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  1. Haha it's so counterintuitive that people can't see the problem. Scenario: The Iron Jaws unit has taken some wounds. Enemy unit A is 1" away. Enemy unit B is 10" away. Is the condition "is more than 9 inches from any enemy units" met? It's a familiar problem to someone who has studied probability and statistics - you have to change your wording flipping between P and 1-P. To get what people are assuming it means, you need "is not any enemy units within 9 inches".
  2. Flesheater courts: Terrorgheists surrounded by hordes of ghouls (that was my main list for 2019)
  3. Old metals is the main concern for me - I love old metals but I have some second hand ones with thicccc varnish that have been challenging to strip, either defeating the milder chemicals or requiring harsher chemicals I don't like to use (the sort that chew through rubber gloves like they were made of cotton candy).
  4. Yeah me too. I have a friend who does commission painting and he swears by it. I got a fairly small one to test it out (they get expensive for bigger ones).
  5. I picked up an ultrasonic cleaner, excited to try stripping some paint with it.
  6. I'm sure one of the reasons for the multi-year timeline is to allow for the shiny new Lenton plastic factory to get up and running.
  7. My wife has been trapped in one of those for almost 25 years now...
  8. There isn't any news that matters for anyone, really. It's a very nice map, with a couple emblems on it. Gives us another vague, non-binding hint about the sort of flavour we might expect from Old World, that's about it.
  9. Yeah that is one beautiful map. I like it a lot. I'd put that on my wall (and I'm not some weird basement guy, I've got a family and a nice house and everything!).
  10. It never helps to be collecting many things at once. Hahahahahahahahaha
  11. I *think* my problem is actual lack of time and not lack of motivation, but when I say it out loud, it might be that I'm not feeling motivated to *make* the time.
  12. I'm having a hard time getting hobby time these days, and it's bumming me out. I can see the light at the end of the tunnel - my kid is 9 now and almost at the age where she can go entirely unsupervised. And I'm settling into a more managerial position at work which means less overtime/design work which should help. But it's just not coming right now. I can see all my squiggos from my bed but I haven't touched them in a couple weeks.
  13. I think this entirely misses the largest type. D : Casual players who like to play games and pick up some models to play, might never get fully painted, might never get beyond 1500-2000 points, might not ever go to a tournament. (My local AoS league is at least 2/3 type D )
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