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  1. People can claim that Indomitus and Dominion are "not starter sets" all they want, but I guarantee that, 6 or 8 years from now when GW does another article looking back through the ages of WFB/AoS and 40K, they will ABSOLUTELY put these boxes on their list of previous starter sets. The 9th Edition 40K starter set will be the limited-edition-impossible-to-get Indomitus box, not the "command edition whatever-box" that people could actually purchase to get into the game. Same with 3rd Ed AoS– The "greatest Warhammer starter set of all time" will be the Indomitus box, not the half-size and quarter-size starter boxes that they'll inevitably announce in a couple weeks and keep in permanent availability through the life of AoS 3.
  2. I had an idea about the rat & crow with keys: What if, instead of being part of larger models, they ARE the model? Key objectives for WH Quest. Much more interesting than a card token with a key printed on it, and maybe they can MOVE, so you don't just find keys, you have to CATCH them!
  3. YES! Thank you for doing this! I had the same thought but was too lazy to open photoshop. :D
  4. Well, they haven't said anything about the game. The announcements have simply been "the Old World is a game setting that exists," which amounts to nothing other than to get people hyped(?) for a potential game that it's really impossible to have any expectations for. (Only 2 more years to go before we find out what it is!) :D
  5. They can't really give out that information 2-3 years before release because that's just telling other companies that they have 2-3 years to release their own version of a similar game and beat them to market.
  6. Definitely looks like a zombie that had a tree growing overtop of it, and when it resurrected out of the ground, the tree is now "part" of it, with roots or branches entangled/ growing through it. The crow on the back is not the same crow with the key from the rumor engine, but likely part of the same range. And the post on the zombie's back looks like a church candle holder. The trees in the background look like they could have crows (or maybe vultures; remember the vulture from the rumor engine?) in the branches. There looks like there could be a large bird wing in one tree. That could be a new scenery piece, or maybe animated trees? (That might be too Sylvaneth-y). Likely crows, carrion birds, and cobbled-together "Blanchitsu" zombies will be a unifying theme. Not vampire pirates. One final thought: Does GW ever portray Johann running from Underworlds/ Warcry warbands? He's usually shown with "proper" AoS models, right?
  7. That's the point I was making, too. We literally had a new Marine codex LAST YEAR, with all the chapter supplements, and it's already trash. Glad I decided to skip it, especially since I play Templars, and would have had to get a $40 Psychic Awakening book for the Templar rules, which are now a free PDF on the Community site. If GW wants to maintain a "living" rules set with publications that have shorter lifespans than a dayfly, that's fine... but then they shouldn't be $40 full-color, hardcover books. They should be softcover B&W with a color insert at a much cheaper price. If the rules are this disposable, then the books should be disposable. I thought we were entering the age of "free online rules" but it turns out that players are practically spending more on rulebooks than they are on models to play these games. (That's certainly the case with Warcry).
  8. What does this come to... $200 worth of rules in 2 years to play a game with 7 models per side?
  9. I'm more interested to see how it will work with models standing on top of those silly objective circles when the objective gets kicked away and the circle is now in the wrong spot, stuck under figures, and you can't remove it or place another on the new position without disturbing models. XD
  10. They're not even tall enough to look Nagash in the eye. Pics I saw look like the Mega Gargant comes up to about chest-level on Nagash, which isn't that high. Anyone have a photo of the MG next to the Purple Sun or Balewind Vortex? Seems like they would be only a head taller than those.
  11. Don't ever try to kill Gotrek. He can't be teleported, so he can ONLY move/ run/ charge– just avoid him or slow him down. Only use small, cheap chaff units on him, and NEVER charge him, just set up a semi-circle or line 3" in front of him that he'll either have to move around or charge. He'll WIPE the unit, but he'll have made no more than 3-4 inches of forward progress and killed a 60-70 point unit. Meanwhile, you're focusing on the rest of his army and capturing objectives. But, as I've said before, it's STILL a bad play experience because playing a game of "haha now you can't use your expensive toy" isn't really much fun either. :/
  12. It doesn't seem like the available factions are correct (under Death; I haven't checked the other GAs). For example– Selecting "Grand Host of Nagash" as the allegiance, should unlock the factions Legions of Nagash, Flesh-eater Courts, and Nighthaunt (the latter two are allies), but it only unlocks Legions of Nagash and Flesh-eater Courts. Edit: It's fixed now! Thanks!
  13. One other thing to note-- I just set up a battlefield to play this out, and 22" x 30" is really small. I don't anticipate the units being more than 12" away for very long...
  14. I'm going to try out the following replacements for the Troggoths: x1 Hell Pit Abomination x4 Rat Ogors (all equipped with Warpfire Guns) x3 Stormfiends (Randomly roll the weapon option for each model, ignoring the normal unit limitations) And as Kramer suggested, The Boneripper without Thanquol for the Troggboss. Equip him with 2 Warpfire Projectors & 2 Warpfire Braziers. Ignore the abilities Staff of the Horned Rat, Warpstone Addiction, Magic, and the Command Ability, but keep the Warp Amulet ability to use whenever "Regeneration" comes up in the action phase. Otherwise, keep all the action tables & results the same. I think that the fact that the units have more wounds than the Troggoths, that will make up for the lack of regeneration. And the Boneripper has more wounds and its limited regeneration ability.
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