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  1. I understand and agree with what you say 100%. The Sacrosanct Chamber is indeed visually closer to priest-warriors. But the keywords always mess with my head 😅 And you are correct, sometimes we caught ourselves biased by our own vanilla definitions of MAGIC and PRAYERS, no matter its origin. I believe the Relictor and the Veritant were created while there wasn't a clear idea of these distinctions and roles that are now being defined as the Lore grows. Sacrosanct is here to stay and I'm enjoying every bit of the new stories, I'm sure that the original priests will eventually find their place in the lore and table. We must always remember that we talk about Chambers a lot, but we never talk about the Temples (Relictor, Valedictor, Judicator, Heraldor). I feel excited that there are many aspects of the SCE army that can still be explored.
  2. Kako

    The Hunt

    >>>>> This story start righty after the Malign Portent story "To End the Everwinter" <<<<< “Bjorgulf was no more.” His words carried a heavy tone of grief, shared by everyone on the dimly lit hut. Háma sighted heavily. He is tired of this. For months he could barely rest, the non-stop dreams troubling his already troubled sleep. His back aches, more than it ached during his long life. He is used to pain since he was born, but the piercing stabs on his malformed bones are reaching new levels… He must endure… For he is The Hands… The assembled council stays silent, as if waiting for his next words. “I told him not to go. It was too early. I told him that if he wants to go, he must stay true to the true enemy. He was too reckless…” “Who felled him, Wise One?” asked Hartha in his rumbling voice, already baring his gold plated teeth. The Frostlord was huge, a giant among giants, standing quickly as in defiance to an unseen foe. “The Carrion God?” “No Hartha. The Carrion God still lingers in his black fortress, doing his dark deeds. His foolishness felled him. He picked up a fight where he should have picked up allies.” “WHO… FELLED… HIM?” the tone now full of threat and spite. Everyone backed up, as they know that Hartha’s anger can be like an avalanche. Everyone but the hunchbacked ogor in the middle of the hall, still staring intently at the huge amber crystal glowing on a bone armature, ignoring the angered brute. “Calm down and sit, Frostlord. We don’t need a second Bjorgulf…” The voice was husked and dry, but carrying a commanding tone. The hulking ogor grumbled with himself, looked around for support, and founding none, sit again in a dark mood. “Something is amiss...” “What?” this time the question came from Hrothgard, the Hunting Hand. Covered in pelts, his Blood Vulture perched on his shoulder staring intently with beady eyes as the conversation unfolds. The First Hunter pointed at the crystal. “What are you seeing, Háma?” “The Everwinter. The storm is still raging. Bjorgulf’s Allfrostum doesn’t walk the paths of the living anymore, but yet his storm still lingers. They walk in the twilight, between life and death. That is an abomination.” Everyone looked around in disbelief. For the curse of the Everwinter always follow their kin, but abates when the cursed ones fall. “Badoun, cast your bones. We need to see to where this leads.” As if waking up from a dream, the huge Gargant sitting crouched on the corner of the hall grabbed a pouch from his belt. Covered in bones and fetishes, the giant shaman threw at the floor a handful of carved skulls from his oversized fist, looking intently at some unfathomable pattern they formed. “Hummmm… Ommmph… Hummmm… Me sees deff… Dat ya ‘now… but…” with a finger the size of an arm, he moved around some skulls “Foul magicks workin’… Ole Bjorg will ‘now… Even ded… Me sees him ‘ere… We need him ta speek… He found sumfing…” and absentmindedly the Gargant start carefully to collect the skulls back into his bag… Háma started walking on the hall, with his peculiar shambling gait, leaning on his staff, thinking. “To Shyish we shall go. Find Bjorgulf. Or what was left of him. Hrothgard, ready your skals. Small group, take some sledges with you, we need to move fast. You must find him. If there is one that can do it, it is you” “Aye, Wise One. I shall be the Hand that Hunts! Should I bring him… whole?” “Yes. And for that part Hartha will be going with you.” With a snap the Frostlord moved into action, with a speed that defies his bulk “My spear is yours, Wise One! We shall bring him!” “Bring him… Whole! Take Blackrock with you. Stay back until Hrothgard finds a lead. Then bring the husk that once was Bjorgulf here. I shall see what he has to tell me, and will give him a proper rest with the Winds.” “Svard, how much time we have until the Howling Gate opens again for the Realm of Death?” Adjusting his prized duardin-made googles over his nose, the old Hand of Winds searched into the satchel hung on his shoulder, bulging with books and scrolls, and grabbed a well-worn leather-bound tome on one big hand and started looking at it. “According to my calculations, if the Amber Moon is really at the peak, then the gate will open for Shyish by next night. Of course this may change depending on the tides of…” “Enough time” cut Háma, before the old and wizened ogor started once again one of his endless speeches over the winds of winter “Hasten the preparations, the Horandrár shall ride soon!” ******* Háma walked into the pens. Hartha is preparing his mount for the long and dangerous journey, the enormous black Stonehorn impatient to be released. “I remember when you brought Blackrock to the encampment… Only you to tame such a foul tempered beast…” said Háma in his usual rasping tone. “Yes. It was a little difficult to tame, but here it is…” replied Hartha, without turning, still concentrated in placing the many leather straps of his big saddle. “Little difficult? When it came crashing to get you he only stopped after you put your spear through one of his eyes! And even so you barely managed to mount him!” “Nonsense. Everything was under control… Besides, now I have only one eye too… Heh, don’t they say that the rider became like his ride?” “Yes. Only that you lost ours not to a spear, but to that Orruk you was choking.” “It was well worth it! If you could feel the sensation of that ****** kicking in your hands you would know what I am talking about…” “It surely do, as you kept choking him even when he was gouging your eye with his finger!” A sound like two big rocks scrapping together came from the big ogor. It was a long time since Háma heard Hartha laughing. “That ******!” “That ******!”, agreed the Wise One, laughing too. Háma came closer to put his hand on the beast long black fur. Stonehorns normally have white or pale grey coats, to better blend on their icy surroundings… Not that the creatures had many natural predators, but this one is pure, jet black. This is very rare. A king among his kin. A giant among giants. A survivor. Like Hartha. “Why all this talk about the past? If you came here to command me to be cautious on my mission, Wise One, there is no need. I will be. I will bring what was left of Bjorgulf back to you. Whole. No unitended fights…” “No Hartha. I am not here as the Torr Kønig, the Wise One, commanding his Frostlord. I am here as your brother. Asking. Please. Be careful, we need you.” Turning to stare back for the first time, his face becoming a little softer when he gazed at the ruined body of his twin “Aye, Little Brother. I know. I don’t want to end like Bjorgulf. We will prevail. The Winter will end. You will see.” “Yes… The Winter shall end…We shall see…” replied Háma, already lost in thought… _____________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ The Hunt, a story by AJ ( @Antonio Rodrigues )
  3. I do understand the idea of this character doing a war cry/prayer, like the Paladin Prime before him, but I'm not sure if they are priest/clerics, at least not to me. The Relictor is still my favorite character (both in game or books) and I still have this weird feeling that the Sacrosanct Chamber are made of Wizards doing what was supposed to be in a Lord-Relictor's job description. When I first read about the unopened chambers I was sure the Sacrosanct was a priest Chamber. But when the Soul Wars lore came out it was confusing to read about wizards doing what I've always thought was a priest job. I mean, Relictors had always this closeness to necromancers, Nagash, Shyish and Death stuff in all previous books. Ionus Cryptborn and Boreas Undying are great examples of that. It is written in their Warscroll that "their weapons and armour are replete with icons of Death, for these fell guardians keep the warrior souls of the Stormcast Eternals from the gloom of the underworld". Also it is described that "it is the task of a Lord-Relictor to keep the souls of his chamber’s brethren firmly tethered to Sigmar and the Celestial Realm. With frequent binding rituals and lightning-wreathed blessings, Lord-Relictors ensure that should a Stormcast Eternal fall in battle, his spirit will heed only the call of Sigmar, ascending as a scintillating bolt back to the Heavens. The role of spirit-warden is but part of a Lord-Relictor’s duties." I'm not even including the Veritant, a priest who unbinds and which is now is really dead and gone more than ever. They should reinvent him with a new profile. The "White Reaper" is one of the most amazing characters with just a few lines of story during the Solstice. He reminds me of an Medieval Inquisitor and GW should totally go for it. I'm not looking for an explanation, it's just something I wonder every now and then. I just have doubts about what actually is a SCE wizard and a priest and I understand where are you coming from when I read your post. Maybe Relictors are there to point the souls to Azyr during battle and that's about it. All the rest is a Wizard's job and now that they are in the battlefield too it's confusing. To me. And I've always wondered why the Lord-Exorcist doesn't have the Priest keyword. He is the only one in Sacrosanct Chamber that could actually be a priest considering what he does. Anyway, Sacrosancts are awesome no matter what they are/do and this miniature is amazing. Also, I'm really hoping for the release of a Relictor Chamber/Temple. (Please Sigmar, hear my prayers!) 😉
  4. I don't mind what they might come up with, as long as they bring back the short stories.
  5. Hamilcar Bear-Eater... Zephacleas Beast-Bane... Knight-Azyros Vandalus... My Astral Templars are waiting...
  6. Nice conversion! I'm going the in the same way, but trying to give an Astral Templar look.
  7. I'm going full ASTRAL TEMPLARS. I've been painting with their colors since last year and I love their stories in the books. I think the stormhost released fits the way they are portrayed in the stories. Bear in mind I'm not a competitive player AT ALL so I'm going to put every crazy idea on the table, specially because there's a lot of monsters and monster/heroes running around here in my area.
  8. Kako

    Stormcast Stormhosts

    I believe Sequitors has the same REDEEMER keyword.
  9. Kako

    Stormcast Stormhosts

    There is also the Astral Templars, my choice. According to the Guerrilla Miniature review The Astral Templars are the Monster and Hero hunters of all hosts. They have: Ability BEAST STALKERS: add 1 to hit rolls if target is MONSTER; Command Ability CUT OFF THE HEAD: At Combat Phase, pick and Astral Templar wholly within 9" of a friendly hero or 18" from General and add 1 to wound rolls if target is a HERO; Command Trait DAUNTELESS HUNTERS (my favorite): after set up but before battle, AT units wholly within 12" from general can move 6"; Artefact GODBEAST PLATE: - 1 to wound rolls of attacking MONSTERS against bearer; That said, I'm just a casual player, focusing more on converting and painting. On and off I play with friends and I really wanted to build an army based on this kind of battalion. I'm LOVING this because I started studying the IRONJAWZ style of play to mimic with my Astral Templars (because all of the fluff I'm building around my army). I mean, this is perfect for what I plan. Fulminators advancing first, Protectors descending from Azyr to kill monsters with the new Scions of the Storm or even a unit of Liberators with Lay Low the Tyrant following a hero to kill the enemy's General. Good times for the Astral Templars!!!
  10. Check the Guerrilla review video. They cover all stormhosts. Celestial Warbringers are the "wizard stormhost", Hammers have a very cool trait and my Templars continue to be the Monster and Hero hunters as before. Loving it so much. Can't remember the rest, I'll check it after work.
  11. Here you go... "The new Battletome: Stormcast Eternals is full of vignettes that take a closer look at the Stormcast Eternals. In the years since their first strikes upon the Mortal Realms, the Stormcast Eternals have become more and more distinct, changed by reforging and clinging to half-remembered tribal affiliations and traditions in an attempt to hold on to their increasingly fragmented memories."
  12. Definitely looking forward for the Astral Templars rules. I think we will sure have them as there are 2 big characters on the current and upcoming books (Hamilcar and Zephacleas).
  13. Indeed it is, but I think that's the challenge. Looking for a way to still work as Astral Templars, I remembered a movie that I love, The Mahabharata. The character's war costumes may give me the basics I need to steer from the medieval/clerical look. I've attached some pictures. Link for the movie (watch out... it's a 5 hour movie...)
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