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  1. amysrevenge

    Is Path to Glory considered well balanced?

    Yeah this. We did a couple of these, with 15-20 players even. You just have to all be on roughly the same page, and be willing to deliberately hamper yourself if necessary to make it more fun for the whole group. If you can get a group of like-minded people together, who are willing to take the ruleset as a guideline and not a straightjacket, if can lead to a very enjoyable time. There is a subset of players who are not willing or able to do this (and I'm not judging them - it's just a different way to play, no better and no worse). For those players, PtG is a waste of time and has no value.
  2. amysrevenge

    Proxy models in Matched Play

    The direction this discussion usually goes: (Person with the worst abuses of proxies/counts-as in mind): Proxies? No thanks. (Person with the mildest/best cases in mind): Proxies? No problem. (Reality): Case by case - usually fine/unnoticed, sometimes the experience is improved, sometimes the experience is worsened.
  3. amysrevenge

    New Podcast! Comedians talk Sigmar!

    I'm pretty sure we've seen the models. If I was less busy I'd google it for you hahaha
  4. amysrevenge

    New Podcast! Comedians talk Sigmar!

    That would be the Underworlds faction.
  5. amysrevenge

    Proxy models in Matched Play

    I think, other than my already mentioned base-sized bits of paper, I'm also not happy with the same model standing in for two different things. Like, say, someone using Liberators as stand ins for both Sequitors and Evocators (and maybe even a unit of actual Liberators!). One at a time, buddy.
  6. amysrevenge

    Proxy models in Matched Play

    But even here there's levels. "My chainrasps are on the painting block still. For tonight, I'm putting clanrats out, as the base size (I assume) is the same." vs. "Here are my clanrat-chainrasps for the 6th week in a row." Same game, very different situation.
  7. amysrevenge

    AoS 2 - Moonclan Discussion

    The other bit we'll need to know is what other units/models you have available (or would be willing to purchase) to make changes.
  8. amysrevenge

    Proxy models in Matched Play

    It's the opposite. I have a VERY wide acceptance of whatever/whenever. I demand a minimal amount of effort, and nothing else. I put my line at "scraps of base-sized paper" as things I won't play against, but anything above that and I'm happy. Counts-as, unpainted, whatever, it's cool. I don't play with unpainted stuff, but make no such demands on my opponent (the latter is where I lean closer than I am comfortable with to "you must also share this attitude"). I don't know 75% or more of the model line by sight anyway, so why would I care if it's the actual model or a different model for a given unit, if I have to be told what it is either way? And now I live in a part of the world where 40k has a stranglehold on the hearts of local gamers. If I tell someone with an iffy AoS army to F-off, that's a dude I'll never see again. So even if I wasn't cool with relaxed standards (which I am), I'd at least have to pretend I was OK with it, or basically retire from gaming altogether.
  9. amysrevenge

    AoS 2 - Moonclan Discussion

    It's a radical departure, but sure. Put your ideas on the internet, and we'll tell you all the ways you're doing it wrong! (I'm making a funny joke here)
  10. amysrevenge

    Proxy models in Matched Play

    I have... opinions about this. Strong ones. That angry up my blood. And so I don't like to talk about it in too much detail. I don't like getting all riled up. Hahaha. I'm normally a "you play your way and I'll play mine and we'll all have our own nice time" kind of guy, but with this particular topic I tend toward "I do it this way and you should too" in a way that makes me uncomfortable.
  11. amysrevenge

    Proxy models in Matched Play

    This is 100% dependent on your local community. I can come on here and tell you I'm perfectly fine with whatever wave of gray/3rd party/counts-as mish-mash you can come up with, but that's not helpful for you. Hahaha.
  12. amysrevenge

    Most sporting opponent......

    I keep saying something like it, but it really has to be like this: 1) Devise a specific objective for sports scores. 2) Come up with specific measurement schemes. 3) Develop a mechanism to integrate the results of the measurement schemes into event reporting/awards. 3) Assess whether the mechanism actually helps attain the goals. There are several different goals you can go for, and there are mechanisms that can be suited to meeting those goals. But there is no single mechanism that can meet all possible goals. There are basically 4 different potential sportsmanship goals: 1) reward the very best sportsmanship, 2) penalize the very worst sportsmanship, 3) encourage the field as s whole to have good sportsmanship, 4) discourage the field as a while from having bad sportsmanship. There are basically 3 different measurement schemes in the wider tournament scene (let me know if there are more!): A ) favourite opponent vote after the final round, B ) thumbs up/down for every game, C ) itemized objective checklist. Note: I have seen in the past cases where an itemized "objective" checklist also contained subjective questions about fun - this is a scenario where an attempt is being made to combine A ) and C ) , except by trying to do A ) round-by-round rather than waiting for the end. I would recommend avoiding this. If you want that subjective element, take it out of the checklist and do both A ) and C ) explicitly. There are several different integration mechanisms, and these can overlap or bleed into each other so it's hard to quantify them: i) Best Sports award, ii) yellow/red card system, iii) integrating sports scores round-by-round into overall scores, iv) keeping sports out of overall other than as a tie-breaker. Here's a good example. Goal: 1) and 4). Measurement: A ) and C ). Integration: i) and iii). Assessment: Everything matches up pretty well. The itemized checklist will specifically discourage poor play, especially with the result included in the overall score, while the favourite opponent votes should do a good job of singling out the best performers. Here's a bad example. Goal: 1) Measurement: C) Integration: i) Assessment: Terrible. Assuming the checklist is a standard list of things everyone should do, you could expect to have 90% or more of your field tied with perfect scores. Either reconsider your goals, or your measurement, or both.
  13. amysrevenge

    The Rumour Thread

    Models drop in and out of the store (and often only some regional stores, and not others) so often, that it's not really a meaningful precursor of anything. Sometimes it ends up being significant, sometimes it doesn't.
  14. amysrevenge

    Most sporting opponent......

    My ultimate perspective is that there isn't a correct or perfect way to do Sports. There's a whole bunch of wrong ways to do it, and each TO has to pick the one that the least wrong for them.
  15. amysrevenge

    AoS 2 - Moonclan Discussion

    I agree that you could go either way with that pairing. I think you'd have to do some new narrative justification to go either way, but it wouldn't be hard to do that.