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  1. I like the way the poll was set up, and I'm enjoying seeing what the results look like (especially the third question).
  2. I have to say, "Harvestator" is a VERY good word. Cheers!
  3. My personal life circumstances vastly outweigh the prices when it comes to my buying habits. I've gone from lower paying job to extended unemployment to higher paying job to catastrophic water damage in my house - all of those dictated what money I could spend on my painty-men; from little to none to lots to none again. Whether a unit box was $35 or $50 or $70 has always been a distant secondary factor.
  4. Yeah you're right, it's a leading and unfair question. It's an exaggeration. I am convinced, however, that no level of increased balance will ever moderate the discourse around it. I'm kind of playing around the edges of both sides of the argument in this one, holding a moderate position means I rail against extremes on either side I suppose.
  5. Honest question. If there were 20 factions, and 18 of them were at 50% win ratio, one was at 51%, and one was at 49%, do you think there would be the same level of outrage-filled rhetoric as we have now?
  6. Some of them only sort of work. Consider a Maw-krusha. It's got a little dice next to it with a 7 showing, and you've been counting down and not up. What entry on the Damage table should you be looking at? Well, on the warscroll it has 15 wounds, so you have taken 8, which means the 7-10 table. But wait, it's had 3 glorious wounds added to it from its command ability, so it actually has 18 wounds, so that 7 means it has actually taken 11 wounds, so you have to look at the 11-13 table. If you've been counting up instead of down, it will have an 11 on the dice next to it, and you look on the 11-13 table. It just doesn't die until the dice gets to 18.
  7. It's orthogonal to my life, but I'm happy for others to have access to it.
  8. Haha I feel like this needs to be stickied at the top of every thread in every subforum on this site. Or every time you go to hit Post on a new post, a pop-up comes up asking "Have you considered that those of us who post on the forums..." before you can post. LOL
  9. Well, with one hero and one Hammerhal Herald joke (and one mis-spelled shipping manifest), I think Ogors have been teased the most.
  10. I think those guys knocked that one out of the park - it was flexible, it was fun, and it made for some very good games and varied armies.
  11. I mean that when you are soundly and thoroughly defeated you might complain all the while about how unbalanced the books are. Unless the fellow is super affable and charismatic, in which case you take just as many toys off just as quickly, but don't have a whinge about it.
  12. This is also definitely a thing. Hard list plus personal charisma (I've met Ben and I like Ben) is fine. You take off your toys and never complain. Hard list plus stand-offish or awkward personality is "that guy". You cry and moan whilst taking off your toys and then complain about it on the forums later.
  13. 24 in 1999. Decided I wanted to start painting models. Bought a bunch of Ral Partha metals, painted them, went back to the store, got a discounted Lizardmen half of the starter box. Went in and bought a rulebook a couple weeks later.
  14. Not picking on this post in specific, but there are several similar posts in this thread. This isn't a useful point. The only argument that results from the chess comparison is "we can't be perfectly balanced like chess, therefore F it, we don't need any balance at all". That's not a good argument. We're not chess, and we don't have perfect balance. So what? Just because we can't have *perfect* balance doesn't mean we shouldn't hope for *better* balance.
  15. Yeah, the term WAAC is a useless one unless you pair it with a definition for that second 'A'. What is included in "all" costs? Cheating? Smashing opponent models with a crowbar? Calling in a SWAT team? There are a lot of things that could fit under the umbrella of "all" costs. But if you mean "all, while still following the rules" costs then it's a different story - that's just a good player who maybe, since you're complaining about them, doesn't match the social cues of their opponent or group.
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