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  1. Yup that's the thing. An extra move.
  2. Not a lot of mystery to this one guys. It's a "normal move" which is an actual rules term. You can run, you are constrained to retreat and all the other normal move rules.
  3. I had to adjust... my preferred list has as its three main elements an archregent, two TG heroes, and a block of 40 ghouls in an otherwise minimum ghoul patrol. I can still do all of that, but I had to lose the ghoul king on foot that I had been able to afford before.
  4. Similar to Ogors, I think there is a minimum floor for the book to be generally considered a success (people will find a way to complain no matter what there is, but generally a success). Minimum floor: Must incorporate Archaon and Varanguard Must incorporate all in-production Slaves to Darkness models Must include the standard trappings (spell lore, artefacts, terrain, endless spells) Beyond the minimum floor, there are any number of things they could do to make it even better - large Darkoath model line, re-written scrolls for the very underwhelming Chaos Knights and Warriors, other new kits, etc. These would be gravy. (ETA: There have been enough hints about Darkoath that an StD book that didn't include a significant new Darkoath model line would be less well received than it would be otherwise.)
  5. There is a deeper level to this issue. In the smartphone app, they have mistakenly included several old pre-battletome abilities in the warscroll, including the pre-battletome wording of the bonus to cast that specifically would stack ("+1 while within 12" of this model", not the non-stacking "+1 while within 12" of any model with this ability"). I know, you always use the newest warscroll, so you use the one in the battletome, right? But wait. The one with the errors in it in the app is very specifically date stamped June 2019, which is newer than the battletome. So, as the rules for old warscrolls very explicitly call out that warscrolls with a newer datestamp always over-ride previous warscrolls, this warscroll with copy-paste errors from the previous scroll is actually the current one.
  6. And, unless you've got your own Start of the Combat Phase unit, normal Feast Day FEC can do the same thing, they just are compelled to choose the TG to fight first (and then go again for free) before you go. Really brings Gristlegore down to par with the other builds.
  7. I came in here to get all "well, actually" on you, but look at that, the Azyr app does include a "date of publication" on the warscroll, and it is newer than the battletome. If I'm not mistaken, the June 2019 version of the warscroll in the app is actually the pre-battletome version. So it seems like it is an error that it is there, and the battletome version is what should be in there. And the normal warscroll update procedure is not to stealth-buff or stealth-nerf warscolls via the app with no mention in the official FAQ. These two factors are enough for me that I would (and will) use the battletome version and not the app version in my own games, but I don't have a leg to stand on to insist that my opponent does the same.
  8. I was prepared for worse. I can live with this. Gristlegore start of the phase BS only works on the charge, which helps tone it down without nerfing the other builds.
  9. Only just barely. I haven't thought about it in maybe 6 weeks(?) maybe more.
  10. Contrast paints drag the bottom 75% of painted armies up in quality, and barely make a ripple in the top 25%. Which is a perfectly fine thing to do.
  11. I've got an upcoming event with a July 12th cutoff for rules. Whether FEC FAQ is before or after this date will greatly impact my summer hahahaha.
  12. It has sure been a content desert for AoS on the Community page lately. Don't know what that bodes for summer, but it bodes for "not really checking the Community page every day anymore" for me.
  13. Slightly new topic - Tenebrous Court. I had a great time playing two games with my Spiderfang army with a Tenebrous Court mercenary ally. One Archregent, three Horrors. First game I summoned 20 ghouls to hold an objective (which they did), second game was Scorched Earth and I summoned three Flayers into the backfield on T2 and they burned objectives on T2 and T3. It was glorious. I got to throw the Horrors into a trio of Varanguard, with the Archregent buff spell at +3A (and him standing nearby for the hit reroll) and they killed all three pretty handily. It's pretty nice to have a self-contained, self-buffing contingent that can actually get some stuff done, while the main force is off doing their own buffing and coordinating.
  14. You can do all that you want, including having options for summoning, with the following 3x SC box 1x Carrion Empire (if you can get your hands on it... otherwise you'll want the equivalent in individual unit boxes) 2x Crypt Ghouls You can turn one of the sets of 3 Knights into Haunter, Infernal, and Varghulf courtiers. Beg or borrow a single extra Ghoul from somewhere (or do what I did, and use a very cheap Reaper Bones body with excess Ghoul head, arms, and accent bits) to get a Ghast courtier. Leaves you with 3 monsters, 4x3 Knights of your choice, 90 ghouls, archregent, and one of each courtier. It's enough to be able to do a nice 2000pt list (with a choice of many battalions), and have summoning reserves of courtiers, Knights, and ghouls.
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