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  1. Tried it all.endeless prison soulpike, nothing works to fast to far to hard to much bravery to powerfull and cheap
  2. I cant, I play competitive, and to ask him that is like asking for mercy, i want to bath in elve blood.
  3. Lets say he gets first round. 9W with 3+sv, 50% of failing a total slain unit spell + the chance of getting it unbind, 3 maybe 60 %chance of casting Arcane bolt prob 2 MW tops each one, (they have 8W) and pretty mediocre melee, he wasnt intended to fight tbh. very situational character that cost 900 points and can be easily be murdered by 200 pt characters. VS (regardind the 4 spirit) They get first turn aetherquartz each one plus Sevireth 4 shots 2+ 2+ 3rend d3 damage each 18/17 shots average = 36 wounds average... good luck saving that even with a 4+ ward save.
  4. Here is the thing, ive been fighting the Lumineth Realm Lords for a while, and when the Sevireth or the Hurakan spirit of the wind appear on the battle ive concluded that i am in big trouble. When it comes to magic nothing in the SBGL magic arsenal causes enough damage and you need a lot in prder to cast since LRL can unbind pretty much all the time, then well no range so thats out of the question, then i think melee but this creatures cant be melee'd because theu can retreat the moment shooting phase is over, so charges are avoided obviously ambush wont help cus its after movement phase and unearth from.graveyard and charge wont cus also the same thing, it can be completly avoided, and also the damage on the is massive by range so they are perfect to counter and snipe pretty much any hero wizard overlord monster behemoth etc. Sevireth and 4 Spirit of the wind and 3 battleline if possible sentinel to shoot down and mortal wounds on fives, SBGL cant win its impossible there is nothing in this faction that can beat that.
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