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  1. So I've been looking at the models (I always go from the models and pick whatever models I like). I love the Nagash, so would love to build around him for a 2k army list. 30 reapers I already have, so those are a given. I like the necromancer model https://www.games-workshop.com/en-SE/Heinrich-Kemmler and I also know how good necromancers are, so really want that model in there! I love the Vampire Lord model https://www.games-workshop.com/en-SE/Vlad-Von-Carstein but in the description it says some vampire lords can have membraneous wings and thus gain flying and more movement? Do they cost more points if you pick such a model and does your model have to have the membraneous wings, meaning I can't go with the Von Carstein-model and instead have to go with the generic Winged Vampire Lord model? I am on the fence about whether to go skeletons or go chainrasps. I like the idea of going skeletons cause I can paint them as if they are raised Stormcast Eternals (even though it doesn't fit the lore :D). But either a block of 40 skeletons or a block of 40 chainrasps seems appropriate! All this puts me at 1690 points. I have no idea what sort of endless spells I want, but I assume I want the spellportal for increased range on my spells? And also not sure how to fill out my army. 2*5 dire wolves? 2*10? They are dirt cheap, fast and fills out my battleline In a 1k and 1.5k army I would almost prefer to go with Arkhan than Nagash just to be able to field more bodies, but the idea would look the same! What do you think? are there enough bodies to contend? Money-wise this should get me my army for around 170 more euro, which I am okay with. 220 euros if I where to buy the starter box with Arkhan as well. Also okay with that.
  2. So Reapers or chainrasps as battle line Necromancers as casters Arkhan or Nagash as general Anything else I can bring that is "highly" recommended? Any elite units? or will arkhan and nagash function as that with their spell casting.. (looking at you Morgasts) when you say LoN it doesn't matter what legion I pick? legions are just subcategories to the overall army called Legions of Nagash? Or did I missunderstand something?
  3. I like Arkhan and Nagash. Can I run both in the same army? And if not, which one should be prioritized? Not really fond of the other ones, especially not Blood Knights! I kinda like that I can use Reapers, cause I already have like 30 of those. I can still resurrect those, right?
  4. Hi So I have a few different questions regarding Legions of Nagash before I purchase even more models I will struggle to get painted ;) Atm I am sitting with a bunch of nighthaunt units and have been feeling like continuing that army into Legions of Nagash and playing the spell casting and resurrecting game :D What models would be good to transition over from nighthaunt to LoN? And is the start collecting box worth it? I kinda want Arkhan just because he is bad ass, and the dark knights I will probably build into hexwraiths to use with my Nighthaunt army. And what about army list? What is currently a good army where you can win a few matches? (not tournaments, just games for fun) Grave guards? Skeletons? What should I aim for? Thanks in advance!
  5. I would definately go with 10 instead of 2*5. With 5, any good player would just target them down one unit at a time and then not having to worry about them. With 10 they need to make a choice, do I spend all I can to take them all down or do I risk just taking some of them down and then the opponent resses them back to full strength again! 2*5 is, for me, an easier decision than 1*10. I prefer them in 2*10 with Shroudguard battalion, but with your army list that would be impossible. I also like the black coach in this list (without knowing if it would actually work), basically jsut because it's such a cool unit that does such awesome things! The ressing from the black coach, however, works so much better with multi wound units. That doesn't say it will be effect to keep your bladegheists alive, and those bladegheists along with a high level black coach will be able to threat a big part of the board every turn with their retreat and charge abilities. Have the spirit hosts run along them and let the ressing commence (but again, I dont know much about strategy.. I play what I think looks fun, not what is necessarily the best)
  6. Does anyone have any information on when Bladegheists and the Black Coach will release? They are basically the only units that I have left to gather for my two army projects now that Reikenor and Harrows have released.
  7. 5 Bladegheists per unit is waaay to low. That's only 5 wounds, which will be easily whiped off the table quickly. 10 is according to me minimum for such a unit, and even then they are fragile without ressurects. Shademist and Soulcage are both very good spells for any nighthaunt list and are without a doubt the ones I will be using. Pendant is a nice artifact to add more movement to an already quick army. And for command trait I think ruler of the spirit host (think that's what it's called) is the one to pick. That will give you more ressurects and add some longevity.
  8. That does look like the color! Thank you!
  9. For me it depends on what objective the reapers will have. Are they blobs to soak up enemy units or are they objective grabbers or a mix? I always think 20 is a good number, especially since they can fly and have 8" move. With Pendant they have 11" move. With Chronomatic they have 13" (?) move. All this means that 20 reapers will be able to circle an enemy unit and get lots of attacks in. Bladegheists are much more expensive, so running them in 20s might be a bit too expensive. However, this is kind of dependant on how you want to play. I guess there are pros and cons with 10s and 20s. Two 10s can threaten the board on more places with the free drop. 1 20 unit with a GoS or two will be really difficult to kill. However with a unit of 20 the enemy can focus all their fire on that particular unit. With two units of 10 you can force the player to spread out, leaving room for something else (like the reapers) to approach the enemy lines. One should note though that I haven't played a single game and there are people that are much more knowledgable and better at the strategy aspect than me
  10. According to someone in the Rules section you can absolutely use the same battalion twice in an army list. So you could run 2 Deathrider battalions if you wanted to.
  11. Is it allowed on this site to link bit sites? or is that against forum rules?
  12. Did you rip that off from Lord of the Rings? Btw, my soul is so tainted that Nagash would spit me back out again! I would do more harm to the living world as a living person than as a dead person!
  13. Yeah, I think Ekrund is talking about using 2 units of 20, not 1 unit of 40
  14. There is a pack called Tormented Spirits. 5 black knights/hexwraiths, 3 spirits hosts and 1 cairn wraith. Cheaper to buy that pack than to buy hexwraiths and spirit hosts individually. And I kinda want Spirit Hosts as an option, although the pack is mostly used for the Hexwraiths.. and perhaps a little bit for the Cairn Wraiths that I can convert into Chainghasts or reapers (and convert two reapers into chainghasts). The Spirit hosts just look bad ass, so they will look cool as a model amongst the army. edit: Is there a way to delete your posts? Accidentally made a double post..
  15. well.. if I ever need a pep talk, I now know you are not the guy to turn to
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