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  1. So after a slight delay due to life, we'r back, a Khorgaroth has been almost completed, a squad of Knights are being finalized and a Blood Warrior is making progress. As well as a health amount of undead robots. The Khorgaroth has been lots of fun, so many different effects and textures, I've grown massively as a painter from working on him (i see this in my later works). I've used my mobile for these shots, so they're not great. as always and C and Cs would be greatly appreciated
  2. Accidental Cultist

    Alpha strike

    Looks Amazing!
  3. As i mentioned in the first post, what really drew me into AOS was seeing the big bad dinosaurs of the Seraphon. They are fantastic models and i can't help but be drawn into them. So when i decided to start into AOS the core starter and Seraphon was a no brainer for me. As it stands right now i have the below list: 10 Warriors 15 Knights 1 Priest 1 Starpriest 1 Carnosaur 1 Stegadon 1 Scar vet on Cold one I am also looking to see if I can kitbash out an Astrolith bearer from the extra warrior parts. While I don't particularly like the Cold One model, I do like the idea of a cav army. I found out in my first actual game that the knights are pretty ordinary, but it's fun so i'll stick with the plan. I'm hoping to get another game in next week (roughly 1000pts), i'm hoping to be more aggressive with the Stegadon and then swing in with the knights. Don't know if it will work but will be fun to try. I have so far painted 3 warriors (including the Alpha) and a test model for the cold one/knight. The cold one/knight isn't finished yet, I still haven't decided how to do the claws and plants. I am strongly leaning towards a bright blue/purple/pink look (similar to the plants from the movie Avatar) but not sure how it will go/i have the skill to do it. the plan is to finish another 4 to this point (a full squad) and then make a decision from there.
  4. I still need to name this Horde, but it still need to decide the direction its going. Until then the list only consists of the Khorne half of the starter set and the Slughter Priest from White Dwarf. I have painted 2 of the bloodreavers, not completely finished but enough for the moment. There's still a little bit of clean up and highlighting still to do. but here are the first photos .
  5. Greetings All, As the title says, I am the Accidental Cultist, so a brief history before the real posting starts. Growing up I always saw the local Games Workshop and was interested in the models, but never got involved. I was always aware of the game, but not of the hobby or lore. In October 2015, I started playing the Warhammer 40,000 Conquest LCG by Fantasy Flight Games (amazing game and i still play even though its been discontinued). This started getting me really interested in the lore of 40k and started looking at models. I had also been looking for more of a hobby I can do to relax and take a break, so i figured i would give this a go a. I got a box of Tau Pathfinders, a couple paints and brushes and jumped right in, hook line and sinker. I spent most of 2016 slowly building and painting those pathfinders, some Dark Angels and Necrons. I never played a game of 40K as the rules were to complex to just read and understand (I feel like you really need to sit down and start playing to get it), I also didn't want to have to commit to one army to get enough to field an army. I really enjoyed painting a variety of different models and styles (I still have a Harlequin Solitaire i need to finish as well). I was having a look through the FLGS and found a box of these amazing dinosaur models, when i dug a bit deeper I found they were part of Age of Sigmar and realised that I can play with much smaller armies, the games aren't to long and the rules are nice and simple. I got the core box and sold off the Stormcast half, got the Seraphon starter, an extra box of knights and a Stegadon. I now have two small armies with great models, and have already played two games (against fellow newbs). This blog is primarily a way for me to post and track my painting, and keep me motivated to keep going. I will also post games here, not full on battle reports but more musings and learning. Any and all comments, feedback and suggestions are warmly encouraged. --- The Accidental Cultist Blood for the Skull throne? Is that how it goes?
  6. Accidental Cultist

    How to build Stormcast Prosecutors

    I've lost instructions in the past, i emailed GW customer service and they were able to send through a PDF cody
  7. Accidental Cultist

    Player/Community/Store/Tournament Map

    This is great! thanks Location: Melbourne, Australia Name: Accidental Cultist / Ben Gordon Contact: Pm on forum