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  1. Thanks, That was also my understanding but i was not quite sure if it was totally correct !
  2. Hi, Thanks your feedback. Yeah sounds like a good idea at the moment. The same issue will be, if the Blue Scribes for example learn an Spell with his Frantic Scribbling Ability.....
  3. Hi again, In Tzeentch you have the possibility to choose one extra Spell out of the two Lore for each Magical Hero / Unit. Is this also valid if I summon this unit during the game ? For example if a summon a Herold of Tzeentch during the game can I choose a Spell out of Spell Lore’s afterwards? Thanks
  4. Hi, i have one question regarding the set up with a Battalion. According to Core rules I have the possibility to set up the complete Battalion as well as set up some of units. My question is, what means some in this case? Let’s say I have a Battalion with 9 Units, is it possible to split it into 3 Drops for example? Thanks in advance.
  5. Thanks for your Feedback. I have an additional question regarding the Changeling. In the warscroll is mentioned, that the changeling can cast a Spell known by a Wizard within 9" - That’s clear so far ! But if i use for example the Infernal Gateway from the Lord of Change on which D6 result will the enemy suffer a MW ? Thanks in advance
  6. Hi, just to be sure i am not wrong. If i use the Formöess Horror Ability to pick a melee weapon of an enemy model i dont get the "special effect" as well or ? f.e.g. if i choose the Fanged Maw from a Terrorgheist i dont get Gaping Maw ? Another example can be the Slayer of Kings from Archaon.. Thanks in advance.
  7. Hi all, My question is related to the use of the Umbral Spellportal in combination with predatory endless spells. Let’s say the spell portal is on the board and I cast the Aethervoid Pendulum and move it within 6” of the portal. So according to the text I have to set up it again within 6” of the other Portal. Get units which can be effected by the Pendulum now damage ? The test of the Spellportal says: … set it up again… “ so the question is, is the setup a move ? The text from Pendulum says “ After this Modell have moved….” So it possible to argue that the move had ended on the other side ?! Second question – If I already send a cast through the portal and afterwards cast a predatory endless spells and move it within 6” of the portal is the rule still in place ? Thanks
  8. @EMMachine Not really Look at my my post
  9. Hi, i have had the same question a few days ago. Please have a look here: Tzeentch Page 74
  10. Hi, i have a question regarding the the mechanic of the Changeling within a changehost. 1st Turn – I place the The Changeling within enemy’s territory, in my round I swap it with a unit of Pink horrors with the Changehost. So Arch-deceiver is still working due to there was no enemy within 3’ of the Changeling. 2nd Turn – At the start of my Hero Phase, my Pink’s are still alive and in combat with an enemy unit ( no Hero around ) – I swap this unit back and replace it by the Changeling. So from my point of with Arch-deceiver is still working until an enemy Hero comes or I made an action or I am wrong ? Thanks in advance
  11. Yeah you are right, you cant use the DD for an effect of an Fold reality but for and Damage roll of an cast or i am wrong here?
  12. Yup, this. Can also save you're bacon in a million other ways like making sure you get that vital cast/unravel etc etc etc. It's one of the most powerful abilities in the game, letting you make more risky plays every turn until you have used it. Ok i can see this point - But i guess risky play also depends on the destiny dice. If i have some 2 or 3 - i can use them as well for Fold Reality. But for sure the ability to change the roll afterwards is really great. ! !
  13. Hi, I also like this list pretty much but I would like to discuss the point to use an LoC instead of Kairos. Kairos: Advantage: Get one additional Destiny Die Knows all other Spells of your Army, as long the others are alive and within 18" Generate Chaos Spawns with his spell – good for blocking an binding of enemy’s Disadvantage: Cannot use an artefact – lack of good artefact for Ogrid if you not playing in special Realms Damage output statistical lower with own spell as LoC – not quite sure No command ability Can not learn other spells by unbind What do you thinking about it ?
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