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  1. You are absolutely right. I was just thinking a list with archaon and varanguard togheter because i like the models. If you have some other suggestions please feel free to do it. I thought that Changecaster and balewind could help to deal some MWs.
  2. Hi guys, i have in mind this list: Allegiance: Tzeentch- Change Coven: Hosts ArcanumLeadersArchaon the Everchosen (800)- Lore of Fate: Infusion ArcanumChaos Sorcerer Lord (110)- General- Command Trait: Spell Hunters - Artefact: The Fanged Circlet - Lore of Fate: Arcane SuggestionChangecaster, Herald of Tzeentch (110)- Lore of Change: Bolt of TzeentchChangecaster, Herald of Tzeentch (110)- Lore of Change: Arcane TransformationBattleline3 x Screamers of Tzeentch (80)3 x Screamers of Tzeentch (80)3 x Screamers of Tzeentch (80)Units6 x Varanguard (560)Endless Spells / Terrain / CPsBalewind
  3. Excuse me @Gwendar, what do you mean by "in that scenario you just use the Changeling as a RR battery"? Thank you in advance
  4. I really thank you all for the support. I tryied several combination of your suggestions and i figured out that the best solution for my game style is to use the sabres/hunter hambus. That was an epic win and a great game. Thank you guys. And i am happy because BCR CAN play against a shooting army.
  5. @Beastmaster and maybe i could exploit the command ability of my Frostlord which allows BCR to reroll charges
  6. @Dankboss cool, i'll try to figure it out
  7. Thank you so much @PlasticCraic for your deep explaination. I'm surely trying to make some lists with your suggestions and then i will try give you a feedback. Unfortunately we wrongly applied the rule of Longstrikes since they were shooting 30'' also in the hero phase. Are you sure about hand of gork? Because it's written that only IJ units could benefit from it.
  8. First of all thank you for the reply. I will try to go more in deep of my issues. The problem is not only the aetherwings. I mean if I setup close to the enemy territory with one drops he takes the turn and he shot my champions. If i try to set up close to the edge of the battlefield and maybe try to use the hand of gork, then he uses aetherwings to counter my charges. The shooting of BCR is not enough to destroy all these aetherwings. Furthermore if i focuse the aetherwings, it means that he still have his Vanguard Raptor still alive.
  9. Hi community, what's up? I have a though question for you. A friend of mine is playing the competitive typical SCE vanguard list. However i tryied twice to face him with two destruction lists. One with BCR and one with BIG W. In both cases i put the "Plate of perfect protection" on my general. Unfortunately in both cases I couldn't do anything. If I set up too far I had objectives and charges more difficult to reach, and if I set up close and i attemp to charge he uses the aetherwings ability to shield. Seems he counters me. Do you have some suggestion in order to face this lis
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