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  1. They still sell models made in metal? Or is it leftovers from the past?
  2. But y'all have to remember that Tyrion and the third Lumineth book will show up sooner or later! It will be elves with fire burning birds and magical arrows that do 2 mortal wounds instead of one! I don't think the age of of elves is over, but I don't mind the rest getting some love first!
  3. I just tried it out. I get the same result! Is there anything you can see with the free version? Or its just the text for the rules?
  4. sooo... to get 2 battleline units in with the dominion box, you have to take the sub faction that makes the bolt unit battleline?
  5. Its a bummer, but I recall back in the old days, you only had the rules in the books. So I'm not that shocked. I hope the warscrolls on paper last for a long time this edition though! I'm fine to be able to see my rules in an app too, but I did like the ability to look on other factions units in the app, especially those that you encounter. It helped my friend and I to know the rules for most of the units and remind each other if we missed something.
  6. I gave around 195€ to Games workshop for some paper, I bought the limited edition ones, because I dont like the red part on the top of the book..., warscrolls and the Grand Alliance Order dices. I hope the workers that printed the paper, made the scrolls, ships everything gets a good cut of that money. Hope everyone gets what they want today
  7. I'm also worried about the warscroll builder... I really like it since I then can build a list for me and friends that visit me. If they go behind the paywall way, then perhaps the subscription to the app to be able to see all warscrolls would be"acceptable" to me...
  8. I felt a little bit tempted and would like to support him. But I've invested heavily in the citadel paint line and I have enough colors now ... I hope it goes well for him though! Do people think cities of Sigmar will get a new book, or they will divide the faction?
  9. I'm guessing that it will be the new black templars? But probably round two of the 40k orcs?
  10. Nice. That box with orcs seems filled with miniatures. Happy for those that like orcs! I'm working on my 4th Bladelord, and I haven't built the whole dominion box. I guess I'm in the minority since I have no rush for new stuff! But I understand those that want the new books for their factions at least!
  11. Page 10 – Scinari Loreseeker, Notes Change the Notes to ‘Single, Unique’. Its back to the original spot! Anything else to think about the FAQs?
  12. I have two of all the first units then :)! I haven't opened the newest one. I will keep it until 2060 and see if it's worth something then (probably not). I would probably sign up for a year to wh+ if I felt it was worth it. Right now I don't feel it is. But it might be in the future! After all, it's not that far from the cost of a model\unit. And you get one in the price. If you could get all the rules in both 40k and AoS, then I would totally feel that it would be worth the price.
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