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  1. I had the same idea with Eltharion for the exact same reason. Given my main opponent plays Gloomspite though, and given Eltharion's ancient hatred of greenskins, I decided that Eltharion will categorically not be a fixed part of my "army," but rather a hero come to smite his ancient foes. I'm just about finished with Realm Lords. What did you think of it? I like it so far, but I can see where it's going...Nevertheless it really helped to flesh out the Lumineth in my mind, which was perfect.
  2. Flying isn't an issue for me. I magnetized and use an oven tray. I plan on getting a tupperware box to hold the tray for car rides.
  3. Finally got around to painting the lynchpin of my army. I really need to come up with names and fluff to flesh out my army.
  4. That looks awesome! The army definitely has a very cohesive feel to it. The use of green, blue and red elements gives it all a solid color balance.
  5. One of them actually did break, but fortunately it was in one of those conical segments so there was sufficient surface area for a secure reattachment. I also broke a pike in transit before the army got magnetized. I've a feeling i'll need to buy a spare box of wardens and riders to accommodate battle damage over the coming years. I'm all in on this faction though, so I don't really mind. I thought buying 2 of the starters was baller, but apparently you got 3 you absolute madlad.
  6. As an avid collector of models from the turn of the millennium I've been agonizing what to do with my Mordheim Skaven! Round bases do look good, but I also want to be faithful to the period.
  7. Great looking riders you got there! This is the best thread in the whole forum, imo
  8. Nice! The stone looks really good and the color balance is solid. I can't wait to paint my Eltharion either!
  9. Once upon a time I was a teenager reading the 5th ed High Elves army book and I fell in love with Warhammer. I gathered a high elf army (as well as a greenskin waaagh!) over the years that was stubbornly always metal. I didn't like the plastics from 4th ed or 6th ed. Anyway, Age of Sigmar came and killed warhammer fantasy battles, and in a moment of financial need I sold my beloved metal High Elves. I'm clearly in a better position today, given I have started collecting and playing Lumineth. I recently came into possession of one full set of the Island of Blood High Elves and another set of each of the units as well. On the one hand, Swifthawk Agents are sort of interesting, on the other getting a hold of a pair of Lothern Sky Cutters makes playing Lumineth look cheap...especially for an army that will never receive an update. A part of me thinks I ought to leave these guys on their square bases and have no intent to use them in Age of Sigmar--but to simply paint them as a not-really-viable Warhammer 8th edition army (it's honestly not bad though and there's nothing a blob of phoenix guard can't remedy). Of course, I don't know anyone in my area that plays 8th edition...and 9th age isn't truly appealing to me. Anyway, is there anyone else that would do the same and put in hobby time for a dead game? Would you sell them off? Keep them in a shoebox? I really enjoy these sculpts but their size difference next to the Lumineth rank and file is jarring. I guess I've talked myself into this course of action, but I'm also happy to be talked out of it.
  10. Why shouldn't Destruction have an industrious faction? I think Gitmob, with all their war machines and contraptions would mix well with wolves and, uh, dire chicken grotbags, would be perfect. They're as much builders as would be possible for the destruction ethos
  11. Worked out my color scheme on this unit. Still needs some cleaning up.
  12. I once would have wished for the double turn to go away, but I certainly respect its place in the game and as a design choice. To me, it ensures that Age of Sigmar is played for fun above all else. I played Warmachine competitively, and do not wish for AoS to resemble that game even at its height. My best friend is a Bretonnian through and through, and he won't touch a miniatures game where Bretonnians aren't actively supported. I want Bretonnians back. Not as a city of Sigmar in Azyr, but maybe as a human enclave out in Ghur. Currently there is no Death faction that really draws my interest. A Soulblight faction with soulblight battleline units, possibly styled as they are in Castlevania, would be awesome.
  13. My favorite is when someone tilts when losing to you because they KNOW that they're vastly more intelligent than you, but the dice bear out this terrible injustice upon their ego. I like a little salt with my sweet tear tea.
  14. I've definitely enjoyed your content in the past. Keep it up!
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