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  1. The "disclosure phase" in WFB was a delicate dance. What things you were obliged to disclose, and what things you were not. What things you could choose to disclose as a favour (rather than forcing your opponent to look it up themselves) vs. what things you could keep close for every advantage. Something like: "This unit of 6 Ogre Ironguts has a standard, musician, and champion." - all of that is information you were required to disclose. "They could have a magic banner, up to 50 points." - disclose as a favour, as it's not a secret. The opponent could look it up. If you're scrambling for advantages, you could avoid mentioning it and hope they forget. "The banner is the Runemaw." - not required to disclose. Bad idea to say it.
  2. There are a number of ways you can have fun with this. The most "fair" Matched Play style would be to write lists entirely in secret, even down to faction choices, then reveal to each other after lists are locked but before the match begins. But a fun Narrative way to play is to write your lists openly together, making suggestions to each other and coming up with two lists jointly. And another fun way to play would be as described above - secret lists, even down to faction choice, secret/hidden deployment, neither side knows squat about the other until the start of Battle Round 1.
  3. amysrevenge

    Concerns with the development of AOS 2

    There are some cracks showing around the edges in my local store league right now - it's a bunch of competitive mindset, mostly 40k players, without bottomless wallets or extensive collections of fantasy models, and so many of them are using old or second-hand armies. There are some frustrations cropping up when, for instance, mixed GA:Chaos is coming up against netlist Witch Aelves. Everyone is having a nice enough time, but when the league wraps up at the end of the month, I don't think we'll have many long-term converts to AoS. It will go back to the same pre-league population of AoS players (who are awesome) while the bulk of the club moves on to Killteam, and then 40k, and doesn't touch AoS again until next winter.
  4. amysrevenge

    Concerns with the development of AOS 2

    General comments I guess. Someone upthread mentioned that "they hadn't played a single game since AoS2 dropped" because of how failed it was. Someone else went on to argue that since they haven't played it, they have no way to know if it was a fail or not. That's kind of true, but also kind of not true. If, upon release of the game, a group of players dislikes it on first impression so much that they refuse to play it, that is a type of fail for the release right there. Even if they are flat-out wrong in their reasons not to play, them choosing not to play makes the release at least a partial fail. Haha all of us pick and choose which of the abstractions of a battlefield we are ok with. I'm OK with the faction terrain set up wherever the faction wishes, but a bit iffy on forests and hills smaller than a house.
  5. amysrevenge

    Powercreep - Fact Or Fiction

    It's just stuff that "everybody knows", based mostly on what certain loud people wish was true and repeat often enough and loudly enough as if it was true that people start to believe it is true.
  6. amysrevenge

    Powercreep - Fact Or Fiction

    I mean, if we're going there, while I very much like the idea of Stormhosts (or insert your army equivalent term here), I very much don't like the mechanic of locking in command traits and artefacts to get them. I realize that something needs to give, you can't just give out extra abilities for free. But this is a sort of handcuff I don't like. I've got my SCE painted as Anvils, so I use them as Anvils. I honestly don't even know what the other command traits are or do, because I've literally never used them or even looked them up.
  7. amysrevenge

    Powercreep - Fact Or Fiction

    That's a nice bit of insight. Stuff that looks like it should, and plays like it should, is more popular than stuff where the aesthetic and the playstyle don't match expectations. It's kind of why Beasts of Chaos don't really work for me. The models are great, and the rules are not particularly under- or over-powered , but the best playstyle doesn't line up to my expectation for their aesthetic.
  8. amysrevenge

    The Rumour Thread

    If we were to compare deliberate "forced" diversity and lazy "default" homogeneity, it is the latter rather than the former that takes me out of the fantasy more. And the farther into the 21st century we get, the more that "default" homogeneity starts to look "forced".
  9. amysrevenge

    Adepticon Predictions

    Things I actually expect (nothing to do with what I want): More about Warcry (possibly giving away the whole thing) More about Forbidden Power (definitely still leaving more untold than told) KO and Sylvaneth battletome reveals Not a lot more than this. (P.S. we still don't "know" anything about Darkoath. We very strongly suspect; we are making an educated guess; it is very likely, but we know nothing.)
  10. amysrevenge

    Powercreep - Fact Or Fiction

    Yes, it's not a gradual "creep" it's discrete categories with sudden jumps between them, and even then there is VERY wide variance within the categories, so that on the edges there is a bit of overlap. In general , all AoS2 battletomes are better than all AoS1 battletomes which are better than GHB factions which are better than Grand Alliance non-factions (most notably things like Gutbusters, or Moonclan and Spiderfang pre-Gitz). It's an analog game so like I said, things at the edges overlap (there are probably a few GHB factions better than Bonesplitters, boo hoo my poor Bonesplitters), but in general that's true. But there is no real time-based correlation within those categories. It's all over the place. Like was said in that wonderful tome-by-tome analysis of the AoS2 books on the previous page - if there was a time-based "creep" then DoK wouldn't still be ruling the roost, as there have been several new tomes since then.
  11. amysrevenge

    Powercreep - Fact Or Fiction

    Recipe: Take one Khorne army, add "wholly within". Result: masterpiece.
  12. amysrevenge

    The Rumour Thread

    Not to get bogged down in semantics (he said, as he bogged down with semantics), if you changed your post from "always" to "often", it becomes objectively true.
  13. amysrevenge

    Staff of Focus + Everblaze Comet valid after all?

    I think the problem is this: you are confusing a logic problem with a conversational tone. It would be great if rules were written as logic problems, but they are not. The sentence you are quoting doesn't conclusively prove to me anything one way or the other, but it suggests to me the opposite of what you are reading. It could be interpreted to mean that artefacts and command traits are expressly not abilities, but if you look at the context of that question and why they feel compelled to answer it, what they are really saying is "anything that works in the same way as an ability, whether it's part of an allegiance, or an artefact, or a battalion, or written on their warscroll, should be treated the same way when it comes to rule interactions - if we use the word "ability" as a shorthand in a rule somewhere, we really mean to cover all of those things".
  14. amysrevenge

    The Rumour Thread

    Oh man, even though we know it isn't so, I wish the Celestant-Prime was Settra so hard.
  15. amysrevenge

    The Rumour Thread

    Nah it's half of the cover of the new Idoneth book