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About this blog

The Ghurish Chronicles is a place where you'll read about the tales of the Astral Templars and the Horandrár in the savage Realm of Ghur. 

Follow Lady-Celestant Athanasia Aetheblade and her faithful Loremaster Calanon Thalaen in her quests against Chaos! Read about how Hunter-Prime Callaicus first met brothers Háma and Hartha and how made his name amongst the Horandrár! Join battle with Lord-Castellant Titus and Lord-Relictor Cleophus, the Stalwart in the most exciting "tale-reports"!  And as any other blog, you'll also find our ramblings about painting and conversions, lore creation, ideas for alternative warscrolls and what-nots!

The Ghurish Chronicles is a joint blog created by Kako and AJ

Entries in this blog

The Hunt

>>>>>  This story start righty after the Malign Portent story "To End the Everwinter"  <<<<<   “Bjorgulf was no more.” His words carried a heavy tone of grief, shared by everyone on the dimly lit hut. Háma sighted heavily. He is tired of this. For months he could barely rest, the non-stop dreams troubling his already troubled sleep. His back aches, more than it ached during his long life. He is used to pain since he was born, but the piercing st



Beyond the Light

_ Cleophus…   His name sounded like thunder, but hushed and deep like a distant rumble of an incoming storm over the horizon. As his consciousness sought any kind of coherence, he remembered pain. Excruciating pain. Razor-edged metal coming down like a violent storm, each drop like a blade lacerating his flesh to the bones. And from each wound, rays of light found their way out, so many that even Gods would have to steer their eyes from.   He remembered the light spreading ou



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