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  1. I managed to track down the mat I was thinking about. http://shop.twoplustough.com/Shop/product/deadlands-6x4-gaming-mat/
  2. I tied in vain to find it but I remember seeing a neoprene mat that was grey/wasteland with some blue/energy details throughout. It looked nice and there was a tutorial on painting your bases to match. Wish I could find it but maybe it will jog someone's memory.
  3. Spifferson

    Tomb Kings Spearmen

    Tomb Kings Spearmen on Shattered Dominion bases.
  4. I worked on the Horse Archers and did some minor conversions to arm the command models with bows. They are now ready to be painted.
  5. New plastic sculpts up close and last metal sculpts in the back.
  6. Last metal sculpts before the new plastics.
  7. I've updated the previous post with what I was able to accomplish. Even though I didn't finish the contest, progress was made on my original goal and I finished up the unit of spearmen.
  8. ^Bawhahaha. Thanks but you might be disappointed when I drybrush the hell out of all that bone. Truely this will be a case of bases making the miniatures look better. Oh and by the way, "Curse you Mengel!" http://www.mengelminiatures.com/2017/03/the-unofficial-tomb-kings-battletome_27.html?m=1 Tyler Mengel who is responsible for creating this section of TGA forums for the Tomb Kings and for much of the creation of The Unofficial Tomb Kings Battletome, which in part has inspired this Unofficial Start Collecting! project log. Well he has started a painting competition to share the Tomb Kings love. Realistically I don't think I'm going to win any skill based painting challenges so I'm going to use this as an opportunity to jump start the project ahead by several months. The goal is to finish the competition on time to a table top standard. 1 Hero and 2 Units, both units are from the original project while the hero is an old Citadel/Marauder Liche miniature. I think that it will be a nice change from all the basic skeletons to paint a robed figure. ---Update--- Fairly early on it looked like life was going to get in the way but I put in the time I could and finished the infantry and horses. Although I didn't make the deadline for this contest I am pleased with what I have accomplished.
  9. Thanks for everyone's interest so far. I've run up against the tediousness of cleaning the mold lines from the skeleton horses. They are some truly ancient sculpts and in general I have longed for the modern GW plastics while working on this project. In the meantime I have worked on my modified Shattered Dominion bases and have completed all 10 of the infantry and all 5 cavalry bases.
  10. In the planning stage I decided to make use of the new(ish) Shattered Dominion bases and accessories. It helped that I had already bought two boxes long before the latest Tomb King impulse so what better time to use them. Incorporating the basing technique of the painting guide with the detailed bases I've done up a couple test bases. Here is an example of an unpainted and (almost) finished base.
  11. ^^ Thanks Uneven Frostgun. I downloaded the AoS app and agree that the small unit of horsemen should be armed with bows. ^TristanGray I plan on following the Purple/Gold paint scheme from the guide "How to paint Citadel Miniatures". 2011- ?. One of the featured army projects is Steve Bowerman's Tomb Kings. Using simple techniques he achieves a nice looking army that admittedly is also within my painting level.
  12. With the end of February fast approaching I think that an update is appropriate. I've finalized the list and itemized it to help chart my progress. Keep in mind that I had purchased a fair bit of models before coming up with this project. I am missing anything in Italics and have assembled or prepped items in Bold. Tomb King Chariot w/ 2 Horses Base w/ Shattered Dominion bits 6 Charioteers w/ Command 3 Chariots w/ 6 Horses 3 Bases w/ Shattered Dominion bits 5 Horse Archers w/ Command 5 Horses Shattered Dominion bases 10 Spearmen w/ Command Shattered Dominion bases In summary all that I am missing is 3 oval bases for the chariots. At $6 a pop who says GW isn't making money off of Tomb Kings? I'll wait until I have a larger order and get free shipping. Good news is that I'm well on my way at assembling the basic warriors and modifying the Shattered Domion bases to fit the army. Fittingly I will end with the current army shot as it now stands.
  13. Well I've been going about this backwards and have acquired a large haul of TK models from a dusty old store. Now I'm left to devise a list befitting a Start Collecting! force. So far my current plan is; 10 - Skeleton Infantry 5 - Skeleton Horsemen 3 - Skeleton Chariots 1 - Tomb King in Chariot I feel that this gives a good mix of different unit types and base sizes as I've seen in other box sets. Knowing little about the specifics of the army I'm unsure of what to arm the skeletons with. I'm tempted to arm the cavalry with spears and infantry with bows. However the extra TK shields will add to the over all thematic. Shields & Spears for everyone?
  14. In the tradition of the many great Start Collecting! boxes that have been released. I'm going to embark on a 2017 hobby challenge of planing out and painting a small Tomb Kings force. With an eye on the hobby aspects rather then outright game play I will attempt to capture the essence of both The Start Collecting! boxes and the Tomb Kings. I've scheduled this project out for the entire year and the pace is relaxed. Jan/Feb - Planning & Acquisition Mar/Apr - Bases May/Jun - Unit Jul/Aug - Unit Sep/Oct - Unit Nov/Dec - Hero & Army wide finishing touches.
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