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  1. Kako

    Balancing the Stormcast

    Hamilcar Bear-Eater... Zephacleas Beast-Bane... Knight-Azyros Vandalus... My Astral Templars are waiting...
  2. Kako

    AoS 2 - Stormcast Eternals Discussion

    Neave Blacktalon
  3. Kako

    AoS 2 - Stormcast Eternals Discussion

    Nice conversion! I'm going the in the same way, but trying to give an Astral Templar look.
  4. Kako

    AoS 2 - Stormcast Eternals Discussion

    I'm going full ASTRAL TEMPLARS. I've been painting with their colors since last year and I love their stories in the books. I think the stormhost released fits the way they are portrayed in the stories. Bear in mind I'm not a competitive player AT ALL so I'm going to put every crazy idea on the table, specially because there's a lot of monsters and monster/heroes running around here in my area.
  5. Kako

    Stormcast Stormhosts

    I believe Sequitors has the same REDEEMER keyword.
  6. Kako

    Stormcast Stormhosts

    There is also the Astral Templars, my choice. According to the Guerrilla Miniature review The Astral Templars are the Monster and Hero hunters of all hosts. They have: Ability BEAST STALKERS: add 1 to hit rolls if target is MONSTER; Command Ability CUT OFF THE HEAD: At Combat Phase, pick and Astral Templar wholly within 9" of a friendly hero or 18" from General and add 1 to wound rolls if target is a HERO; Command Trait DAUNTELESS HUNTERS (my favorite): after set up but before battle, AT units wholly within 12" from general can move 6"; Artefact GODBEAST PLATE: - 1 to wound rolls of attacking MONSTERS against bearer; That said, I'm just a casual player, focusing more on converting and painting. On and off I play with friends and I really wanted to build an army based on this kind of battalion. I'm LOVING this because I started studying the IRONJAWZ style of play to mimic with my Astral Templars (because all of the fluff I'm building around my army). I mean, this is perfect for what I plan. Fulminators advancing first, Protectors descending from Azyr to kill monsters with the new Scions of the Storm or even a unit of Liberators with Lay Low the Tyrant following a hero to kill the enemy's General. Good times for the Astral Templars!!!
  7. Kako

    AoS 2 - Stormcast Eternals Discussion

    Check the Guerrilla review video. They cover all stormhosts. Celestial Warbringers are the "wizard stormhost", Hammers have a very cool trait and my Templars continue to be the Monster and Hero hunters as before. Loving it so much. Can't remember the rest, I'll check it after work.
  8. Kako

    Visually interesting stormhosts?

    Here you go... "The new Battletome: Stormcast Eternals is full of vignettes that take a closer look at the Stormcast Eternals. In the years since their first strikes upon the Mortal Realms, the Stormcast Eternals have become more and more distinct, changed by reforging and clinging to half-remembered tribal affiliations and traditions in an attempt to hold on to their increasingly fragmented memories."
  9. Kako

    AoS 2 - Stormcast Eternals Discussion

    Definitely looking forward for the Astral Templars rules. I think we will sure have them as there are 2 big characters on the current and upcoming books (Hamilcar and Zephacleas).
  10. Kako

    Visually interesting stormhosts?

    Indeed it is, but I think that's the challenge. Looking for a way to still work as Astral Templars, I remembered a movie that I love, The Mahabharata. The character's war costumes may give me the basics I need to steer from the medieval/clerical look. I've attached some pictures. Link for the movie (watch out... it's a 5 hour movie...)
  11. Kako

    Visually interesting stormhosts?

    Yes, I've seen your post! These are so cool. I keep telling myself to keep doing Astral Templars, but the Sacrosanct has a different feel to them. The thought of making them look "barbarian" makes me tired because they are already an evolution of the basic original SCE design. But, I'll only decide when I have the models in front of me.
  12. Kako

    Visually interesting stormhosts?

    Wish I could! I live in Brazil and the boxes are so difficult (not to say expensive) to get! But that's an idea 😉 why not?!
  13. Kako

    Visually interesting stormhosts?

    I love Blog de Kouzes. And this guy... WOW!!! Wonder if there is a place that sell only bones. Like a box of bones like the skull one.
  14. Kako

    Let's chat Stormcast Eternals

    Any thoughts about using Lord-Arcanum and Neave? Just thought about Neave taking a ride with the Lord-Arcanum, jumping to kill her Nemesis, he can heal from 18" and if she dies he could bring her back. Note: I'm a new player and barely had the time to build and paint my vanguard, so I thought you guys could maybe take this idea and go further (or drop it 😅) Also, we have KNYGHT-ZEPHYROS on the new list of points. Maybe they are changing the battalion to include them or replacing Neave as the assassin.