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  1. There is no specific rule that references obligatory choices , the core rule on page 15 forbid any named character taking an artefact or command trait - see attached . You simply lose that choice .
  2. Hiya - named characters can’t be given artefacts or command abilities . If you are forced to give it to your general and that general is a named character you just don’t get the artefact or ability - you lose it in your example just give it to another hero in your army . .
  3. From the core rule FAQ Q: When the word ‘any’ is used in the criteria for an ability, how many times is that ability applied when the criteria for the ability are fulfilled? For example, if an ability said ‘Add 1 to hit rolls for models that are within 6" of any models with this ability’, would I add 1 to the hit rolls of a model that was within 6" of three models with the ability, or would I add 3 to the hit rolls? A: The word ‘any’ is treated as being synonymous with ‘one or more’. In your example, this means that 1 would be added to the hit rolls, not 3.
  4. jamie.white

    BoK rules

    He’s a named character , can’t take crown cleaver
  5. So each retailer will have reserved a number of sets from their trade rep earlier this week . They then can sell up to that number knowing that is the number they are getting . the sister a box sold out to trade accounts on Wednesday of this week .
  6. Hiya - no you’ve read the warscroll wrong . It says as the attacking model takes damage . So you’ve been playing it right with the star drake
  7. No , you can only use the units in the published tables - in the battletomes or the ptg book
  8. Yup - they are two different marketplaces. If you bought on Apple you can only access them on an Apple device
  9. hi - they have already announced ghb18 will launch alongside aos2 in June
  10. Was the founders pack there to buy ?
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