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  1. If I was relying on them as my only army I'd think about it, but it seems like a lot of effort for what would be my... 12th? 15th? AoS army. I have other things I can play AoS with, so I'd stick to squares with an Old World army I think. I don't need to double dip. Not to say that this couldn't change, it's likely a few years off. The only action I'm taking right now is to work on my Gitz and Beastclaw and SCE and Beastmen first.
  2. Thinking more about it... I have many back burner AoS projects right now. One of them was to be a Dwarf-based Cities of Sigmar army (with dozens of classic metal models). I think I might re-prioritize for now, work on other things, and potentially put the Dwarfs on squares some day in the future. I have years and years of projects piled up already, so it's not big thing to rearrange.
  3. I'm glad that they explicitly answered some of these. I think it's good for the community to have these sorts of answers.
  4. Zero whole armies. Several units here and there (some O&G stuff, some Dwarf stuff, not much else)
  5. None of the poll options fit me. I suppose "Yes, with doubts" is the closest. I'll probably subscribe, but not a day before there's a working AoS army builder included. There are some digital battletomes in my Azyr app that aren't nostalgic looks back - they are current in-use battletomes (unless all battletomes are trashed with 3rd? I haven't heard that...). I'd sure like to have those in the new app...
  6. Just a thought on the magic-ness of the OW. Through careful writing and managing of expectations, they (GW) were largely able to pull off having it both ways. The setting itself is gritty and low-magic, and yet almost every time we (as players, hobbyists, or readers) actually interact with the setting, it's in a high-magic way. We're always the exceptions, and it feels comfortable that way. There's hardly any active day-to-day magic or monsters in the Empire, but every time we bring out our Empire army, there's a handful of wizards in it, and a so-rare-it's-almost-mythical Steam Tank, and they are facing giants or lizards or chaos beasts or some other fantastical creatures.
  7. Same. Before (and hopefully after) the local group is basically 25% AoS-first players, and 75% 40k players dabbling in AoS. The AoS-first players play a nice variety of armies; nobody is particularly chasing any transient power curves, and it's generally a level of casual that meets my personal desires. The 40k players are playing whatever they like, and don't play AoS enough to really be competitive with whatever they play, whether it's S-Tier or whatever you call the garbage tier that Beastmen are in.
  8. Yes, this is more or less my point as well. AoS isn't generic, it's waaaay off the spectrum on the opposite side from generic. You need star charts and diagrams and paragraphs to "sum up" the Mortal Realms. Old World (which I loved and still love) is very generic (in the best "generic = accessible" way), and with about a dozen words you can more or less sum it up entirely - setting and tone all at once. "Grimdark, mirrors Europe/Earth, fantasy races in the Tolkien tradition plus some oddballs."
  9. It's funny to me that this is such a common sentiment. The Old World is literally Europe with Elves and Wizards. AoS is so weird you can't even describe it with words or pictures in a concise way that makes sense.
  10. A interesting variant on "how old are you" might be "how old were you when you started the hobby".
  11. Only if you line them up intentionally in square lines. If you contract into the gaps the 2nd rank still fights.
  12. (I suppose this belongs in the long-running OW thread, but hey when in Rome) I think ultimately it depends on what sort of game they intend for this to be. If it's meant to be the #4 "big" audience game (after 40k, AoS, LotR) then there is some incentive to have people with existing armies ready to go on day 1, as a community building sort of thing. They take the initial L on selling those people new models, to get the big W later as the new game is supported by a base community. If it's meant to be another "small" audience game (Warcry, Necromunda, etc.), then there is a lot less incentive to welcome in players who don't buy the new kits. If the community is expected to be niche anyway, they might not feel like that initial L is going to generate enough of a W later, so they do everything they can to keep out existing models and minimize direct AoS crossover. Both of those are possibilities that I can see. We don't know anything about what the intent is.
  13. Slaves to Darkness will be entirely replaced by a Darkoath faction.
  14. I mean. I'm a dyed-in-the-wool GW fanboy here, but I've got a computer with MS Word, a mouse, and a backspace key. I could probably delete the unwanted sections in about 12 minutes...
  15. Yeah there was a delay there. Did a quick bit of googling (dates might be off by a week, as I might have mixed "pre-order" date with "announcement of pre-order coming next week" date). Teaser video was 23-Jan Another teaser video 04-Apr Pre-order for the initial box was 27-June Pre-order for the full release was split over 05-Sep and 12-Sep In addition to still being brand new, it feels like they've been coming out in dribs and drabs forever.
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