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  1. Well, I had a long pause due to real life. Finally got my second unit of archers tabletop ready. Now to double up on everything! I'm just getting started y'all
  2. I was thinking of 'ard boys with orruk shields, but I forgot that was just another FNP save. Ah well, sorry for wasting thread space.
  3. Oh ******, wounds are allocated after saves? What about instances where there are units with mixed armaments/armor saves?
  4. I was just thinking about the interaction between the Sanctum of Anymtok and the Guardian ability this morning. The Sigil of Yngra states, "Subtract 1 from hit rolls and add 1 to save rolls for attacks that target this model......." Guardians states, "Roll a dice before you allocate a wound or mortal wound to a friendly Scinari model within 3" of any friendly units with this ability. On a 2+, you must allocate that wound or mortal wound to a friendly unit with this ability within 3' of that model, instead of to that model. My understanding is that the target of an attack whose w
  5. My Lumineth Scinari scholars have pored over this question; and through deep contemplation, tribulation and eventual enlightenment, they have come to an objective, unbiased, completely reasonable and unquestionable conclusion: Yes.
  6. I think this sounds fun and I'm going to try the same.
  7. Sadly I haven't had time to keep the narrative campaign going, nor does anyone in my (4 person) meta have the attention span to match my enthusiasm for that aspect of the hobby. I'm just thrilled to play with the people that I'd want to play games with anyway (we're all avid hobbyists too). All my army's fluff and stuff is just headcanon now--less linear, unserialized, more amorphous. I just wanted to say that Emotional Transference is absolutely brutal against Brutes.
  8. I'm pretty happy with all the new war scrolls. I'll have endless combinations to try and perfect for the next year or two. If anything stood out as really strong, the army would get pretty boring pretty quick.
  9. Played a battle against Ironjawz. Total Conquest, 2000 points. I took Syar. Opponent gave me first turn, so I had to speed an archer unit to get them to bracket the Mawcrusha. If you follow the arrows, you can get the gist of what happened. Each picture is what the table looked like at the beginning of a player turn. The arrows indicate roughly where those models would go during that turn. I'll come back and edit with some of my key takeaways from this fight when I get to my laptop. I mostly wanted to see if this format could communicate anything about the battle.
  10. Yep, AoS is definitely where I turn to for unoriginal and uninspired model and army design...
  11. If I recall the entire Vanari path is the Tyrionic martial system. Am I mistaken?
  12. I agree fully. However I expect Tyrion will show up within a year alongside the Zenith temple, and that would make the Lumineth a tremendous line with many ways to theme your army. Speaking of themes, after I finish my 100 Vanari core models, I have my next project queued.
  13. I wish I was more confident in my ability to convert Teclis into a more dynamic pose, like the box art
  14. I think all it does is increase the resolution of probabilities from 16% chunks to 2.7% chunks. Could be wrong on this
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