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  1. Hi, I'm looking to sell the following. All painted to a tabletop standard. 1 x Flying Daemon Prince 1 x Great Unclean One 11 x Plague Bearers, mixed metal and plastic 6 x Nurglings 3 x Plague Drones Its approx 1k worth of stuff. And i'm looking to let it go for £100 + P&P. Would be a good accompanying force to another 1k of chaos stuff. Photos below. I've also included some pics of the army at Warhammer World, so you can see how it looks on the gaming table. Thanks for looking! Cheers, Will
  2. Did I hear on the podcast that you used some flourescent pigments for this? Where did you get them from? Looks great! I've tried some Vallejo flu colours, but i'd like to give pigments a go too. More versatile perhaps.
  3. The wild high fantasy fluff is what I'm struggling with most with regards to getting into AoS.
  4. Thanks again everyone. Currently poring over the destruction war scrolls!
  5. The army was Nurgle Daemons. My flying Daemon Princes do all of the heavy lifting. They aren't proactive enough by themselves though, generally. I guess I could give them a go in AoS! My favourite 40k army is my Thunderwolf Cav heavy SW list, plus Knight.
  6. All signs point to destruction! Thanks for all the advice so far! Really helpful!
  7. Handy. So each faction is pretty flexible?
  8. Hi! I'm a bit of a vet of 40k and to some extent WHFB, looking to get into AoS with a new army. I've fallen foul recently of painting up an army (for 40k) which didn't really suit my usual playstyle, very static, very durable, but kind of dull. My own fault really for perhaps not proxying it beforehand. With regards to AoS, i'd like to play a fast, aggressive army. The kind of army you'd describe as having good alpha strike. Can be cavalry heavy, but it doesn't have to be. I don't mind if its a bit of a glass hammer either, the faster and punchier the better. Pretty basic requirements Any recommendations would be greatly appreciated. But also, if you'd like to expand to the general playstyles of other factions too, that would be pretty cool. I'm sure there are plenty of newbies in the same boat as me. Sorry if this info already exists elsewhere! Thanks for reading!
  9. I've taken the opportunity to paint up a load of metal models that i've wanted to do something with for ages. Its basically the perfect opportunity to dig through my stash and put an army together! The relaxed restrictions on army comp is really refreshing.
  10. Will


    The first Drakespawn Knight. Bit of a test really. I really like the old skool look of these cold one riders, so I really wanted to give them more of a dungeon-punk vibe. I swapped the slender lance and elegant shield for something a little more gnarly looking. Feel like it fits the rag-tag band of raider which I have in my head. I might add add a few more bits and bobs to make them more barbaric looking, what do you reckon? i still ill have a bit of tidying up to do. Smoothing out the GS, mould lines and such. Excuse the messy desk
  11. Will


    Hi, i'm Will! I've been playing 40k, and a bit of WHFB, for as long as I can remember. Except for that inevitable break for uni, naturally. I sold my Dwarf during 8th, with all end times rumours abound, I took the chance and got a good price. This is my main wargaming regret, I loved those little hairy ******. It wasn't a rage quit as such, as I barely played 8th to begin with. But now, my 40k mates are transitioning into AoS, and a shout out from TBS put me on to this forum. Seems super sweet, nice to see some positive attitudes. I was dubious about AoS myself, a little, but i'm keen to give the game a real chance. I've started assembling my Order Serpentis force. I'll likely pop some up in the gallery when they are in good shape. Looking forward to getting involved! Cheers!
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