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  1. Thanks a lot, i also got the idea of the bound version, but i am also not sure if the Khemist is counted as a "caster". But i will check the KO thread to find the discussion. It’s an interesting Option.
  2. Hello, I am working on a first strike list for KO and thinking about taking the Chronimantic cogs as a spell in the bottle, but I am not sure if it is working. If am understood the ability of the the spell correct the endless spell ignores any of its normal casting restrictions, but for the cogs I need a caster to manipulate it in the hero phase. Is it still possible with KO ? The next question would be if I first use the spell in my movement phase, is it still possible to use the ability of the cogs in this turn? I hope you understand what I mean 😉 Thanks in advance.
  3. Hi together, i have a few questions regarding Tzeentch. 1) Changehost - Is it possible to run a changehost with Kairos ? In the warscroll he has the keyword "Lord of Change" 2)Aura of Mutability, Coruscating Flames and Locus of Change - are these Auras also valid for the hero itself or only for units arround them?? Thanks in advance.
  4. Wow, the bases and for sure also the also the models look amazing!!! Can you give me a hint how you have done the bases? 😉
  5. Ok, thats true - That answer the first questions. Do you have any interpretation of the second one ?
  6. Hi all, i have two questions regarding the Idoneth Deepkin Akhelian Corps. First of all i assume that i cant reroll ritual roll in the Hero Phase due to it's not mentioned in the warscroll ? Secondly my interpretation is, that i can reroll the complete roll and not only one dice out of the roll or i am wrong? Thanks in advance.
  7. Ok, thanks for this fast clarification. I have an additional question: Can a unit be affected by this ability from two different Leviadons, so get +2 to save? Or even better can Namarti units get +2 to hit if they are wholly within 12” of two friendly Leviadons ?
  8. Hello, i am not sure if i understand the void drum ability correct. Void Drum: Add 1 to save rolls for attacks that target friendly Idoneth Deepking units that have a Wound characteristic of 8 or less….. If I have a unit of Morrsarr Guards which contains 3 Models the total wounds characteristic of the unit is 12, so from understanding they are not affected by this ability or I am wrong? Thanks in advance.
  9. Thanks, That was also my understanding but i was not quite sure if it was totally correct !
  10. Hi, Thanks your feedback. Yeah sounds like a good idea at the moment. The same issue will be, if the Blue Scribes for example learn an Spell with his Frantic Scribbling Ability.....
  11. Hi again, In Tzeentch you have the possibility to choose one extra Spell out of the two Lore for each Magical Hero / Unit. Is this also valid if I summon this unit during the game ? For example if a summon a Herold of Tzeentch during the game can I choose a Spell out of Spell Lore’s afterwards? Thanks
  12. Hi, i have one question regarding the set up with a Battalion. According to Core rules I have the possibility to set up the complete Battalion as well as set up some of units. My question is, what means some in this case? Let’s say I have a Battalion with 9 Units, is it possible to split it into 3 Drops for example? Thanks in advance.
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