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  1. Played the five fox army at the weekend and they were used to charge in / retreat 2.9” away and reduce my pile in to 1” so I couldn’t get into melee. Won by ignoring them, taking out his battle line and playing tactics and objectives. They can’t touch 2+ saves healing and I was running two dragons and Manny. They had a very low model count for objectives as did I but I had monsters.
  2. I have a question regarding Mannys command ability. It is triggered in the hero phase and has a bubble of 12”. Does this mean that everyone in the bubble in the hero phase gains the buff or is the buff bubble measured in the combat phase when the buff would take effect but has to be triggered in the hero phase. Hope this makes sense. Thanks
  3. That said it has two generals and all the battle line is wolves so pretty Vyrkos, just with a bit of hit (Ghur) about it. Good point about the casting.
  4. Just thought that’s the exact list I was talking to my son about !!!
  5. I think you are right as well, looking at it again. That’s makes it no where near as good as I thought. Will stop unleash hell or movement commands. Thanks
  6. Stops working at the start of the next combat phase so will stop inspiring for your opponent on your turn.
  7. I am running in Vyrkos the following Prince V VLOZD General Radakur the wolf Manny 10 x wolves 10 x wolves 10 x wolves 10 x wolves Palisade Not optimal but I like it 😎
  8. With regards to traits and enhancements I probably won’t get any additional enhancements due to having two regiment battalions only. Does this mean I can choose from the universal lists for spells/ artefacts etc by dropping the battle tomb version?
  9. Just sent the funds for me and Will for the Tempest. See you at the weekend Thanks Gary
  10. That’s interesting. As you don t have to declare who you are charging as long as you are within 12” of an enemy unit can you roll and get for instance 30” with Gav as above and then move / charge to another unit further than 12” away?
  11. Hi Mike, Put me and William down for this please. Funds sent. Thanks
  12. Hi john, Can you sign William up for this. I can’t make this unfortunately. Will pay when you confirm. Thanks Gary
  13. Hi Stu, Can you put Gary and Will down for this please. Thanks Gary
  14. Can you put Gary and Will Pollock down for this please. Will send funds in a moment. Thanks
  15. Okay. Thanks for the heads up Stu. I really am bad at this lol
  16. I have taken an Elven Archmage as his ward save bubble is great as well.
  17. I just asked that but have been told that you can use this CA at the start of the charge phase.
  18. Another quick query. If I drop a unit of paladins along with Gavriel can he use his CA in turn one to help the charge from 9" away as he wasn't on the table during the hero phase.
  19. Thats great. Thanks for the quick reply. I know that its already been said but think that the change to the starsouls should have made a points difference to my retributors. That said on masse they still walk through units but tou have to get them attacking first.
  20. Quick question that ay already have been asked. The new Lord Castelant warscroll states that after set up you can call a gryph hound. Does this mean you don't have to include the cost of the hound in your army as this is an ability?
  21. Hi Stu, We cant make next week but you put myself and William down for this. Thanks Gary
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