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  1. In the battletome, it reads almost the same as the way old world Empire villages were corrupted and turned into Beastmen. You get a famine, the community gets desperate, they start eating each other, maybe some intervention from an abhorrent, and now they are ghouls.
  2. I think, as long as we are veeerrry careful not to define "I don't like this" with "lazy"*, I could be on-board with this. But if armchair online criticism has taught me anything, it's that people have a hard time resisting imprinting motivations on to content creators. *By which I mean "I don't like this" is perfectly valid criticism, especially if it is linked to specific examples. "This is lazy" is itself lazy criticism, trying to criticize the creator rather than criticizing the creation, in an attempt to be able to say "I don't like this" without making the effort to say exactly what about it is dislikable. "Lazy" implies a lack of effort, but often what seems lazy took a great deal of effort and simply failed to work, whereas other times what seems like it took extensive effort actually came together quickly and easily.
  3. As reported in this very thread, even! Always good etiquette to scroll up a page or two when you think you've got a hot new rumour...
  4. E P I C (Please. I never really bought in to grimdark "realism", either from GW or from the wider modern fantasy fiction community, and always steered my oldhammer toward the epic even when epic wasn't the best gameplay option.)
  5. Yeah if you've got the space, put 'em away for a while. You never know what future updates or editions will bring (case in point, Fyreslayers mk1 compared to Fyreslayer mk2)
  6. I thought the second vice was "I'll never be as good as that, so why even bother?"
  7. That 1" difference has been amplified in everyone's minds; I've always thought this, back to oldhammer days. Yes, 4" is slower than 5". No, 5" will not run circles around 4". It's often the difference between a 7+ and an 8+ to charge. Sure, you'd rather have the 7+, but that difference alone isn't enough to make the slower one completely useless.
  8. I'm considering running mine with Stormcast ballistas and Judicators.
  9. Still no proper rumours/leaks, only assumptions that it's coming because it makes sense that it would be coming.
  10. Well... To be completely honest and accurate, it's not so much a matter of "when" the new slaves book is coming, as it is a matter of "if" the new slaves book is coming. Still no proper rumours/leaks, only assumptions that it's coming because it makes sense that it would be coming.
  11. I used a non-GW base roughly equivalent to Wraithbone.
  12. Seemed like a good day to pull this guy out of retirement from my collection... I vastly prefer it to the new one.
  13. Tried the white contrast paint. Not impressed. It's just gray? I mixed it very well, including stirring the stuff up from the bottom manually with a stick. And it's just gray. (I'm no beginner, and I have used and loved other contrast colours).
  14. (Sorry if I'm repeating something, I skipped over about 8 pages since I wasn't able to be online between announcement time and about an hour ago) To me the new Bonereapers seem like they are starting from the aesthetic of Morghasts (I had to go take a quick peek in the store, since I haven't actually looked at a Morghast in a while) and scaling down, rather than starting from the aesthetic of Tomb Kings and scaling up.
  15. There has been an anti-Dwarf bias at GW for decades. I'm not even joking. It might be accidental, but right up until the point that Fyreslayers became kind of good in the last few months, there has never been a good or powerful Dwarf faction. Well, there very briefly was one when KO were accidentally too good, but they got nerfed into the Stone Age within weeks - no Elf or Vampire or Daemon that was too good ever got nerfed immediately like that, even back in the days when one OP army book could dominate the scene for years and years.
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