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  1. So... I've read the two parts of broken realms morathi. One part was about the idoneth and an artifact that they didn't want to get loose because it could lead to Teclis finding them. It's stated that Teclis wanted to genocide the whole idoneth faction in the lrl book, and other spots but Tyrion and Celenar? Stopped him. My question is, why can lrl ally idoneth? It doesn't make sense lorewise. Or is it because it's just Teclis they dislike/avoid but the rest are cool?
  2. So... Now I finally got my pre orders! Took about a month. I'm looking forward to read the lore!
  3. The dragon/human thing looks just weird to me, but the rest looks good
  4. Y'all are great painters! Celenar is probably the model I dislike the most, but I've finally decided how to make it. I had a teal look at the body part first, but it reminded me of Tzeentch, so I made it look more like the wings. I wish Celenar was a little bit smaller, because Teclis looks like something they just added to the model.
  5. Didn't know that they canned the digital only edition. That's not ideal either...
  6. Yeah! It has cork board on one side though (on those plates you put in and out). The case itself feels little bit unstable, but it worked well when I traveled with public transportation. And if you don't have a big model like Teclis, the you could make it more stable with using more plates (I only have one). Dimensions: Width: 32 cm Depth: 25 cm Height 32 cm
  7. So, the heroes with ymetrica tag, can only be taken in ymetrica? I finally got my order from GW, but still haven't received my order from my flgs :/...
  8. I felt like op when I saw the email from gw. But I would also rather get new models than waiting forever for a new update. But I wish gw had a digital code in AoS battletomes to get them on your phone with updated rules...
  9. Saw the same yesterday on Android - chrome web browser. Today there was a menu on the bottom, but when I changed to night mode (there was a moon on the top), the layout changed. I can see the profile and names today though!
  10. Hello master painters! I wanted to share this with you. I guess I'm making fun of my own skills with faces. The look Teclis gives you when you use more than 2 thin coats. First I thought about glowing eyes, but since no one else in the army has it, I felt strange with the idea. So judging eyes it is.
  11. I went with that bag and one ikea kvissle. This is how the result looks like. I have 20 sentinels and 20 wardens on the top. I recon it could fit at least 20 more. Since Teclis falls down way to easy with the magnets I got, I will glue him to Celenar. But it you could remove Teclis, then you would easily fit another shelf! The bag has plenty of space to put extra stuff in it!
  12. Indeed! Have any of y'all bought the epub3 battletome? I can get it to work fine on my phone, but there ain't really any good apps for my surface & stationary computer to view them
  13. Thanks! I read it through pretty fast. (I didn't do that spell several times, but I wasn't sure when my opponent asked).
  14. I played my first 2000 points game today with my Lumineth army. The hero phase took a little bit long, but it was nice to pay with almost all rules in the game (we skipped the terrain buff/nerf rules). We played a game with two objectives on each side. I started since I had the lowest drops of us two. My goal was to somehow survive with my Dawnriders and take one of the enemy objectives while my other battelines would come and support. The sentinels did the most support compared to my wardens. I guess their job was just to protect my sentinels and keeping enemies away from Tecli
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