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  1. For maneater models I was going to convert/kit bash some as pirate ogres (a common theme I know!) using the pistols from the mournfang kit and some other bitz/greenstuff to flesh them out a bit more. I figure with the pistol and hand weapon with some extra flashy bits and green stuff they should stand out enough from regular gluttons to be obvious as to what they are. Ultimately I plan on making most/all my ogres into pirate ogres, but starting with some kitbashed maneaters gives me an out if I change my mind on the army as a whole being pirate themed (then it’s just a unit of pirate ogres which may look out of place but that’s kind of the maneater units vibe: ninja ogre I’m looking at you!) Admittedly I will probably pick up the current pirate sculpt too to tie the unit together a bit more cohesively if I feel he will add to the units appearance. If he makes them look like the shoddily greenstuffed ogres I’m sure they’ll end up being then maybe I’ll exclude that specific model from the unit.
  2. Anyone able to get the ebook from the App yet? For whatever reason both mawtribes and OBR don’t have the option to preview or purchase even after an uninstall/reinstall
  3. As to how to build an army with what you have I’ll defer to those who had more time with the new battle tome than myself. For the stone horn I believe it is now a 5+ save after your normal save for wounds and mortal wounds. That is the most up to date rule for it so it is what you should use.
  4. Hello all, I was thinking of trying this list, but was curious if I there were any huge holes I am not seeing in it. It’s by no means meant to be ultra competitive, but I would still like to have some chance in local games. I also really like the admiral so would really want to keep him in even if he is not the best. Barak-Mhornor -Admiral (General) Opportunistic Privateer and Aethershock Earbuster -Aether-Khemist Aethersight Loop -10 Arkanauts Skyhooks -10 Arkanauts Skyhooks -10 Arkanauts Skyhooks -Gunhauler with cannon -Gunhauler with cannon -Gunhauler with Cannon -Frigate with cannon -5 Grundstok Thunderers -3 Skywardens (is it best to keep them melee or go VG&Skyhook?) -1 extra command point -Mercenary Company (Rampagers): -40 Marauders with shields -40 Marauders with shields 1980 points The plan would be to use the marauders as massive area denial and damage sponges (80 wounds) that will get in the opponents face which I feel like we really need in our army. Meanwhile the Gunhaulers can hug close to the admiral and try to obliterate high priority targets. The frigate can hug close as well or move off to deploy the thunderers and sky wardens on objectives. Meanwhile the Arkanauts and Khemist can try to focus down monsters, lone characters, or other units. As many of the units which can do some damage can also move fairly fast if something super dangerous gets near the ball of Gunhaulers, one can charge in for a turn while the others all disperse. Feels very Barak-Mhornor to make use of mercenaries and let them soak up the damage (don’t have to pay them if they don’t make it to the end!) from a fluff perspective which I also like, I just hope it can somewhat work. Thanks all!
  5. In regards to endless spells, I always thought it would be pretty cool if our faction’s “spells” would end up being special ordinance from our larger sky vessels. They could function just as the “endless prayers” do, and then have an array of missiles and torpedo like abilities that can range from the typical mortal wound generating AOE, to an earth shaker that reduces movement, etc. Originally I saw this as a way to make Frigates and Ironclads more viable before the point drop and to bring us up to where new factions are in terms of mechanics while keeping us a bit separate to how that actually comes about in the fluff. For a terrain piece a repair station would be cool as others have mentioned. I know others have also suggested a floating aethergold harvester which would also be really neat!
  6. Great! Thank you for all the advice and tips @Gwendar they made a lot of sense!
  7. Hello all! I have been trying to put together a 2k list with what I currently have (although I’m not adverse to picking up a few more things too!) and am curious what you all think? ((I do plan on almost always keeping the General an archwarlock as I really really like them)) -Archwarlock (Vigordust, MMMWP, Deranged Inventor) General -Warlock Engineer (chain warp lightning) -Warlock Engineer (warp lightning shield) -Clawleader (Brutal Fury) -40 Clanrats -40 Clanrats -20 Clanrats -Warp Lightning Cannon -Warp Lightning Cannon -3 Stormfiends -3 Stormfiends -Warpfire Thrower -Warpfire Thrower 2k on the nose I believe. The thought was to have one engineer and one WLC on each corner/flank so they’d have to divide to silence the artillery. The WFT would hide in the big clan rat blobs and then blow up when in a good position. The Stormfiends would advance and act as a close ranged/combat support. Does this seem like a decent plan? Also is there a preferred load out on storm fiends (was thinking rattling cannons, warpfire thrower, and doomflayers)? After playing with this a bit and based on what I have read in this thread, after a few games I may try to swap out one WLC and one WE for 6 jezzails. However, I do like the redundancy of the current list.
  8. I am looking to begin a kitbash/forgeworld/converted army that will be kind of like the old Dogs of War and with the new mercenary companies this feels like a great time to start. I really like the Gutstuffers (Maneaters fit this so perfectly and provide a very distinct look breaking from the normal Freeguild army also the Firebelly provides some dispelling and magic to the army) and would love to use them. As such I was playing around with some 2k lists and was having trouble coming up with one that seemed effective: -General (GEN) Writ and Indomitable -General on Griffon -General Stately Banner (essentially the “paymaster”) -Great Company (40 sword guard, 30 crossbow, 30 crossbow) -40 guard (was thinking militia weapons?) -Firebelly -Maneaters -Burning Head (to fill up points) 1990 Originally I was hoping to replace the second general with 2 Witch Hunters, but my unit:ally ratio wouldn’t allow for it. Thoughts? I feel like this may not have enough chaff or enough fast units to reach across the board (griffon and maneaters being it) Also I know the old Dogs used pikes a lot, but parry seemed too good to give up or is that incorrect and I can roll with spears?
  9. In regards to helping boost ships usefulness, I know their firepower is pretty low (really like the damage of the cannons being a flat value), but could a boost in tankiness increase their value? Some Tzeentch units that fly get a +2 modifier (not a 2+ base save) to their save while in combat with units that cannot fly. Do you think something like this could help? This would do a pretty good job making our ships a bit more survivable in combat against most units while still having some vulnerabilities. A major issue with our list building currently seems that we don’t have any real damage sponges, which is fine if we are supposed to be a glass cannon, but it is just unfortunate that often when another unit is considered it just never compares to “more skyhooks”.
  10. For our “endless spell” (endless science as we have been calling it), I was talking with some friends and one came up with an idea I thought was pretty unique to KO while still falling into the mold they have been using. Instead of prayers, spells, etc., let us trust to science and firepower with torpedos/munitions. Allow a skyvessel (perhaps frigates and ironclads only if they feel gunhaulers were too small, although I think this could give them an additional reason to try and include them as they are more “disposable”) to attempt to load and fire one of the types of torpedos/munitions you paid for in the hero phase the same was as the prayers are cast. If you don’t make the proper roll it could be because it got jammed or wasn’t loaded fast enough for the lore reasoning. One example could be essentially a single large torpedo with a move mechanic like the aethervoid pendulum, and when it hits a target it deals damage and is removed. Another could be a cluster bomb perhaps with a more anti horde focus. For zone denial there could be “field” (and oval base) if skymines dropped in base contact from the ship that then “drifts” D6 inches to land and any unit moving through it has the chance of taking mortal wounds I am sure there are many more clever ideas as well! This would give us some unique “spells”, that fit into the lore, while also giving sky vessels another role in our army.
  11. Admittedly the switch from KO to Order would take a lot of buffs away, but a Lord Ordinater + an Ironclad sounds pretty mean! Even just using him as an ally will be mean!
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