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  1. Battleplans have been randomly drawn: Game One: Places of Arcane Power Game Two: Battle For The Pass Game Three: Total Conquest
  2. If you haven't already please can you sign up to The Howling in TTTO when you get a chance https://tabletop.to/the-howling-3-full-moon-fever please
  3. Yes indeed, but payment needed to secure place.
  4. Updated pack live https://drive.google.com/open?id=1ccecOuxw09ZK6pGH1Si2tr41rXoYxnXZ Still spaces left
  5. Pack is now live: https://drive.google.com/open?id=12ciW19cy6qPgmG6-O1SOqzuHWLPWVC-Q
  6. Hi Rory, 2000pts it will be. We're a very friendly and welcoming bunch so you'll have a great time I'm sure. Any other questions give me a shout. Mike
  7. Updated, planning on having pack up by the end of August
  8. I think the reason for disappointment is that point drops are not really enough to legitimise choices much beyond Sacrosanct, most units needed to come down another 10-20pts. The internal points balance is still of despite a golden opportunity to change it. Yes we can still be competitive but it would have been nice to have more real choice. Also really sad about Tauralon and Stardrake.
  9. As far as SCE is concerned, whilst Sacrosanct have gone up, points decreases elsewhere are not enough to legitimise other options. Evocators still point for point way better than other Paladins. At least Libs/Seqs is more of a choice now. A lot of other stuff still far too expensive. As with IDK, though less pronounced, internal points balance is off. With the exception of Sacrosanct, Liberators and Prosecutors, most other units are still 10-20pts too expensive, Tauralon and Prime still too expensive, as is Stardrake. Ultimately the days of printed points update should be gone, no excuse really for having points changes 6 months out of date, especially with the rate Battletomes have been dropping On the plus side updated Ironjawz Allegiance Abilities appear to have given them a much needed boost, do looking forward to trying them out.
  10. I wonder if there's anything to be said for Retributors now instead of Evocators? Shame they only have the 1" range.
  11. My mixed Sacrosanct list went up but 130pts or something. Think I'll running similar to @PJetski going forward, not sure there's much else on offer. Tempted to run pallisade to jam up big units. Certainly combat lists are out of the window as long as we're bystanders in the activation wars.
  12. Yeah my Seq Anvilstrike list from 6N is out of the window now. Looks like it's back to Libs. Might see if there's anything to be said for a Vanguard Anvilstrike list, but concern would be replacing the damage output of the Evos if you took them out.
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