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About Me

Found 8 results

  1. Khornian

    novice doubt

    I have a question about how the bloodletters are considered when creating a list. When I deploy my units, the bloodletters count within the points of my army? or do they arrive for free through the tithe of blood ???
  2. Hi, My gaming group have been having a discussion about how the 6's to hit with bloodletters works. We have been rolling to wound on any 6's to hit but with the damage being a mortal wound, is this correct ? or is a 6 to hit an automatic mortal wound. I have been looking for an official line on this but can't find one. Our logic for rolling is based on the spirits hosts, as their wounding says a 6 to hit immediately causes a mortal wound instead of damage, the bloodletters doesn't mention immediately but changes the damage to a mortal wound. I would like to know how the tournaments play this rule. Thanks in advance. Glen
  3. 'Sow Terror and Confusion' (Dark Riders) 'Gore Drenched Icon' (Bloodletters) One of the guys I'll be playing regularly is running a Khorne Demon heavy Chaos army. Both of these abilities trigger off of rolling a '1' for Battleshock tests. Having recently sorted out that the player who's turn it is resolves theirs first, means that these abilities will work differently depending on who's turn it is. There are two situations that don't have clear answers and I'm wondering how you guys would resolve it. 1- (Dark Aelf Turn) Bloodletters roll a '1' for Battleshock. Since 'Sow Terror and Confusion' resolves first, we roll a D6 and add it to the result. If this wipes out the unit, do the Bloodletters get to add models back to the unit since the 'Gore Drenched Icon' still triggers? Or is the unit Destroyed completely because he can't add models to a unit that doesn't exist? 2- (Demon Turn) Bloodletters roll a '1' for Battleshock. Since 'Gore Drenched Icon' resolves first, we add D6 lost models to the unit. If this takes the unit back above 10 models, does he get the bonus for having 10 models when calculating how many casualties die? Or do we go off the original model count at the time the test was taken? Thanks
  4. Hey everyone!! Sorry for the delay on updates been really busy with work and life. In the mean time I've managed to get a few games in with my 1000pt Khorne army to great success (only losing to iron jaws)! I haven't been able to get much painting in sadly but this week is shaping up to be a good one for hobbying. I managed to get 30 bloodletters primed red and the skin finished on 8/10 reavers(I somehow missed the other 2 lol) ill be back at the end of the week hopefully with 30 complete bloodletters and the 10 reavers done. With any luck I'll have started work on my bloodsecrators
  5. Example 1: Bloodletters have a +1 to hit if the unit has 20+ models. If I then have a Chaos Sorcerer cast Daemonic power on them which allows them to re-roll 1s to hit can I re-roll those 1s? Since technically with the +1 modifier those 1s are 2s. Example 2: Chaos Marauders have an ability called Barbarian Hordes which means on a 4+ they get a +1 modifier to their hit rolls. Marauders can also take a Damned Icon allowing them to re-roll 1s to hit. If I make the 4+ for the Barbarian Hordes ability giving them a +1 to hit can I also re-roll 1s because of the Damned Icon since my 1s surely count as 2s? Basically I' looking for an order of operations, which is applied first the re-roll or the modifier? Thanks for any help and apologies if this has been asked/answered elsewhere, I'm pretty new to the community.
  6. I've finished 15 Bloodletters of Khorne, I need to add some grass tufts and add some more Blood for the Blood God effect. More pictures after the jump. I have a new camera and photo box, but I've yet to work out how to use. Hopefully I will get better pictures soon. I'm painting up the Khorne Bloodbound to sell, although I've really enjoyed painting them they play too similar to my Slaanesh, and I want some variety. With recent rumours abound, I've decided the next army will be Sylvaneth.
  7. Dracoth

    Icon bearers

    This question is with regards to my Bloodletters but may have relevance to other units too. The Bloodletter Warscroll says 'Models (note the plural here) in this unit may be Icon Bearers. Icon Bearers bear either a Gore-drenched Icon or a Bloodsoaked Banner' Can I have one of each banner in one unit or do I have to choose 1 only? I appreciate an Icon Bearer can only carry one Icon but can I have multiple Icon Bearers? Thanks
  8. Bloodletters for my Age of Sigmar Chaos Daemons Army.
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