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  1. They are gone in Sweden too. Hope you get new ones soon:)
  2. Maybe we get a different ymetrica rules for the vanari?
  3. Do you think this one would be ideal to Kvissle? Luxja Overlock Bag for Overlock Machines, Overlock Bag for Storage Overlock Sewing Machines, Coverlock Bag for Transport Overlock Machine and Accessories, 33 cm x 30.5 cm x 34 cm, Black: Amazon.de: Küche & Haushalt According to Ikea Kvissle is 32/25/32 cm. I dont know the size for a battletome, but maybe i could fit one of those in the bag too? Those look way nice! But the price is a little bit to much for my taste... I think i will go for the Kvissle method.
  4. Im on the edge of just getting the new battletome instead... Broken realms will have nice lore and such, but yeah I'm not sure...
  5. Did anyone get what they meant when they said don't worry to y'all that already have a battletome. Will they give us an updated with pdf? Or just buy the broken realms book? Quite nice with new stuff though!
  6. Have you, presented the results? On topic, I think it would be neat if aos3 make smaller armies /1200 points or so relevant.
  7. How do you get him 2+ save? (Using two quartz in a row?). I don't remember, could you make your units -2 to hit?
  8. My wallet isn't ready for kurnothi. But my heart is!
  9. Hi all! I don't know, but to me it feels like LRL are pretty popular, or is it just that we are a lot more that discuss and talk about it here at the forum? Just wanted to say that I enjoy what y'all post and so on. I dont know the next time I will play, but some of you that are more into playing might be able to give me some advice? The army I bought and are planning to field are the following Teclis Cathaller The Light of Eltharion 5x2 Dawnriders (I think? I have ten at least) 10x2 Wardens 10x2 Sentinels. The Cathaller + Sentinels + Wardens battalion. I think thats about 2000 points. What sub-faction would y'all say are the best for this build? and why? Ive only played Zaitrec before. I feel Syar is risky, and I struggle to see the point of using 2 quartz. The armies I will face are the following - Stormcast Eternals, Slaves to Darkness (no Archaeon), Disciple of Tzeentch & Sylvaneth. Only the Sylvaneth player is a veteran (he plays 1-2 times a month). Thankful for suggestions!
  10. Thanks! It was easy to customize that! For the base I used something I saw at Twitter last year. - Agrellan Badland texture paint Paint Agrax Earthshade when its dry. When the shade is dry, dry brush in the following order. - Steel legion drab - Karak Stone - Usabti Bone I also painted the rims with steel legion drab. Then i added middenland tufts and Mordheim turf and some bushes from army painter? Or maybe it is spring flowers, to make it more alive. The bright blue is Talassar blue contrast. The robes are a mix with Talassar and Leviadon blue (Both contrast). The darker rims are Leviadon blue. I used Teclis blue to make it brighter at several spots.
  11. I finally got done with my first ten sentinels. I decided to take some pictures when I had a break earlier today. Hope you enjoy them.
  12. I just want a new model of Orion reborn in AoS... I like the idea with new models for CoS that mix elf's, humans and dwarfs. I would also like a new warrior priest that isn't a stormcast.
  13. Im happy that they expand Lumineth, not sure about the books, I might get them digital. I wish they made the new battle tomes like the 40k caudexes. That if you buy the book, you can upload it to your phone (at least the rules). It would be healthy if GW showed some love to Fyreslayers, Ironjaws, Idoneth and probably just updating the whole skaven and lizardmen factions.
  14. Those look good too! I hated to paint dawn riders, but that could totally work! It also reminds me of the high elves in Total Warhammer 2 (and i guess WHFB).
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