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  1. I wonder if they will be reducing the points of the Gargants in the new GHB. People complain about gargants falling over when they charge, so a points reduction might "balance" them. Say, 130 points each would let people include 3 in a 2000 point list. OR, maybe it's GW's intention that people can't include all 3 in a "tournament" army, and taking all 3 might be reserved for larger games? Either way, I'll finally have an excuse to finish my zombie giant.
  2. Those bone tentacles/ tails are probably going to be an endless spell from the Forbidden Power set, which is supposed to be all Death-themed.
  3. Yes, what World Tree said. The FAQ is simply clarifying that you do not make a separate attack for each Warpfire Projector he's armed with. You only make ONE attack for all the projectors, and the number of projectors determines the "strength" of that attack. So, if armed with 1 projector, you make ONE attack at one target, and roll 1 dice for each model within 8" in the target unit. If armed with 2 projectors, you make ONE attack at one target, and roll 2 dice for each model within 8" in the target unit. If armed with 3 projectors, you make ONE attack at one target, and roll 3 dice for each model within 8" in the target unit. If armed with 4 projectors, you make ONE attack at one target, and roll 4 dice for each model within 8" in the target unit. That's the same as any "multiple weapon" profile (Plague Monk's paired blades, for example). It's one weapon profile with a set number of attacks, and having multiples is represented by a special rule– re-rolling hits in the case of the paired blades, or in the case of Boneripper, rolling more dice for having more projectors.
  4. Is anyone else getting a 404 result when trying to view the warscroll downloads for all the Skaven units on the GW site?
  5. Like Captain Nippon said, it seems lazy. But because of the unit size increments, you'll be left with 2 unusable Horrors or Flayers if you build a Courtier Hero out of the box. You can try to build 3 Courtiers out of one box, using all the models, but the Courtiers use the "champion" bits and there wouldn't be enough in one box to appropriately kit out all three. Probably not much of an issue if you have a large enough collection; If you've combined two boxes into a 6-man unit, you'll have a spare set of champion bits, or you could eventually add up the spare models into a full unit increment. The Crypt Ghast Courtier is a little more egregious though, because it leaves you with NINE spare ghouls. (I guess you could pay points for 10 and field them one short, but still.)
  6. I was thinking about a way they could do it too-- Rather than having a blanket ally with "Soulblight" (which I know they don't want) they could ally with keyword "Fell Bats" and "Bat Swarms." The unit's name is always a keyword, so you can add it to the list of allies to selectively allow specific units to ally in. So, the FEC allies list could read: Deadwalkers, Deathlords, Deathmages, Fell Bats, Bat Swarms. Done and done.
  7. That makes sense if the throne is only set up wholly within the FEC deployment zone. But why would they have built it out in the middle of the board? It's like having a baggage train, and sending it out in the middle of the battlefield while the general ranks up his forces. The throne looks like something that should be in your army's "base camp" which (scenario and/or themed battlefield notwithstanding) would not be halfway between your army and your enemy. Actually, the more I think about it, I hope the throne's rules stipulate that it has to be set up in your own deployment zone (more likely "within your army's territory").
  8. They could even get away with simply allowing the Fell Bats, Bat Swarms, Dire Wolves, Corpse Carts, and maybe Zombies to be part of the FEC. The bats should certainly be in there. And maybe a new kit for plastic bats & swarms could have pulled double duty for the FEC and the LoN units. The FEC range is just SO limited at the moment, it doesn't feel like it's even worth a new Battletome if they're not going to add anything. I agree about the throne. It would look appropriate in the main hall of an ancient catacomb, or at the heart of a FEC settlement built among some crumbling ruins, but most tables will probably just have this random stairway with a bone-throne on it, plopped in the middle of an empty field.
  9. If you can get some of the clear 12" rulers from the starter sets, cut them at the 9" mark. You can also use the cut-off portion as a spare 3" marker, although it will read "10]11]12]."
  10. And, like me, you'll probably never sell them, because they mean more to you than just being "game pieces." I've always said that I'd continue to paint models for my Legion of the Infernal Skull even if I stopped playing Warhammer. I still have some TK models that I'll get to someday, even knowing that there's no game to go with them, but for now, the models that I do use get the immediate attention.
  11. Joe, you appreciate the modeling and painting of an army just as much (if not more) than the game play. So at least it's not "wasted time" for you. You've got beautiful display pieces that you worked really hard on and will enjoy forever. Unfortunately, there are a lot of people out there to whom the models really are just "junk" without any rules (or even without great) rules.
  12. I prefer to keep anything that's not a model or scenery off of the table (I don't even like using dice as wound markers) but there's rarely any spare space at the shop, so I try to keep it as far off to the side as possible. Space is so tight that units waiting in reserve are still on the board somewhere. It's more of a "Murphy's Law" thing, that wherever I try to stash my turn counter, command point counter, victory point counter, effect tokens, combat gauge, tape measure, and giant pile of dice is where my opponent wants to ambush. At least I don't have a pile of warscroll cards lining the back edge of the table to further complicate things.. So I guess my real peeve is shops that don't have enough space, or the fact that there's so much extra paraphernalia required for the game. Oh- also my endless spells waiting to be cast, and the list of extra realm spells (for the pile of extra stuff).
  13. –Spectators that lean on the edge of the battlefield. That annoys the hell out of me. Respect other people's space. –Opponents who don't collect all their dice off the battlefield after rolls. Little one-off rolls, or dice that go astray, or remnants of their armor saves... They just end up with random dice here and there, cluttering up the battlefield, sometimes right in the middle where you'll probably need to roll your upcoming attacks or move your models. –Players who ambush or set up units into your backfield, and it's ALWAYS on the corner where you have your dice, tape measure, turn counter, etc. So you've got to move all your junk so they can set up their ambushing unit. (Note: This is only a problem in games when there's not any room next to the table to keep all that stuff-- which is basically every game.)
  14. I use them in most lists. Harbingers 3D6 charge is great, -2 rend and 3 damage on the halberds is the way to go. Buff them with Dread Knight from a VLoZD so they can re-roll their misses, and if you have a "regular" Vampire Lord, he can give them +1 attack if you've got the command points to spare. If they are in the Grand Host allegiance, that's another +1 attack. The bravery debuff is not to be underestimated, and if they are in the Legion of Blood, they will be throwing out -2 Bravery themselves. I like to stack up the bravery debuffs and then use Banshees or a Terrorgheist to scream mortal wounds at heavily armored targets. Then the morghasts can finish them off with their high rend, high damage attacks. They are also useful defensively-- Put them behind a single rank of Skeletons and they will be able to fight through them with the 2" reach of the halberds if the skeletons are charged. If the enemy doesn't fall for that, the morghasts can always fly over the skeletons to charge out.
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