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  1. Yeah but there different reports on Windchargers are they 150 or 130 ?
  2. Yep and you got to keep Cathallar near Blademasters with two you got abilitu twice, extra spell, extra cast, extra unbind, maybe extra artifact if you run battalion and more flexibility movement wise and deploy wise. Thats why Bladelords are okayish but B-Tier at best. Could anybody confirm 130 for Roos ?
  3. If you wanna spend 120 on Blademaster to protect Cathallar you might as well take second Cathallar. Blademaster are okayish nut nothing auto include. Ballista is just average for 100 pts - 6W, zero mobility and at average dmg is like 3 (including extra buffs for not moving). Twins are actually good - they have a lot of cool stuff to justify their price tag. Very good warscroll that can be used but requires skill and playtesting. Surely better then Starshards or Bladelords.
  4. Twins are easily A-B tier. Blademaster are Tier B at best, Ballista is average there is no reason to take it over Sentinels C Tier.
  5. It's more internet trolling that actual thing - poeple complain in internet over everything. I've never experienced that people refuse to play - just not bring filth playing casual games. I am highly competitive player but I won't bring A-Tier tournament list to game with new player etc.
  6. Some scrolls are pretty bad but some amazing stuff in there. Both great nations are good as they give something different. Alumnia could be crazy good with pre-game move and Hurakan has some great abilities. Heroes Loreseeker - best scroll in whole BR:Teclis update. Sevireth - pretty good - as with all those abilities could be kept out of danger his dmg is reliable, MWs are reliable, -2'' pilne in is amazing along with Hurakan ability. Amazing scroll that can be used in many lists. WindSpirit - much worse then Sev, as he will be easier to kill if you have points - Sev is much better choice. Windmage - very good, if you run Hurakan units he is great, if you run Sev he is great and on his own he is great as he has access to amazing magic lore, so if you don't run Teclis you want him for teleport spell. Twins - playable, 8 wounds 3+, but could be shielded with Bladelords, heal themselves, generates CPs 2cast, big upside. 260 is rough but they might work Regent - quite good but won't see much play, named one is even worse. Calligrave - meh Standar bearer - meh. Units Windchargers - good, balanced, could be used in any list or you can build a list around them (it could work) Bladelords - great as Bodyguards - Cathallar, Twins, Loreseeker, even 5 are good Starshards - 3A with 5-6W for 100 with max dmg of 9 ? Nah, you would be better with Sentinels - they are more reliable, more wounds, more mobility, doesn't need stuff like heroes in range etc.
  7. Such logic is flawed as you can't look at her as 390 as Morath-Khaine alone would never cost like 210 but 300+ for abilities and utility she provides. Also you're missing a point how Morathi is used in competitive play - she isn't damage dealer and never was, she is utility piece to control the movement and how opponent moves. Your argument about Sequitors is flawed as well -even with rend2 she won't be able to go through some units for example Ymmetrica Stoneguards. You can always find some stuff certain units won't go through - and Morathi isn't melee machine and never was, she has unique role in an army and she got massively better with new rules. For her role she is amazing and easily best leader in Age of Sigmar. Sure rend2 would make her better but to claim that you can't justify taking her in competitive play is just not true.
  8. Morathi is still the best "leader" model in the game - rend2 or rend1 - she was mainstay in DoK armies for years and at 120 extra you get - 3 casts every turn and 2 unbinds at +1 - amazing CA to use everytime she's on a table - two roadblocks vs 1 - better "damage table" - endless spells and auot-kill stuff doesn't effect her - buffs to Melusai and Khinerai - always being a general (which is huge for some new CA in DoK book like Khailebron teleport) Sure rend2 on lance would be amazing but she is still such an amazing tactical piece.
  9. How I didn't include new stuff ? - I have Heart of Fury - list wouldn't be possible with old points - Whichbrew was never "the buff" and I still have it on Hag Queen. Is it worse ? Surely is but that doesn't change the fact that it's still there, and Heart of Fury more the makes up for it. Also it's one list I came up with on the fly - Hammertime is some kind of TTS tournament ? As I don't really follow TTS. Already made some changes to lists after studying book more. Fact is all units but Hags compared to old book got better or cheaper (or both). Also it has so many options
  10. Every unit got better or cheaper. Battalions are still very useful for many reasons Cauldron Guard - cheapest way to get lower drop, extra CP, extra item and very good ability that makes your Lifetakers much better. Slaughter Troupe - retreat and charge is massive, you don't need Hag Queen that much these days so Slaughter Queen slots nicely in to cast prayers and Heart of Fury Shadowpatrol - much better as Warlocks are cheaper and have +1 to cast while 5+ and Lifetakers are better. Also you can teleport units out of combat with it now Scathcoven - free BS immunity and quite flexible organisation Vyperic Guard - enables low drop Melusai army and for 140 it's bascially 1 extra CP and lower drops. Sisters of Slaughter - still amazing Blood Sisters - much better compared to old book - as you have ways to have them buffed with extra attacks one of them (Morathi buff) is quite easy to achieve, also with Ironscale they are faster and cheaper 130 is very good. Horde discount is not an issue - they were 480 for 20 before, now they are 520 for 20, and any time you don't run 20 they are cheaper Doomfire - actually better, spell got a it but you almost never used them - now they are bascially a 10W spellcaster with +1 to cast, quite good. Morathi - still a boss, rend1-2 doesn't matter much she got such a huge warscroll boost anyway. Wholly within on HaggNarr stuff doesn't matter much as it won't impact how Hag Nar plays - you castle up, soak up dmg and they run&charge. Competitive wise it very similar, maybe change some army composition, but with better Morathi and how crazy Heart of Fury could be (as you can put it up on the board and move units into it's aura) HaggNarr will be much better - especially with how insane Shadowstalkers are. Lifetakers are another unit people sleep on - extra rend and extra attacks thanks to Morathi is huge, 10 of them cost 160 can drop them anywhere near Morathi and they are +1rend, +1dmg on charge and +1A from Morathi with possible upside of casting Mindrazor. Also other temples got buffs - Khailebron, Khelt-Ner could be amazing, Draichi Ganethas well. Like I've been playing DoK since old book was released won a fair share of tournaments (including London GT 2019) and this book is big buff. My go-to competitive list will be like this I think Morathi - Mindrazor Hag Queen on Cauldron - Blessing of Khaine, Ulfuri 10 Witches with bucklers 10 Witches with bucklers 30 Sisters of Slaughter with bucklers/knives 10 Stalkers 9 Shadowstalkers 9 Shadowstalkers Heart of Fury Extra CP But I have highly competitive Melusai list as well. So many exciting stuff, bascially the only thing that was nerfed is Witchbrew and Witches everything else got much better or cheaper or in some cases both.
  11. Iron Circlet doesn't work on Heart of Fury. Heart of Fury is invocation that a priest can summon on 3+ not a prayer Iron Circlet only allow to re-rolls 1s on prayers. BTW book is amazing, and big boost to DoK.
  12. My Lumineth Realm-Ladies project is finished ( amazingly brought to life by Studio Erstwood). Its an all female (almost) army inspired by backstory about female army of magical clones. Its also my go-to army for competitive play in 2021.
  13. Yeah sticks for Eeels are so fragile. I dropped my army case and 16 sticks broke so I pinned them and then glued them together.
  14. Logistics could be a nightmare but on the other hand - both post-lockdown releases are quite huge. 1. They released a lot of Mechanicum stuff it's huge release a lot of kits - and it found it's way on the shelves without any delays 2. Aeronautica and this weeks pre-orders are also huge. I doubt they have much problems and I expect Lumineth Box to be up for pre-orders with DoK Warband and Scions of Flame for AoS week. Then switching to 40k again and then to rest of Lumineth.
  15. It's impossible to introduce such change in GHB. AoS 3.0 which should arrive summer 2021 could change it, but then whole points system should be readressed to do that.
  16. It's a horrbile idea for AoS (unless they rebuild whole system), some armies need CPs a lot (for example Orruk Warclans, FEC) and they make alot of effort list building to get access to CPs as using CAs is integral to how such army plays. On the other hand for example Deepkin do not need much CPs as they don't have much CAs to build your lists around. Giving a lot of CPs to everybody would outbalance all CAs heavy armies. And I like that variety in AoS, if every army needs a lot of CAs it will be more boring for several reasons.
  17. I doubt unit champions are heroes with their own warscroll. I am certain from battle reports that they just act as one - they cast spells, use abilities kind of like Mortek Hekatos.
  18. Yeah AoS is more like it right now. I like how AoS you can play variety of armies from big, low-model count armies like FEC/Ogors to hordes of models - Skavens, DoK. There are amazing all cavalery armies (Deepkin) and Shooting Armies (Changehost, Salamanders) and there is everything in between.
  19. It's all speculation. Those aren't even rumors but pure speculation/wishlisting. The only "rumor" is new DoK battletome and Slaanesh mortal - from Warhammer Weekly. DoK makes sense as it's the oldest battletome know. Kurnothi could be one off like Zoats or Gitmob or just possible Sylvaneth semi-expansion. Malerion isn't doing any stuff right know. Aelves lore is all about Teclis and Morathi right know - they work somehow together and saw the danger of Slaanesh escaping , Tyrion and Malerion stood still.
  20. Looks very Elven, and lack of armour looks very much like thralls/akhelian guard. Gemstones look very High Elven though Deepkin WarCry/Underworlds warband ? unreleased Lumimeth stuff ?
  21. https://www.warhammer-community.com/2020/05/08/see-the-light-of-elthariongw-homepage-post-2/?fbclid=IwAR1fmLq4lV_6Yg7iNF711F3Z3pBn1AHAMhcxZ95qYdW0GB8MkOTXEXzJjXc
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