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  1. My guess is that Tomb Kings and Something New are battling for the lead.
  2. I flipped through a Khazalid reference I have, and it does not look like Dwarf runes.
  3. Haha I have a guess who is in which pair. I bet I'm right. lol
  4. I might not be the target you want for voting haha. I'd be fine (at best) with updates to any existing faction, but over the moon for anything new.
  5. Looks like the order doesn't work for that. The bridge movement happens in the Movement phase, not the hero phase.
  6. I would wager instead that the restriction would be "you can add the following exact lineup of models/units for exactly XX points" and they could then control what you can bring very closely. But that's just a guess.
  7. The main problem with the trees is that there's no way to do it and have the non-Sylvaneth guy be happy. If I let the Sylvaneth guy take the trees off the bases (even if we "respect the holes") then I feel like I'm being taken advantage of, because the models don't actually fit where they are going (maybe their bases fit, but the models sure don't, that's why the trees are coming off in the first place!). If I don't, I feel like I'm cheating the guy and being a d-bag about it. Can't-win situation. Even earlier that that though is terrain set-up. Normally we just let the guy who shows up first set up the terrain in a way that looks nice to play on, knowing that you could end up on either side (or might end up playing length-wise or diagonally or whatever). But now if I'm the first guy, I have to decide how much open space to leave for my incoming Sylvaneth opponent. Do I clutter up the table so there's no space at all for new forests and be a d-bag? Do I leave wide open spaces and basically gift the board to my opponent?
  8. (Aside: You have to be careful how you talk about percentage increases. There are two things you could be comparing against - the total number of attacks, or the total number of hits. If you compare against the total number of attacks, you get a misleading sense of the actual impact of the reroll.) As far as the math claim in the OP, "rerolling 1 to hit gives 18% increase in wounds", that's a close enough off-the-cuff approximation to what is actually 1/6 = 16.6667%. If you are comparing number of hits with and without rerolling 1s, it doesn't depend on the To Hit characteristic. The reason why Saves are screwy is that the math is inverted, and you are counting fails rather than counting successes, so it doesn't scale the same way. If you were comparing "successful hits" to "successful saves" it would all work out identically. But since the actual outcome we care about is successful hits and failed saves, the math is different. (Do 36 attacks to make the math easier). If you hit on 2+ (or better), you go from 30 to 35 hits, for 5/30 = 16.7% more hits. If you hit on 3+, you go from 24 to 28 hits, for 4/24 = 16.7% more hits. If you hit on 4+, you go from 18 to 21 hits, for 3/18 = 16.7% more hits. If you hit on 5+, you go from 12 to 14 hits, for 2/12 = 16.7% more hits. If you hit on 6+, you go from 6 to 7 hits, for 1/6 = 16.7% more hits. Ratio-wise everyone comes out equally at 1/6 improvement (although distribution-wise, the higher To Hits will benefit more from a reduced chance for outcomes that are abnormally poor) If you save on a 2+ (or better) you go from 6 fails to 1 fail, for 5/6 = 83.3% fewer fails. If you save on a 3+, you go from 12 fails to 4 fails, for 8/12 = 66.7% fewer fails. If you save on a 4+, you go from 18 fails to 9 fails, for 9/18 = 50% fewer fails. If you save on a 5+, you go from 24 fails to 16 fails, for 8/24 = 33.3% fewer fails. If you save on a 6+, you go from 30 fails to 25 fails, for 5/30 = 16.7% fewer fails. Ratio-wise this doesn't come out fair at all.
  9. Well, I'm 2 games in now and I've rolled up Sylvaneth and Nighthaunt without ever really having any trouble. Starting to get worried about finding opponents in my small-ish local group willing to test my event list...
  10. Yes, theoretical distances are important, but like was said earlier watch out with the difference between "greater than" and "greater than or equal to". If there is an 18" gap between deployment zones, then where the theoretical distance comes into play is that even if you measure the distance between opposing models and it says otherwise, it is impossible for them to be within 18" of each other (if the measurement comes up as less than 18", it can only possibly be because of an error in deploying or accidentally bumping models). I do this all the time with summon/special deployment/reinforcements. "I'm putting these guys over here. They are at 9" from your unit. If they measure as less than 9" in a later phase, that's an error - they can't be closer than 9" until someone legally moves."
  11. I'm having trouble coming up with examples of this in the free warscrolls in the app, and haven't found one yet. I know that there are some spells that have "check for a condition within XX of the caster" followed by "perform an action within YY of the caster" wording that might trigger the BV ability twice. If anyone can think of a case where the BV ability should trigger twice, please share it.
  12. Hi friends! Can we chat about how a Balewind Vortex (BV) works, and what is meant by "range"? For clarity, the relevant wording on the BV is thus: "...you can add 6" to the range of any spells that the Wizard casts." There is no further description or clarification on the warscroll. I tried to look up the FAQs and commentaries for guidance, but a) I can't really decide which FAQ/commentary it would even be in, and b) any that I can think of to try are currently undownloadable (at least by me). Is there a reference anywhere regarding which of the various distances included in various spells count as "range" and which don't? I've got some examples, and I'll inject my own commentary into them to what I consider ranges and what I don't. 1) "...pick a terrain feature wholly within 24" of the caster tha is visible to them. Each enemy unit within 3" of that terrain feature suffers..." I would consider the 24" to be a range, and the 3" to be an effect and not be increased by the BV. 2) "...pick an enemy MONSTER... within 18" of the caster.... It immediately moves 3" towards the closest model. You can then pick a unit within 1" of that MONSTER..." I would consider 18" to be a range, and 3" and 1" to be effects and not be increased by the BV. 3) "...summon a unit... and add it to your army. The summoned unit must be set up more than 9" from any enemy units, and wholly on or within a Sylvaneth Wyldwood that is within 12" of the caster." I would consider the 12" to be a range, and the 9" to be an effect and not be increased by the BV (haha imagine the BV making you summon 15" away rather than 9" away lol) 4) "...pick an enemy unit within 18" of the caster.... add new Tzaangor models to existing unit... Each new Tzaangor model must be set up wholly within 12" of the caster and within 1" of the unit they are being added to." I would consider the 18" to be a range, and the 12" and 1" to be effects and not be increased by the BV. But I could understand someone trying to argue that the 12" is also a range, and it's not 100% clear to me. Am I mostly on target here, or am I out to lunch? Are there other types of measurements that make the BV even more difficult to understand? I really wish there was a clearly defined "range" for spells out there somewhere. Full disclosure: I suspect that I am being taken advantage of by one of my regular opponents who, through no ill-will, and at the urging of various army-specific Facebook groups he belongs to, might be stretching the definition of what counts as a "range". I want to be able to have a reasonable discussion with him about it, but I have come to realize that I have no sources to start from. Hence this post.
  13. It is normal for boxed games to have incorrect and/or incomplete warscroll cards (for example: the Soul Wars warscroll cards were insta-recycling). Having warscrolls with only one loadout option on them for a unit with three different loadout options available would be par for the course.
  14. Haha over 20 years in the hobby, have never once played in a GW store (the one time I went to Warhammer World I did the full experience but no games). Did participate in (and win) a Speed Conversion Contest once in-store, but no gaming and no other hobby.
  15. You always choose which models to allocate unsaved wounds to in your own units. Other abilities (as mentioned above) that have nothing to do with allocating wounds might have different results.
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