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There's Always a Beginning

Accidental Cultist


Greetings All,


As the title says, I am the Accidental Cultist, so a brief history before the real posting starts. Growing up I always saw the local Games Workshop and was interested in the models, but never got involved. I was always aware of the game, but not of the hobby or lore. In October 2015, I started playing the Warhammer 40,000 Conquest LCG by Fantasy Flight Games (amazing game and i still play even though its been discontinued). This started getting me really interested in the lore of 40k and started looking at models. I had also been looking for more of a hobby I can do to relax and take a break, so i figured i would give this a go a. I got a box of Tau Pathfinders, a couple paints and brushes and jumped right in, hook line and sinker.

I spent most of 2016 slowly building and painting those pathfinders, some Dark Angels and Necrons. I never played a game of 40K as the rules were to complex to just read and understand (I feel like you really need to sit down and start playing to get it), I also didn't want to have to commit to one army to get enough to field an army. I really enjoyed painting a variety of different models and styles (I still have a Harlequin Solitaire i need to finish as well). I was having a look through the FLGS and found a box of these amazing dinosaur models, when i dug a bit deeper I found they were part of Age of Sigmar and realised that I can play with much smaller armies, the games aren't to long and the rules are nice and simple. I got the core box and sold off the Stormcast half, got the Seraphon starter, an extra box of knights and a Stegadon. I now have two small armies with great models, and have already played two games (against fellow newbs).

This blog is primarily a way for me to post and track my painting, and keep me motivated to keep going. I will also post games here, not full on battle reports but more musings and learning. Any and all comments, feedback and suggestions are warmly encouraged.

--- The Accidental Cultist 

Blood for the Skull throne? Is that how it goes?


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