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  1. Slaves to Darkness will be entirely replaced by a Darkoath faction.
  2. I mean. I'm a dyed-in-the-wool GW fanboy here, but I've got a computer with MS Word, a mouse, and a backspace key. I could probably delete the unwanted sections in about 12 minutes...
  3. Yeah there was a delay there. Did a quick bit of googling (dates might be off by a week, as I might have mixed "pre-order" date with "announcement of pre-order coming next week" date). Teaser video was 23-Jan Another teaser video 04-Apr Pre-order for the initial box was 27-June Pre-order for the full release was split over 05-Sep and 12-Sep In addition to still being brand new, it feels like they've been coming out in dribs and drabs forever.
  4. A small factor that might influence the gut reaction to new Lumineth Realmlords and the timing of the releases. Unless you own them, you've probably never seen them in action. I don't own any, and still haven't seen a single Lumineth model in-person: neither on sprue, nor sea of gray, nor painted. Parts of the world vary I suppose, but I haven't had the opportunity to throw dice since March. Which makes them seem "just released yesterday" new. Even though the first box set came out about 6 months ago (which is forever in Warhammer time). But in a normal year, they would have been played at local stores, and in garages, and on kitchen tables, and at many marquee internationally-covered events. We'd have already had all the endless arguments, backed with empirical evidence, of exactly how good or bad they are. We'd already be tired of it, and on to talking about the next thing. In a normal year, they'd be old news. But instead, they are still, 6 months later, "brand new". Now, I'm not saying that a second wave of models and possible new book in less than a year would be normal or anything (not counting SCE of course). I'm just saying that the reaction to it has to be coloured at least a bit by the circumstances.
  5. Yeah I think we're mostly on the same page. But my guess is they will choose to go off-the-board with most (all?) of the armies. It won't be normal Dwarfs, it will be those northern ones that Thorgrimm reconnected with on his "make me your High King" questing, as mentioned in the 8th Ed Dwarf book (check out Garagehammer episode 95 for a great Lore rundown of that book). And it won't be normal Orc Boys, it will be some other variant of Orcs that are aesthetically distinct from WFB Orcs. Like I've said before, I'll be surprised (as in I'd bet against it, not that I think it's impossible) if you could Day One play a game with your existing old WFB models or current AoS models. There might be some ability to proxy (I mean, depending on your proxy tolerance, you can proxy anything as anything if they are the same size), and there might be a spot of overlap here or there, but by and large you'll need to get the new models to play.
  6. Maybe I'm the Debbie Downer here, but I am expecting an initial release of two armies (Kislev and something Chaos-y but not simple Warriors or Marauders - something as different from those as Kislev is from Empire), each with 1-2 heroes and 2-4 units. A single box game with one printed book with rules for the game and for both armies, slightly smaller in model count than the recent AoS starter sets. And then light releases over several months for those two armies, maybe branch out to a third and fourth army within a year or two.
  7. I know we already have a thread for discussing OW but it's going on here too.... I will be mildly surprised if OW is day-one compatible with models people already own. I do NOT expect this to be a game where grognards can blow the dust off their 20 year old armies and immediately start playing - what a catastrophic failure that would be, for people out to sell models! Maybe - maybe - a model here or there could double up for something for the new game. But whole units? I wouldn't drop dead from surprise, but I'd be pretty surprised. I'd bet against it.
  8. From my read of it, PL is not meant at all as a balancing mechanism for two folks to meet up and have a game. It's a balancing mechanism for two friends to quickly put together something to play the sort of game they want to play, without drilling down to a super-fine resolution. When it fails, it is likely a failure of the expectations of the people involved, in trying to make PL do something it doesn't do well. If you find that PL provides a poor play experience, it's likely that your game would have been better served by using points.
  9. That plain hammer is the most interesting rumour photo I've seen in 2 years or more.
  10. I mean, Gloomspite have a whole thing about stealing and treasuring bottles, but whatever... hahaha
  11. Does anyone know if there are/were (did I miss it?) plans to separate out the starter box for Beastgrave into individual kits? I'd really like the Beastmen warband.
  12. That's a bit revisionist history though. Here on the forum we changed the name of the thread discussing the faction from "Slaves to Darkness" to "Darkoath/Slaves to Darkness" because we all knew that any day now they were going to scrap the old Chaos Warriors and Knights and make a new faction led by the Darkoath Warqueen, and all the models would have keywords CHAOS, MORTAL, DARKOATH and that would be the new army and the old warriors/knights would be relegated alongside goblin wolf riders and dwarf warriors. Collectively we were, unequivocally, wrong about Darkoath. Nothing that ever came after made us even a little bit more right about Darkoath, it was a swing and a miss from the prognosticators. (And we had a LOT more evidence for the potential of Darkoath than we have for some other things people "know" are coming haha)
  13. I think if we get vampires, they will be "well, they look kinda like vampires if you squint and hold them out at arm's length" vampires. Not "I vant to bite your neck" Count Draculas in black and red cloaks. A Death faction vaguely reminiscent of vampires, but not Konrad and Blood Knights and bats and wolves. Just a prediction, not a rumour. Based only on my subjective interpretation of AoS trends.
  14. If "how do you save money?" is a leading concern, here are the things you have to decide (in no particular order). 1) How important is tournament-level winning? Mostly (not always), it is hard to do bleeding-edge top tier armies on the cheap. Often (not always), there are significant money-saving opportunities for less effective armies. 2) How do you feel about 3rd party models? If you insist on 100% GW models at all times, it is usually hard (but not always) to get there inexpensively. If you are open to models from other manufacturers, then you might open up significant money-saving opportunities. 3) How do you feel about conversions and proxies? If you are open to conversions and proxies, you can often work toward a better army for less money. 4) How do you feel about hobby reclamation projects? If you're in a place where you can spend some time stripping paint, you might be able to save a bit of coin. 5) How do you feel about old sculpts? Some current armies have very old models, that aren't as cool and detailed as what they are coming up with now. These older kits sometimes have a lot more action going on in the second hand market, just because they have been around longer.
  15. That's a barrier for some (most?) people but not for me. I bulk buy MDF bases, and would have no problem putting dudes on Marauder sized bases (or with having a handful of excess dudes left over at the end). Realized I don't even know if Marauders are on 25s or 32s haha, I'd have to look it up haha.
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