will for the Tempest. See you at the weekend Thanks Gary
  2. Hi Mike, Put me and William down for this please. Funds sent. Thanks
  3. Hi john, Can you sign William up for this. I can’t make this unfortunately. Will pay when you confirm. Thanks Gary
  4. Hi Stu, Can you put Gary and Will down for this please. Thanks Gary
  5. Can you put Gary and Will Pollock down for this please. Will send funds in a moment. Thanks
  6. Okay. Thanks for the heads up Stu. I really am bad at this lol
  7. Hi Stu, We cant make next week but you put myself and William down for this. Thanks Gary
  8. Another two entries. Gary Pollock William Pollock I will send payment shortly. Thanks in advance
  9. Hi Scott, Can you get in touch please as William is still coming to this tournament. Thanks Gary
  10. Just realised that I have arranged my works Xmas night out (I know it's late for an Xmas do) for the same date so can I take myself off the list please. William can still make it so it just me off the list. I will make the next one. Sorry for the hassle.
  11. Hi Scott. Can you put myself and son down for the two days please. Gary Pollock William Pollock Just confirm its okay and I will send the money.
  12. Loving all these rules and the scenarios. Northern Invasion tv is also adding to the excitement in my house. ?
  13. My son and I are newbies as well with new armies. I have three raptors still to go and have accepted that the basing won't be done. He is stil painting the last of his skaven as well. He will be delighted there is another skaven army competing.
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