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  1. Im so amped for BoC. I'll be sad if it is just the legions of nagash treatment. That chariot is awful. Either way im in
  2. Well done Ben! On the note of the terrain. It looks gorgeous! I'd happily play on that, give that man a cookie
  3. My beloved Kharadron Overlords got knocked down a peg,but we still stand defiant
  4. Endrinriggers. Love them to bits, one of the units that made me fall in love with KO.
  5. Love it. Whens the next one! I have 40 skeletons to paint for a client and need something to stop me from repeatedly banging my head against a garden gnome
  6. Hi guys! Fellow stunty player ( KO). Looking at doing Fyrslayers as my next army and was wondering what your guys opinions are on a good competitive list? As you can guess im more of a comp player. Any advice or even lists would be greatly appreciated!
  7. I feel your pain mate. I reeeeally do.
  8. Im increasingly positive. The nerfs just mean that we have to adapt our play style and it also opens up our other less used Skyports. Thryng and Urbaz are personal stand outs for me. And if this change to thunderers is true ( not holding my breath ) it means that we have far more diverse lists. Bring on the comp year!
  9. But in all seriouseness Admirals i'm super excited for the new edition. Still theory hammering my new list but its mostly the same as the last xD. Looking forward to some good constructive discussion.
  10. Wooooo first comment! Kharadron Overlords are still awesome. the end. fin. done.
  11. Dont forget that you can alwayd use comtagion points to summom them in now that they dont cost reinforcement pts. Sure theres better options out there but its still a cool idea
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